How to prevent a dog from biting you?


What should I do to prevent a dog from attacking me? Usually lDogs are affectionate, sociable and harmless animals, but sometimes they are trained to protect, are what we call guard dogs. There are also dogs who simply do not like contact with strangers and who can be scared and react badly, attacking who they consider a threat.

We tell you what you should do to avoid running the risk of being attacked by a dog.

I have not done any of these things wrong, but I think the dog is going to attack me. What I do?

  1. Dogs smell fear. You had heard that before, right? Well, it's true. Many animals, including dogs, can detect fear or bad intentions. If you think you run the risk of being attacked, try to remain calm, it may seem easier to say than to do, but it is very important that the dog understands that he cannot dominate you, that you are in command. If the dog wants to attack because he is nervous or scared, and not because he has been trained for it, he will obey firm and calm orders such as "still" or "sit."
  2. If it's too late for this, To avoid an impending attack, try to distract the dog by throwing anything you have on hand. Don't run away! He will chase you, and believe us, he will reach you. Try to go up to some place where you can't access and call your owner or an animal guard for help.
  3. If a dog is going to attack you, prioritize the protection of your neck and your face, they are sensitive areas and dogs usually go to them.
  4. If a dog attacks you, go immediately to the hospital to receive the necessary vaccinations and health care.

We hope our advice will help you to prevent a dog from attacking you. Luckily, it is something that does not happen frequently if you are careful, but if you have not been able to prevent it from happening or if you want to know how to act in case it happens, check out our article What to do if a dog bites you.

You already know that Wakyma is here to help you. See you soon!

1. When a dog is not yours.

Thanks to trust and bond, we may manipulate our dog in all possible ways, however, it is a very common mistake assume that any dog ​​will tolerate the same as ours. If you volunteer for an animal shelter or have stayed to meet your best friend's dog, keep this advice in mind.

2. Listen to the instructions of the owner

Many dog ​​bites could be avoided If you pay attention to the instructions of the owner. How many times have we told someone not to do something, but ends up doing it? If the owner asks you not to give him food or excite him, it's for some reason. And remember, even if it is not related to aggressiveness, an action of yours can spoil the work of weeks.

3. Dogs do not always like kisses and hugs

This It is not a general rule, since many dogs have such affectional signs so well associated that they accept it without problems. Hugs and kisses are signs of love and affection that we use people and apes, but that they are invasive and even aggressive for most dogs.

Hugs and kisses on the face of the dog are among the main causes of marking and biting, especially if they are accompanied by the immobilization of the dog. The best way to show love to the dog, especially to an unknown dog, is scratching his chest or the sides of his neck.

5. Avoid using your body to stop a dog's aggression

If you take a dog that is reacting violently or you are close to him, be careful and never put a leg (or any part of your body) in the middle to stop him, that could cause redirect the bite towards some area of ​​your body.

The best thing you can do if you are walking it is to hold it firmly (without drowning it) at a safe distance from your body, tied shortly if necessary. On the contrary, if the dog is unleashed it will be best to stop the episode with a pressurized blow of water.

6. Avoid misunderstanding>

Sometimes, our own body language It can be perceived negatively by a dog. Something as insignificant for us as blowing our face, staring for a long time, cornering or leaning over it can be intuited as threatening behaviors. Avoid using them.

7. Pay attention to the warning signs

While some signs of calm are very easily confused, such as licking, turning your back or yawning, others are easily identifiable: we talk about show teeth, growl or bark. If a dog warns you, do not ignore it, stop doing whatever is bothering you.

8. Don't beat yourself

There are many dogs that suffer from pain, discomfort or that are simply not well accustomed to handling. In these cases it will be better avoid touching certain parts of the body that can make them feel uncomfortable.

Some examples could be touching the hip of an elderly dog, putting your fingers in your mouth, ears or nose, pulling the tail or handling a tangle. Especially if the dog is not yours, the best will be be little invasive and predictable.

9. Never disturb or mistreat a dog

If you decide to disturb or mistreat a dog, especially an unknown one, be prepared to receive a warning or, in the worst case, a considerable bite.

