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Felines enter into heat like other mammals and, in the case of the female, usually have a string of three or four jealousy in each reproductive period, whose duration ranges from three to fifteen days. Periods in which guidelines are necessary on what to do with a cat in heat, that way we will know how to act and avoid unpleasant surprises or, in the worst case, the abandonment of the cat, a frequent performance when the animal is in this biological cycle.

If you want to know what to do with a cat in heat, you must first understand that this is a natural cycle programmed for reproduction. Therefore, you should not punish your cat for the behavior he has during those days, since nothing he does is to complicate your life, but they are signals that he sends to the opposite sex and, if they are not castrated , is what nature itself tells them to do.

Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to learn what to do with a cat in heat.

Avoid leaving home

In the case of the male, he may return home seriously injured without any need. In the case of the female, it is 99.9% safe for her to return pregnant. So keeping windows tightly closed is the least we can do. Not only because of the aforementioned, but also due to the prevention of infections of other cats, who want to copulate and roam without sanitary control freely traveling the streets, we refer to stray cats.

Provide attention

Another thing to do with a cat in heat is to allow them to grab our attention. Cats double or triple their need to rub on furniture and be pampered. It is our "obligation" to deal with your new needs and accompany you throughout this difficult trance. Punishment does not work in these cases, nor does an education inhibit zeal.

Educational sprays

Between the constant spray of urine of the male cat and all that our cat will leave scattered on the floor and upholstery, say that we will have several headaches is a significant dismissal of reality.

Once our cat has selected a place that does not correspond to urinate, we must clean with detergent, bicarbonate, a combination of both, and hypochlorite. Once the smell has been removed, then you can spray the place with the educational sprays so that the pussy does not feel invited to redial there.

Keep it always active

A cat that runs from one place to another during the day, which tries to catch its toys and these become something “unattainable”, are pranks that we can do to get tired and not bother too much.

So another factor to consider when knowing what to do with a cat in heat, is to dedicate a daily time for pampering and games. These are activities that can alleviate his zealous behavior, but for a short period of time.

What to do with a cat in heat: contraceptives

They serve for females and, although they have their contraindications at the level of organs, they are something that we can ultimately resort to. In the market there are also new generation products, even applicable to males, they are heat inhibitors with less aggressive side effects than traditional contraceptives.

Heat characteristics

The zeal, also called estrus, is simply the fertile period of the animal, which occurs when you have reached sexual maturity. Usually this stage of his life comes between the first year and the fifth, but there are also very frequent cases of cats in heat with only four months. However, mating is not recommended at that age, as the cat's body is not yet mature enough to conceive and complications can arise.

The zeal of cats starts at the time of the year when there is more sunlight, needing about twelve hours of light daily, so the date will vary according to the country in which you live. The cycle occurs three times a year, having a variant duration according to weather conditions, between five days to two weeks. At the end of this time, the cat loses interest in mating and the males will stop being behind her.

Symptoms of heat in cats

Those who have cats at home, know how desperate it can be when they enter a period of heat, because "symptoms", or rather the signs of this, can cause the master some headaches. Before these signs, you will know that your cat is in heat:

  • Needs to much more attention and pampering usual. The zeal makes the cats more sensitive, so it will show you intense and insistent affection.
  • Agitated Behavior It is normal for those days to be much more restless, so distracting it will be more complicated.
  • Unlike dogs, they rarely show vaginal discharge or swelling of the vulva, although there may be rare cases in which they secrete some mucosa. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor, in case that segregation is a sign of any medical condition, such as kidney stones.
  • They adopt a particular posture: tilt the body, lift the back, tilt the tail and expose the genitals.
  • Especially when they can't leave the house, they utter maull>

What to do to help your cat during the heat?

