Help my cat is very bad, some worms are eating him alive! help me please?

4 days ago a street cat was installed in my house with a very serious wound on one of the front legs, the wound was all open and had skin hanging, I was putting hydrogen peroxide, yesterday I realized I had large worms, I called A veterinarian and this anesthetized him, I remove the worms with tweezers, cut and stretched his skin and grabbed points, but today I noticed that he has a small hole and inside I saw several worms, everything he eats vomits, including antibiotics I gave him in the milk as the veterinarian told me. I am worried about his condition and why he still has worms on the points, will this be normal? What do you recommend me to do?

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The wound should continue to be washed with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. If possible, remove the worms with tweezers, apply a scar (gentian violet) or some bushworm (negasunt, forge liquor, etc.) are for veterinary use. The antibiotic is important and to vomit it should be injected. Give oral serum very cold. They can also give you vitamins in gel (nutriplus laboratory gel virbac) to feed it. I hope he recovers and thanks for helping him. I follow your orders.

Thank you for the answer Maux1, for now I am putting a scarring killer, really thanks for your time, have a good day, greetings!

You need to give him an antibiotic. Continue with the cures but also give antibiotic, it can be Ampicillin or amoxicillin suspension 250 mg, 3 ml every 12 hours for 1 week.

Hello I hope you can help me look my cat is wrong last week I saw him very swollen from the face and that made me weird and that I did not get there for 3 days and the next day his cheek burst and he started to get too much pus he didn't know what to do so I washed him with hydrogen peroxide and squeezed the pus now he has 3 days to get hair from his face and pus comes out not as much as the first day but I don't know what to do every day I wash him I squeeze him, I put violet And now, but a few hours later, I have clear pus, it is not too much like the first time but I do not know what to do and I am afraid that it will be depressed, it does not come out yet, it plays and eats well but I do not know what to do help me please - Karen Rojas


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Take it to the vet, asshole.

It will not cost you more than 200 pesos. In dollars they are just over 20 dlls. If you think that is too much you are an inche marra. I want to see when you get sick to see if your mother doesn't take you to the doctor because "she has no money."

I even care about my sick PLANTS, I take them to the nursery and buy them their medicine, imagine what I don't do with animals.

When you WANT, take money from anywhere.

A living being is a put0 BEING LIVE, stupid.

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Hello! My aunt has a cat that went through the same thing 2 years ago, apparently she fought with other cats and they bit her throat so she was infected and not being cured her wound was filled with worms. Then I took him to the vet myself and he told me to buy a Curabichera Spray, that's what they say here. He swore to you that by cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and then pouring it into the wound, the liquid began to heal. At 3 weeks I had nothing left, incredibly the worms died and began to heal.

There are different brands, but I think many work. Follow my advice and you'll see