Dogs when faced with something unpleasant have two options: run away, stay motionless, warn or attack, and if it is dogs with little self-control, dogs that have already bitten before or dogs with a lot of confidence in themselves, the answer will probably be the last. Avoid interrupting dogs when they are sleeping, feeding or protecting an object (toys, their bone, etc.).

10. If it looks like a dog is going to attack you.

If a dog barks at you and shows signs of aggressiveness, chances are that you only think about running away in a hurry, however, that is not always a good way: the dog always will run more than you.

In these cases the best thing will be to remain still, with the arms attached to the body and avoiding looking into the eyes. For most dogs this indicates that you are not a threat. When he stops growling, it will be time to start moving slowly, without looking at him and without turning his back.

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There are a number of recommendations that should be followed if we suffer an attack

Riding a bike, walking in the park, running or just lying on the couch. There are many occasions when by surprise We can receive a dog's attack. Given these types of situations, it is convenient to know how to act to stop the attack and minimize its consequences.

The following tips will help you Get out of more than a bind in case you cross an angry dog.

Keep calm. That "dogs smell fear" is more real than it may seem. Trying to run away or panic could make the animal nervous, awaken its hunter instinct and make it pounce on us or chase us. Even riding a bicycle, there are dogs that could reach us.

No sudden movements. If a dog is aggressive against us, we must adopt an upright and still posture. It is important to glue the upper extremities to the body and avoid direct eye contact, as the animal could interpret it as an act of threat or challenge.

Distract the dog. If you do not see a possible escape, look for an object or food that can attract your attention. Have him watch it and throw it from behind his head. This could give you valuable time to run away and could even make the dog forget about you.

Face him. This should be your last option, although sometimes there is no choice. If trying to appease or distract him has not worked, we must order the animal to leave, using a firm, hard and safe tone of voice (always avoiding eye contact).

Defend yourself. If all of the above fails and the dog is launched to attack us, we must be very cautious, since attacks of medium-sized dogs could cause serious injuries and even death, in the worst case. To avoid this you must know the key points of your rival. If you have to hit a dog it is convenient that you do it with your lower extremities and that you point to the throat, nose or the back of your head.

Use your weight and size to subdue the enemy. Push it against the ground and try to immobilize it. Be very careful with the claws and snout and always keep a safe distance where it cannot reach you while you hold it.

Protect your face, neck and chest. These are the most vulnerable parts in the face of a dog attack and we can suffer very serious injuries to them if we fall to the ground while being attacked by a dog. Remember that a bite in the jugular area could be fatal.

They do not like stress. not Christmas

Sean Wensley, veterinarian of the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals in the United Kingdom (PDSA), says dogs can be aggressive when they feel threatened.

In the case of the young American, the police clarified on Twitter that according to the coroner, the injuries in Stephens' skull had not been caused by a large animal such as a bear or a wolf since the marks were bites instead of wounds stabbing

"The reason for many dog ​​bites is fear", He says.

"Others have a territorial cause, such as when they are protecting something they greatly appreciate or defending their favorite resting place, their bed."

According to this expert, bites sometimes happen when these animals "have learned to defend the bowl in which they eat."

Trainer and canine behavior expert Carolyn Menteith notes that many dog ​​bites occur during the holiday seasons and it is not usually their owner who they attack.

A house full of guests, children rampaging around all day and shorter walks than usual can make dogs get bored and confused.

"We are a very verbal species, so when we feel disgusted, we say something," says Menteith. "Our dogs can only do it through body language."

It is easy not to notice what they are trying to tell us, especially with a long list of pending Christmas chores.

Look for signs of pain

Regardless of the time of year you are in, owners with more than one dog should monitor how they behave among themselves.

"Yes there are competitive behavior between the two, that can lead to aggression among them that can end up going against the owner, "warns Dr. Wensley.

A dog usually friendly is more likely to attack if he has been injured. For example, when trying to remove it from a door and doing so involuntarily catches a sensitive joint.

Liver diseases, which affect the brain, and brain tumors can also cause dogs to behave unpredictably.

Be careful with the kids

Figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) for 2014 and 2015 showed that 7,227 people needed medical attention after having received "bites or blows" by a dog, with young children being the most frequently affected.

Some 1,159 children under 9 years old were admitted to a hospital.