Although the only way to completely avoid the period of heat is by sterilization, we give you some tips so that you and your cat can go through the days of estrus more calmly:

  • Go ahead More attention. It offers the cat caresses, hugs and pampering to calm her craving for stimuli. You can also brush their fur.
  • Play with her. The entertainment will make you "forget" at times the zeal and leave it exhausted. Invent games that involve physical activity, such as those in which you must run, chase and jump.
  • Close the windows of the house, especially those of those rooms where the cat spends more time, to avoid male intruders.
  • Under no circumstances let your cat leave the houseWell, the safest thing is that when she returns she will be pregnant.
  • Don't let it convince you. If you've never had a cat in heat, you'll be surprised how persuasive they can be to let them out of the house. Do not be fooled.
  • Avoid contact with male cats at all costs.
  • Consult with your veterinarian the best time and the most appropriate method to sterilize the cat. We do not recommend that you administer oral or injected contraceptives, as several studies have shown that they increase the possibility that the cat develops a mastitis or suffers from cancer. Sterilization is the most recommended method.
  • The belief that it is necessary to let them have at least one litter to avoid disease is a myth: any risk arising from an inactive uterus is discarded with sterilization.
  • If the cat is pregnant, look for responsible homes for the cats, never leave them on the street.

These are the tips we give you to help your cat to go through the period of heat without getting pregnant. Always remember to check with your doctor about other possible measures.

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How to know if a cat is in heat

These are the main symptoms in cats:

  • Becomes more emotional and in need of normal.
  • Tend to rub more often with hairy objects or other cats.
  • The cat starts to purr and meow very loudly to attract male cats, they are> What to do when my cat is in heat

During the heat, the cat tries to attract the males. The characteristic sound that the cat emits, the smell of the urine, the pheromones that it emits and its different behavior are factors that lead the males to go behind the females.

Unless you want to breed cats, the best thing you can do is prevent the cat from having contact with males. This is important to help prevent pregnancy. Further, pregnancy is not recommended in young cats, who do not have enough physical and psychological maturity to have puppies.

There is also the possibility of castration and of the sterilization, whose advantages and disadvantages we will explain in some future article.

How often do cats get into heat?

It can last only a few days or, in some cases, it can persist for up to 3 weeks. Several factors influence the frequency and duration of feline zeal. A key factor is the variation in ambient brightness, with a minimum of 12 hours of light being necessary for the heat to appear. In most cats, it occurs naturally when the days get longer (from late winter to early summer).

The cat is a seasonal polyestric female, that is, she has several jealousy in her reproductive season. There is an essential physiological difference with the canine species, since the dog has a separate heat from the following for a total sexual rest of approximately six months.

During the season of sexual activity (about 6-7 months in Spain) has an unbroken succession of jealousy. Each one comes to last about 7 days, and can be repeated every 10 or 15 days.

Other factors that can influence the duration and frequency are: genetics, race, environment, the presence of other male and female cats in the vicinity of the cat ...

Stages of the feline heat cycle

The reproductive cycle of cats is known as the estrous cycle and has several phases: Proestro, Estro, Diestro, Interestro and Anestro.

  • Proestro and estrus: during this phase there are almost no external manifestations, therefore their recognition is identified by the change in behavior. The proestro is characterized by an increasingly intense affectionate behavior, friction, trampling with the hind limbs, vocalization and decreased hostility towards males. It usually lasts 1 or 2 days.
  • He oestrus It is characterized by increased vocalization, lordosis, maintenance of the tail towards the side and acceptance of the mount. The duration is quite variable among cats, but on average it lasts about 6 days.
  • Right handed: for this to occur, the cat must be served. The duration is 30 to 50 days.
  • Interesting o Period between estros: The cat is seasonal polyestric, that is to say it presents several jealousy in certain season of the year. In turn it is ovulation induced by intercourse. Then in the reproductive station, the cat that does not receive service, will present successive jealousy on average every 8 days, with a range of between 3 to 15 days. If he receives ovula service and develops the right or gestation and then when they finish he returns to show zeal.

If you are passionate about animals and want to learn this and much more about them and their health, maybe you should dedicate yourself professionally to veterinary assistance as an assistant.

