Prevent my cat from urinating at home


If you have a cat for sure you know that, They are very clean animals! They like to keep themselves and their things clean (bed, sandpit, trough ...).

At Wakyma, we have this basic concept in mind, so If a cat has decided to urinate in places where it does not belong, something happens! Do not interpret that your cat has had the "whim" of urinating out of place.

If your cat urinates everywhere, this is Wakyma's article What are you looking for! To find the solution you need, let's start by looking at the causes of this behavior.

Causes why your cat urinates everywhere

If your cat has always used his sandbox, and suddenly he begins to urinate in other parts of the house, do not hesitate, something happens! It can be emotionally, or healthily.

Can your cat go outside? In that case, it's quite normal for you to choose different places to urinate around the house, It is marking its territory! In that case, the cause of their behavior is not a problem!

However, if your cat urinates inside the house, it would be normal for him to use his sandbox. If you suddenly start using different places in the house, something happens to your little cat!

The bottom line is that, if your cat behaves this way, don't despair! Since we must detect what is causing this behavior. I could be developing a disease, or stress.

Making a diagnosis in these types of cases is not easy. You must have a lot of patience, in order to detect the origin of this behavior. Also, if your cat is suddenly starting with this behavior, try not to scold him! If it is due to stress and anxiety, you would only provoke him more!

Health problems in cats

If your cat develops a disease such as:

It will be usual for Start making your needs out of the usual place. The first two cases, cause great pain when urinating, this will make your cat does not urinate all it owes! As a result, he will look for other “urgency” sites when he enters the grip.

If your cat has ever had cystitis, you will have experienced how anxious it can get, and it is possible that it has left you small traces of urine throughout the house.

Not all causes are of urinary origin! If your cat has pain in another part of his body, he may decide to make his needs out of the sandbox!

That's why, if your cat is suddenly urinating outside his sandbox, you should take him to the vet!

Stress in cats

Surely you didn't know, but the stress in cats is One of the main causes for this to modify your behavior and start urinating outside your sandbox.

Although it may seem to you that your cat is a "spoiled", since you try to give him the best life possible. There are some changes that can affect your cat!

The reasons why a cat may have stress are quite varied. You can go from the arrival of a new member to the family (animal or human), a move, a bad experience with their previous owners, a change in the placement of furniture, a change in their routine ...

Tips for stressed cats

If you suspect that your cat is stressed, the first thing you should do is detect the moment when this behavior began.

Remember! If you are going to make a change in your home, try to make it progressive! This will give your cat room to adapt.

All this kind of advice and precautions, require a lot of patience and understanding, we know it! However, Do not forget to provide your cat, things to entertain as toys, scrapers ...This way you will reduce your stress level!

The sandbox of your cat

One of the things that cats hate most is that they be forced to do things they don't like. If there is something that bothers your cat in his sandbox, he will refuse to use it! The most common factors why a cat stops using its sandbox are:

  • Don't clean it enough. If your cat thinks his sandbox is dirty, he won't use it!
  • The sandbox is used by more than one cat. If you have more than one cat at home, the ideal is that everyone has their own sandbox.
  • He doesn't like the sand you have chosen. There are many types of cat litter that have perfume to hide the smell of their waste, this may bother your cat!
  • He doesn't like the sandbox you have chosen. It may be too big, small and inconvenient your cat.
  • He does not like its placement. Remember! Cats can't stand their needs near where they sleep or eat. If one place is near the other, you won't like it!

We hope these tips help you solve your cat's little problem, however, remember to take him to the vet!

Why do domestic cats urinate outside their sandbox?

Surely if you have a cat that urinates on the wall, on the sofa, in the chairs and other places in your house and that rarely does in your sandbox, you will have asked yourself this question. We must remember that although they have been domesticated for many centuries and some prefer to live with humans, cats still have their instinct. Therefore they will continue to do things that we may find strange or even annoying. In the case of misplaced urine, there may be several reasons, such as:

    The most common reason is the marking of its territory. Cats both male and female, but especially them, they mark a lot what is theirs and one way to do it is with the urine. Their urine for us gives off a strong and unpleasant smell, but for them it is something else and it contains a high level of pheromones that helps them to>

How can we prevent cats from urinating outside the sandbox?