An investigation published in the British Medical Journal found that 76% of dog bites to children occurred in the lips, nose and cheeks due to their short stature.

Bites in the neck are especially dangerous since the little ones can bleed to death if their carotid artery is sectioned.

Wensley says that children are potentially disturbing for unused dogs.

"A little human who behaves in a somewhat unusual way, who may squeak and try to hug them, lift them, move their hands. It can scare them a lot."

Before biting, dogs will usually show signs of anxiety.

They could lick their upper lips, take a crouched posture, throw their ears back or hide their tail between their legs. Children are not always able to interpret these signals and many even believe that when a dog shows teeth it is smiling.

Menteith indicates that when a dog attacks its owner, he usually says that he bit without warning, but, in his own way, The animal will have been trying to say something for months.

"We put dogs in our lives, and then we don't listen to them like dogs," he says.

Training is a good investment.

When you think about whether it is safe to leave your dog with unknown children or adults, consider your previous experience.

Is the animal used to the little ones? Can you really ensure that you will behave properly in your absence?

"A problem we see is when puppies are not used to images and noises from day to day," says Wensley.

"Maybe they have grown up in a hatchery in the middle of nowhere, in a very rural place, and then someone buys them online, picks them up in the service area of ​​a highway and takes them to the environment of an urban family that expects understand the world you are suddenly in now, "he adds.

"They can be extremely anxious and fearful, and that will manifest in aggression."

Early training is key to avoid a possible incident and the ideal is to start when they are still puppies.

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57 replies

maybe my dog ​​can help me is very unpredictable bites my guests in my house and I have to close it on the second floor and can not interact with anyone because he always bites.
awaiting your prompt response greetings
Thank you

When a dog behaves that way, it is because he may not have had much contact with other people while he was a puppy, so it is always recommended to take him for a walk so he can be in contact with other people and dogs. Otherwise, the dog can accumulate a high degree of stress. Try to remove it more often (interdiary if possible) and allow interaction with other dogs, if it becomes very aggressive, put a muzzle and correct if any improper reaction begins.

mine is still difficult

Son of a bitch, control that shitty animal!

I think this veterinarian, is giving us some very good advice, to dogs if you look into their eyes, they intimidate you and see you stronger

It depends on the dog. Some will identify it as a challenge and attack. Better not look them straight in the eye.

Well, I always go to the field with my dog ​​and a stick, because they have already bitten her several times because they smell her fear ... since she took the stick, the dogs that approach with bad intentions see it and move away ... once I had to an aggressive one in the leg and left.

The information described here is meaningless. Imagine walking late at night in a street where there are about 5 or more street dogs ... keep calm is to bite and there is no discussion ... those animals are territorial and in their defense they will pass to the demonstration of strength so instinctive My experience as a soldier and security person says,

When you perceive that the animal is approaching, bend down and pretend to pick up a stone to defend yourself. That drives him away and will give him time to get away from you too. Repeat the movement repeatedly while leaving the perimeter that the animal "believes" that it belongs.
If it is a stray dog ​​remember that instinctively usually attack in low areas (lower knee) which facilitates a blow from above or a kick to the head or trunk (quite vulnerable) remember that they also feel pain They bleed and die like any living being.
The animal (if it is not a trained dog) usually waives if it feels intimidated. Raise it with shouts and kicks. Do not be assaulted or show fear, they almost always back off if they are far from their shelter.
If it is more than one animal aggressor always try to maintain eye contact with them and make circular movements of protection. Put objects like bags, books, even clothing between you and the animals. You will save time and protect yourself while walking away.
Finally, forget about the comparison for the "abandoned animals", do not trust or try to know more than you think. Animals are instinctive and lack more responsibility than dictates their own instinct. A dog bite can be fatal. Watch out.
Best regards
EP / ospcp. Pentagon01

Good answer, if the dogs are aggressive you have to try to be with what we have at hand, I have also read that squeezing the neck.