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The zeal of the cats, behavior

Zeal is a fundamental period in the reproductive cycle of cats. During the heat, the cats manifest a series of symptoms through which communicate to male cats that they are sexually receptive talking, ready for intercourse and to reproduce. It is easy to identify when a cat is in heat because the symptoms are very characteristic.

The cats don't bleed during the heat, but you will know that Your cat is in heat if she shows the following symptoms:

His meows are very typical

The heat meats They are not the usual meows, they become insistent, fierce and desperate. It's his way of calling the rest of the pack to let them know that it's time to be a mom.

Also, during the estrus phase of heat, if you caress your cat by putting your hand on the back, she lift your hips by diverting your tail to one side. He does this because it is the position of the mount when they have the male on top.

First heat in cats

The first zeal of a cat comes soon, just the animal turn 4 months old, although in some cases may be delayed until the age of 11 months. This will depend on the weight of the cat, because the zeal appears when the cat has reached the 75% of your adult weight.

In any case, it depends on the breed and lifestyle of the animal. For example, Shorthaired cats get in heat sooner. And the same goes for street cats. In addition, if other cats live in the same territory, this also influences puberty to proceed.

How long is the heat of cats

Another of the problems of zeal in cats is precisely that they have it very often. The period of heat will vary from one cat to another, but usually they can present the heat every 8 or 10 days.

These cases usually correspond to cats that do not ovulate unless they have been mounted. Other times, cats do ovulate even if they don't have a male to mount them and they get the heat every 40 or 60 days.

Time and phases of heat

Sunlight is also an important factor in the appearance of heat. This usually appears when the days are longer. However, although this rule applies to street cats, domestic cats that are inside our house may vary because the weather conditions are different.

As for the cat's zeal proper, we can distinguish 5 phases that are:

● Proestro: Ovulation begins. Here the cat begins to need more pampering.

● Estro: one or two days after the proestro comes the estrus. It usually lasts a week although it can be shorter, only 3 days, or longer up to 14 days. Here all the symptoms of heat are manifested and, if there is a mount, the ovula cat.

● Interestro: when there was no ovulation, there is a break of between 3 days and two weeks after which the heat returns.

● Right-handed: There has been ovulation but no pregnancy. However, your uterus prepares to receive a pregnancy so you can give yourself a false pregnancy and appear to be. This phase lasts a month.

● Anestro: finally comes the rest. This sexual rest lasts between 45 and 90 days. It usually takes place between October and December when the days are shorter and the weather is worse.

False beliefs about the zeal of cats

There are many taboos around which cats must breed at least once in their life. However, there is no basis to justify this and sterilization is always the most recommended option, in addition to avoiding unnecessary abandonment of animals and premature deaths.

Advantages of sterilizing

● Prevents cancer in reproductive organs.

● Reduces anxiety.

● Prevents the animal from escaping from home.

● End meowing and annoying behavior.

In summary, Now you know if your cat is in heat and how you can do so that your quality of life improves and the coexistence with it is satisfactory. We would love to share your experience in the comments or if you found the article interesting, share it in your favorite social network, to help other people identify in zeal in cats.

Practical advice to reassure a cat in heat

Once other causes that may be causing this behavior have been ruled out, the following tips can be followed:

  • Be very affectionate with the cat, especially if he claims it, for example, stroking and brushing his fur more regularly
  • Place the cat on a warm blanket, or a seed warmer of those that are put in the microwave, since the heat seems to calm them
  • Avoid any contact, not only physical (obviously) but even visual with male cats that may be in the area, for example preventing access to windows and balconies with cardboard, lowering the blind or similar.
  • Try with the catnip: Some cats are calmed, although others have the opposite effect. It is a matter of trying once to see what happens, and repeat or not according to the results.
  • In addition, to avoid marking, it is recommended to always have a very clean sandbox, avoid cleaning the house with ammonia (the smell reminds you of urine and you feel the need to mark in that place) and use a Feliway spray.

We hope that with these tips your kitty will pass the heat as best as possible, but in any case, as always, we recommend that if you have any questions, or to solve this issue definitively, it is best that you put on Contact the vet.