It is possible to avoid and rectify this behavior in domestic cats. Here is a series of guidelines to prevent your cat from urinating out of place:

  • If you do not want your cat to do his needs inside the house and you have outdoor land for your friend to go out, try have a cat door so you can enter and leave home whenever I need it. He thinks that if he does not have access to the area where he normally does his needs, he will end up doing them where he can. We remember that in cases of cats that go outside we must have them properly identified with microchip and a collar for cats with identification plate, so in case of being lost we will recover it more easily.
  • Be sure toyour cat's litter box is clean enough. As we have said before, they are very neat animals, so if they consider that their sandbox is too full they will not want to enter it and will end up doing their needs where they can.
  • If you have several cats and with a sandbox they are not satisfied, it is not surprising, because many do not like to share this space and will choose to find a corner. The solution in this simple case is have a sandbox for each cat.
  • Maybe we should relocate the sandbox in another area of ​​the houseWell, it may be that if you are in the same room or very close to the feeding area where you have your food and water, choose not to make your needs so close and find another place. So if we relocate the litter box it may be enough to solve the problem.
  • We must check that it is not the sand we use for the box. If our cat dislikes the texture or the scented smell of cat litter we use in his sandbox, he will easily stop using it and find more comfortable corners for him. So, we must change the type or brand of sand we buy and check if this was the cause of our cat's urination disorder.
  • If due to other symptoms you suspect that it may be some kind of illness, do not hesitate for a moment, go to your trusted veterinarian so that you can perform the necessary tests on your fluff and thus be able to treat him as soon as possible. A very frequent disease in this case are crystals in the urinary tract. This problem is good to detect as soon as possible because this will be much easier to solve, the more aggravated the problem will be and other secondary ones will appear. As the disease is cured, the problem of misplaced urine will also be corrected.
  • There may have been some recent change, however small, in the life of our feline that is causing stress. One of the most frequent symptoms in stress of cats is this disorder in urination, because they are disoriented and nervous. Procure locate what causes stress in your partner and see if this situation can be withdrawn or changed. In case of not being able to change we should try to get the cat to become familiar with positive reinforcement, in addition to going to the veterinarian in case you can recommend something effective to reduce stress to our cat.
  • In case of territory marking, sterilization usually reduces or eliminates this behavior. Sterilized females, as they will no longer enter into heat, will not need to claim males and castrated males will not seek females in heat or need to mark their territory so strongly with strong odors.
  • One way to re-educate your cat to reuse the sandbox, having first solved the problem of origin whether stress, illness or whatever, is go placing sandboxes in the points where it has been marking in the house.
  • Another widely used and effective method are cat pheromones such as Feliway that are sold in spray and diffuser. Pheromones help reduce or eliminate stress in our friend in addition to providing a known smell. The diffuser must be plugged into the area where our cat is normally more hours for example in the dining room, the living room or in our room. Instead the spray should be sprayed in the areas where our partner has marked with urine. First we must clean these areas marked with water and alcohol and let them dry. We will not use products with strong odors such as bleach and ammonia. Then we will spray these areas with the pheromone spray daily. The effects can begin to be noticed in the first week but a month of daily use is recommended before knowing if it is having the desired effect or not. Nowadays, in many veterinary clinics the Feliway pheromone diffuser is used permanently, since the cats that must be visited in the clinic suffer less stress.
  • When we see that our furry companion is using the litter box for his needs instead of continuing to mark corners of the house, we must wait until it ends and then reward him with a little play or pampering while still near the sandbox. With cats it does not usually work in this case to reward them with food since they do not like to join the area of ​​their needs with food, so we will opt for positive reinforcement with pampering and games. So little by little we will reinforce the idea that using the litter box is good.

Remember that before such a disorder, the first thing we must verify is that our feline is not sick. Once the disease is ruled out or already treated, as we can see, it is relatively easy to recover the proper behavior of using the litter box. Of course, we must be patient because it is a process of recovery and learning.

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