And for those stupidities it is why you end up in the hospital

I totally agree. I work at night and leave at dawn and when I get close to my house there is a dog that comes to attack, the only way to remove it is by making a move to lift a stone. Another issue not less important is that there should be no dogs in the street, it is a matter of irresponsibility of the people who raise them. Regards

thanks thanks. excellent advice ... I read what this veterinarian wrote and it really seemed totally incoherent. Luckily there are people like you who know when you have to defend yourself ... that "stay calm" in the face of the impending attack of a dog / a dog is silly (my apologies to the veterinarian but I see it like that) ... you never have to turn your back , because that's when they attack, it happened to me, being calm and without making sudden movements the dog bit me. regards

Crisp soldao bn there

Hello, although this comment has a long time there will be people who will read it now like me and I want to say from experience that your comment is wrong in certain circumstances I have a chow chow and it is of the dogs that if the threats are launched you have character and not It works with the simules to lift a stone besides staring into his eyes means that you are challenging him in the case of my dog ​​if the veterinarian works because his behavior if it agrees with what she says when someone runs he is excited for it I never kito the belt because his thinking is not biting but people do not know is frightened and want to mistreat it and then he does defend himself. I believe that if we do not know the temperament of animals, there is no need to threaten them, for example they communicate with corporate language, I suggest learning a little of the language that has worked for me, so dogs understand apart, street dogs are very grateful when we give them Some dessert to eat. This is my experience and I share it in case I could serve someone or draw their conclusions.

Completely agree, with the previous comment, it is not logical to remain completely calm while they attack you and do nothing, I do not hate animals, but if one attacked me I simply do the closest thing to save myself, even murdering the animal there is no animalistic feeling that Compare yourself to your life.

I have more than half a dozen free dog attacks, and I assure that I have not provoked or harassed any of the animals that have hurt me. It will be that they are very intuitive because they must perceive my deep contempt and disgrace that these beings cause me. The technique of standing still like a tree and not looking at the animal in the eyes has not worked, so I can suggest from my experience that when a dog attacks it is safest to respond with something that reduces the animal immediately before the damages are greater, I say with a more aggressive and forceful attack than the one being received. Also from my experience I can add that when faced with a problem with a dog, it is always better to negotiate with the dog and not with the owner.

I have been attacked by two dogs called fights, I only went out with a small bite, on a tap and nothing more, I have 3 dogs and 2 kittens, I love animals, but I love my life more than anything .
As he explains, Pentagon 01, never stand still, waiting for the animal to attack you, you must try, do the same as them, mark your perimeter, giving circles and that they are inside, not you, take out a garment and put it on one arm, when you detect the attack of the animal, you offer the protected arm, the dog bites the first thing it can and the arm will be useful to you, to have it at your own attack, eyes, take it out, or crush one, or both of you, with all your strength, do not get nauseous, since killing you is not a problem, attack them, with your hand in claw mode and clamp the trachea and compress it with all your strength, meanwhile the other animal will attack you, as Pentagon comments, to the lower parts, like the other with his jaw, or bite on your arm, you will have it in the air and grabbed with your claw, if it is no longer escaping, kick the other, they are seconds, if you act with your Only fear, or thought, that you have to kill them or they will kill you ... I'm not a military but these tactics, I studied them, in a military book, today, I give thanks for not wanting to be so thrifty and have my life. one more thing, if you fall, the most vulnerable point of the dog, is the testicles, offer them an arm, with the soft parts inward and attack their parts, if it is a bitch, try to grab a back leg and rotate it, they will be seconds, do not walk rolling on the ground, they could cut off any lethal artery.
Take care of yourself and it's never bad to read, things, what do you say, so that I want things of war, if I'm not going to go anywhere, unfortunately wars are not only in conflicts, no, they are in life and life is very BEAUTIFUL.
Nor do I see any issue of Mrs. Veterinaria wrong, they never have to be afraid of you and yes, looking at them instills respect for the person.
But that, with the so-called fighting dogs, is not worth it.

Sorry, but the comment of grabbing a dog by the neck is too inconsistent, if a bulldog or any kind of bulldog attacks you, I don't think you can in any way hang it with such a large and muscular neck, the most advisable thing for an average person is to keep calm as much as possible.

