Golden Retriever Hair Care


The golden retriever is a breed of dog with double layer hair, that is, it has a layer of hair that protects them from water and sun and under this outer layer, it has the so-called sub-hair, it is the layer of hair that moves with the season, the main responsible for this breed of dog losing so much hair.

To avoid as much as possible the great loss of hair of the dog at home, while we take care of the fur of this wonderful dog, we will explain in this article how cut a golden retriever's hair step by step.

If after reading this article you are not sure that you can apply it properly, we recommend visiting a dog beauty center with your dog and observing the procedure of a professional.

We will make a flattening throughout your body with a card (rectangular brush with metal bristles) and a coat (tool specially designed for this type of work). The flattening will also favor the change of hair of the dog.

The next step would be to perform a general dog hygiene: plantar, anus and ear cleaning. Be shave internal English and bellyIn addition we can also review the nails if necessary.

The whole body is flattened, starting by untangling the hair in semi-long areas, discovering shoulders with scissors to sculpt and slightly neck sides.

Then, the front reeds are discovered of the previous members with scissors to sculpt or by hand, performing the technique called plucking.

The skirt of the front leg should be pulled back to avoid the appearance that the elbow is out of place. We will reduce the fringes from between the fingers with scissors to sculpt, leaving them clean, collected and trimmed by scissors.

Finally, let's review the tips, matching all the hair in the semi-long areas: we join the chest with the skirt of the flanks and review the tips of the tail leaving them in the form of a flag.

How often I bathe my pet

A good reference is to bathe our golden every month or month and a half. However, as always, from Expert Animal we insist that the hygienic needs of one dog to another can change a lot. It also depends on age, it is normal for puppies to be put in the bathtub more often.

To bathe your golden follow these steps:

  1. Remember that you should never use a shampoo for people. Dogs must use specific shampoos for them, and to be able, with neutral ph. The choice of a good product to wash our pet's hair is important, since this breed is prone to develop skin diseases.
  2. The bathroom must be with warm water. A good tip is that after lathering and rinsing, apply a special mask. You will avoid tangles and get your hair to shine even more.
  3. Do not be afraid to give your golden bath a good, in fact, it is healthy. With the water you will drag dead hair It has accumulated.
  4. When drying your hair use a dryer. It is convenient that you accustom your pet since he is a puppy to the use of the dryer. Always with a mild temperature and focusing on the direction the mantle grows.

If at any given time you cannot bathe your dog with water and shampoo, you should know that you have other options such as dry shampoos or pass a damp cloth.

the use of a dry shampoo It is very simple:

    Brushing is deep>

Brushed Golden Retriever Hair

This breed does not need to have his hair cut (they change their mantle themselves), but it is important that you be aware of the hair care that a golden retriever needs.

First of all, you should know that although they change the fur twice a year, the rest of the time they also fall a lot. You need to know this in case you notice that your golden hair falls out too much. An excessive fall can mean a health or stress problem. If this is your case, go to the veterinarian. Maybe your pet has an allergy or needs a food supplement.

You need to brush your golden every day since they are dogs that lose a lot of hair. In addition, this will be an advantage in cleaning your home. All the hairs you remove with the brush will not fall on the floor.

How to brush the hair of a golden retriever?

As I said in the previous section, it is very important that brush your golden every day. Keep in mind that while you change your hair, you should still brush it more. The process usually lasts between 2 and 3 weeks. To comb your pet you will only need a metal bristle brush. Watch areas such as legs or armpits. In those areas it is where the fur is more prone to develop knots.

Also take advantage of the moment of brushing to check ears, eyes and pads:

  • Excess hair between the pads should be trimmed
  • Golden often harbor parasites in the ears, remember to clean them often.
  • The legañas of the eyes must be removed with cu>

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    Golden Retriever's hair

    The Golden Retriever are double-layer dogs, that is, they have outer hair that protects them from water and sun and secondary hair (sub-hair), which serves as an insulator for cold and heat. Its sub-hair is very abundant and they make seasonal changes, in addition to continuously losing a lot of hair, so if we want a Golden Retriever, we must be aware that you need frequent brushing to control excess hairs at home, in addition to that it is essential to make deslanados newspapers to help them with the changes and that it is better to make a professional hairdresser to do it correctly.

    Maintaining good fur is paramount so that a Golden Retriever can perform its function as a retriever dog both in water and on land. On land it protects them from weeds and from suffering skin lesions, while for their work in water, they must be able to repel it as much as possible.

    They are not dogs that need baths too frequent, but if we want to have it in good condition we will have to bathe it every 4 or 6 weeks depending on how dirty it is.

    We must take advantage before bathing to clean the ears and check the nails and pads.

    Before putting the dog in the bathtub it is important to mix the shampoos with water in the proportion that each manufacturer recommends. This is especially important in animals with a lot of hair density, since if we apply the undiluted shampoo we will spend an entire bottle and we will not be able to distribute it evenly in the dog's coat.

    Once the shampoo is diluted, we must perfectly wet our dog with warm water. It is easy to say, but wetting a Golden Retriever to the skin is complicated, but it is necessary to have it wet before applying the shampoo.

    We apply the shampoo and distribute it with a gentle massage throughout the mantle, taking care that we do not have dry areas and without rubbing. Let stand for 3 to 5 minutes and clarify perfectly. Then we repeat the operation again.

    Once we finish rinsing perfectly, we will apply a mask or balm. This is very important to better maintain hair, moisturize the skin and help faster drying, and Golden Retriever are prone to skin itching and problems, so a good mask is essential.

    Like the shampoo, each mask has its rest time and it is very important to respect it so that in time the assets are absorbed into the skin and fulfill their function. Again rinse with warm water and proceed to drying.