Walking with a leash to my male toy poodle, sitting on a square bench, came a dog breed similar to boxer, attacks it with barking, and then I attack it, I get up and lift it to my dog, because if not I bite it, and the dog tried to bite me by climbing on my back and in the front, came to scratch me and also a great scare to take me, the owners were 2, and one of them tried to stop him, I screaming and kicking, and the cutest thing is that they told me that the leash had been cut and for that reason the dog was loose, my reaction was of despair, theirs or apologies, they only asked me not to shout and not insult them ... and they went quietly giving me back ... what would they do?

the most correct thing is to take the wild dogs to the place where they can be controlled by a pitbul dog and sue their owner

In case of seeing you attacked by a furious dog and your life is in danger, the weakest point of the dog is in 3 space between the eyes and nose of the dog, hit it with a stick strongly in that area and it will fall collapsed and dead

Hi, my name is Mariano, first of all, one piece of advice is that they don't breed large dogs because sooner or later they will be troubled rather by a small puppy that will not bring them problems and if they raise a large dog to take care of their home or serve as a guardian the thief always says when he wants something, the dog will not stop him so that he achieves his good deed, a story about some time in a neighborhood, a man walking down the street and so that he came out to meet a pitbul dog I face him and the dog bit him on the good leg when this happened to this man, he went to his house in a rage and took his shotgun with a clipped bolio to the house where the dog came from and knocked on the door came an 8-year-old girl say and this I ask the girl if her father was at home at that time the girl replies that she already called him at that time the father of the girl who was also the owner of the dog that had attacked this man comes out and the father of the girl baby to see who bu scaba and in that that comes out he receives a shot of the shotgun in the abdomen what ended his life and and and all this because of the dog finally the man who received the bite went to jail obviously. the dog was sacrificed and a family was left without a father to all this let us think about every decision we make for our lives and our families blessings


Today's fucking dog doesn't mind me passing quietly on the street that started barking along with two others. As it usually works for me, I continued walking calmly without lifting a shoulder, but the dog started to jump when I turned my back. I had to turn around to intimidate him, there I jump again trying to bite my arm but I only managed to bump his teeth against my elbow (it hurt but I didn't cut the skin).
After that, the coward left, understanding that I was going to let myself bite without at least trying to defend myself.
My advice is that if it is a single dog, usually walking without being disturbed usually works. If they see that they are dangerously approached from behind when they passed it, they turn around, just to see it from the front and intimidate it, there they usually go back.
If you see more than one aggressive dog in the distance, avoid passing by.
I speak from my experience with common dogs. I doubt that they serve against pit bulls and murderous races.

If a dog bites someone in my family or me, I do what is lord of the shotgun
If you have a dog you are responsible for what this does.

Good day, my assessment is that if a dog attacks you you have to defend yourself and attack, I have not put it into practice but if a dog attacks you it comes with the trunk open, I have thought of two options: close your fist-shaped hand and put it in the trunk, because of the speed of the hand against that of the dog it would reach to the bottom and I do not think it would be left wanting to follow its intention. The other option is to stretch the hand in the form of a spear to put it in the trunk and take the tongue and pull, will there be a more painful point? The bigger the easier the hand goes in. Or get ready to send a backhand blow with the claw-shaped hand on the trunk, this one has worked for me a couple of times. Luck and love the dogs very much everyone has something nice. but first self integrity.

It shows that the veterinarian of the note has no ide, I am not going to give myself a hard stick in his claws, two weeks ago I was attacked by two large dogs one on each side, I was cycling I did not know what to do, one I was bitten by the bike and they left, and today the same thing happened to my mother but I was riding a motorcycle. I can't understand why people have dogs if they walk in the streets, I left to buy an electric pickaxe. God willing and doesn't need to use it.

I live in rented house, they have brought a very large dog, at first I had panic, but seeing that I was doing nothing I lost my fear. Now two weeks ago, I began to bark and show his teeth and with his skin bristling, I have panic and is the only last to get to my apartment since I live on a third floor and the owner ignores, I am an adult person, hypertensive and as you imagine I have panic going out and that goes against my health ... to whom I complain that I live semi-kidnapped?

Depending on the city where you live, the authorities may do something or even a lawyer.


well it happens to me that some stupid people in my neighborhood always have the door open to their house and their dogs come and go when they are sung and they believe they own the street I always have to go there and the dogs are very aggressive I have To go all the way around the street to enter my house, I will implement the idea of ​​a stick but I will give it to the owners instead of the dogs