    We can remove the excess water with one or several towels, but we will need a good dryer and preferably an ejector to ensure that we do not leave the dog wet. While we dry, it is important to open and separate the hair with a card and always in the direction of hair growth with a slight backward tilt. It is essential to dry very well and not leave the skin moist.


    Keeping a Golden Retriver clean between the bathrooms is really easy, with 2 or 3 brushes a week we will keep your mantle in perfect condition. To do this we will only need a moisturizer for brushing and a good quality card. We must always moisten the hair before brushing and brush with short movements in the direction of the hair.

    The moisturizer will protect the hair from breaking, help remove and repel dirt and moisturize and help keep hair clean and shiny.

    For areas where the hair is longer, such as panties or chest, we can help with a large comb with long spikes to ensure that no knot forms.

    It is also important to check the ears and pads at least once a week to check for foreign bodies or excess dirt.

    The haircut in the Golden Retriever

    Exhibitors tend to tweak some areas to scissors to highlight the structure of the dog, but this is not necessary in dogs that do not go to exhibitions. We should never cut the hair of our Golden Retriever thinking that it will throw less hair or spend less heat, because if we do it in addition to more heat, it will be exposed to sunburn.

    We have already said that the Golden Retriever are molt dogs and that they also release a lot of hair. To control the excess of hairs at home we should brush with a card between 2 to 3 times per week and perform flattening every month approximately, especially in spring and autumn that is the time when the dog makes its seasonal molts. In this way our dog will have its sub-hair prepared to protect it from cold or heat according to the time of the year and we will save a good amount of hair on the sofa, in addition to that a healthy sub-hair allows air circulation through the skin also decreasing The bad smell.

    For the deslanado we can use from a rake to a king coat.

    Buy a Golden Retriever

    To his misfortune, the Golden Retriever are puppies of the most striking breeds and that invite us to an impulsive purchase, so many of these animals end up abandoned as soon as the owners realize that the 5kg hairy ball now weighs almost 35kg and continues to behave like a puppy taking ahead what is put in front of him, besides leaving too many hairs at home and bathing it is too complicated.

    If you want a Golden Retriever, do not do it in stores or on the Internet, this breed is predisposed to suffer from several genetic diseases such as dysplasia and that can be controlled by good breeding, something that an animal dealer that sells them for € 300 guarantees you does not.

    If you do not want to end up with a sick animal and behavioral problems, in addition to contributing to a business where animals only matter to earn money, it is best that you turn to a good breeder who is dedicated exclusively to the breed and does not live to sell Dogs, but lives for them.

    And you can always resort to adoption, only in Spain there are at least two associations that are dedicated to rescue and give adoption Golden Retrievers and their crosses, you can see more information on their websites:

    And that does not discourage you if dogs are not puppies, on the contrary, there is nothing better than an adult dog already socialized and that will not give us surprises because it already has its well-defined character. Adopting adult animals is by far one of the best options for those of us looking for a pet.

    The Golden Retriever Bath

    Before starting with the guidelines to follow for the bath of a dog of the golden retriever breed, we recommend reading our article on tips for bathing the dog at home.

    When bathing a golden retriever dog, we must always consider using a proper cosmetics, since this breed of dog is prone to have skin problems, so the choice of shampoo for your bath is vital if we do not want to damage it.

    Whether you want to bathe your golden at home, or if you are a dog grooming professional, you should keep in mind that many manufacturers of canine cosmetics recommend mixing shampoos with water (consult the manufacturer for the appropriate proportion), in addition to having hand towels, eye cleaner and ear cleaner.

    Once we have diluted shampoo, the next step is to get the dog perfectly wet, the water must reach the skin and for this we must wet it calmly and for a few minutes. When we are sure that the water has reached every pore of your skin, we start with the application of the shampoo: it should be applied without making circles, always in the same direction as the hairline.

    We will leave it act between 5 and 10 minutes, after this time, we will clarify completely and we will repeat this same step.

    Once finished the bath, we will begin the last part, to dry the hair of the can. Although most people usually routinely let their dog dry freely, without our intervention, the truth is that it is harmful to both the hair and the skin of the dog.

    So you know, take towels, dryer, a good card and begins to dry the hair, so we will avoid any suffering to the hair or skin of the golden retriever.

    As a last recommendation: you should never shave your hair Of a golden, the use of machine in the haircut of a golden only thing that will cause your hair to break down and release much more hairs at home. Keep that in mind!

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    Prepare what you will need

    When we prepare to bathe our dog it is very important that we prepare everything before starting, since this will make it easier for us to do it by having everything at our fingertips. For this purpose, we will need:

    • Dog shampoo
    • Absorbent towel (or as necessary)
    • Card
    • Hand-drier
    • And a lot of patience

    Once we have everything, We will call him and proceed to bathe him. First we will wet the hair well, then wash it with the shampoo, and then rinse it well with water until there is no trace of foam. Finally, it must be dried. How do you do that?

    How to dry the Golden Retriever's hair

    To dry our dog's hair, you have to follow this step by step:

    1. First, we have to dry it well with the absorbent towel, before it starts to shake, inside the bathtub.
    2. Afterwards, we brush it starting with the areas where the hair is most frizzled with the help of a dryer and a card. It is important that the dryer is not at maximum heat power, as we could burn it.
    3. Then, we will give air against the hair and comb it in favor of the hair so that the sub hair is very dry.
    4. Finally, to make it perfect, you have to combine the expulsions of cold air with those of hot air. This will eliminate excess water and, incidentally, we can finish brushing our friend's hair.

    When finished, we will give him a treat for his good behavior and take him for a walk 😉.