How to know if a cat is male or female


Often happens. You can finally adopt a kitten: the necessary elements in the universe were conjugated: you moved to a house with enough space, the person who lives with you agrees, and you have enough resources to keep a feline friend happy, healthy and derailed .

There is only one problem: you can only have a cat if it is male or female. Or maybe they offered you a kitten but you have a preference because it is female or male. Or what I know, there are actually many reasons to lean towards one or the other.

For example, in the case of females, many people feel benevolent for not sending the kittens to sterilize and that is why they prefer males. Although if you get to investigate even a little, you will notice that it is much better to have your pets sterilized, whether male or female.

What I do know is that they have more different characteristics, beyond whether or not they can have kittens (and if you feel like taking care of and finding home to those kittens). I prefer females because they do not have such marked territorial instincts, that is, it is not so usual for wounds to return from the street and they do not feel so much need to urinate in everything (although there are also cases of this, but I am sure there are ways to avoid this behavior).

Without further ado, if you were offered a kitten for adoption but you want to be sure of your sex, you have to follow a few steps:

1. Do not do it before they reach at least 3 weeks †“ In addition it will be easier to determine if it is male or female, the mother will feel less insecure that you are driving her kittens.

2. Be gentle and try to keep the kitty from moving too much †“ В If he does, you could hurt his tail. Be careful when reviewing it.

3. Lift your tail and check the distance between the anus and the genitals †" The distance between these two openings is much greater for a male than for a female.

Here is an illustration, with the kitten on the left and the kitten on the right:

🐈 How to know the sex of a cat

exist 3 ways to find out if a pussycat is female or male. The first one that we are going to explain to you is the safest to avoid mistakes, but you can also use the other two ways if you still have doubts. Do we start

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😻 How to know if a cat is male or female analyzing their genitals

The first thing to do if you have to know if a cat is male or female is to lift its tail to be able to observe the sexual organs. What>

The cats are very easy to identify since the vagina is located just below the hole in the anus. As you can see, although these are two organs with different functions, there is practically no separation between them. You will simply see that the vagina of the kitten appears as a tiny stripe under a hole. You may also be interested: how to know if my kitten is in heat.

Instead in cats, under the hole of the anus you will find his testicles. But unlike females, there is a small separation between them called scrotum. You will notice a small bulge and penis that stands out. However, in newborn cats, the testicles and penis are very small and sometimes cost a little to see.

Therefore, if they are newborn pups their sexual organs are very small and somewhat more difficult to see, but remember the following. If you are female you will see a hairline under the anus Instead if it's male you'll see a tiny bulge or a dot corresponding to the exit of the penis.

When the mininos already pass two months, it is much easier to differentiate their sex. In males the testicles already stand out and stand out, being able to feel clearly. In females it will be clearly observed defined the vulva attached to the hole of the anus or sphincter.

If you want to see how it is done, in this short video an expert explains how to sex kittens who have just been born and identifies them as male or female:

How to perform a visual exam

The smaller the cats that we are going to examine, the more difficult the task will be of knowing the sex of these animals. Some cats also present problems, although they are a little older, that are found in the street or litters of puppies.

The first thing that can be done is take a visual exam. Wear disposable latex gloves. Especially if the cats are not yours, for hygiene reasons and not to contaminate the animal, the animal to you or other litter elements. Before and after each inspection, use a disinfectant solution, such as 70 degree alcohol gel.

External characteristics of cat females

Place the cat on its back, so that you can look at your anus straight. Identifying a cat will be much easier. Its anatomy is simpler and you should only recognize the vulva and anus.

The position of the anus is just below the tail and just under a centimeter below, the vulva is located. Both holes are very close. The anus is presented as a hole and the vulva as a small line. The two openings are close together.

The fact that you have in your hands an older and castrated cat will not imply any change, since this operation does not affect its external appearance at all.

Anyway, it is true that if the specimens are very small, the eye inspection is more complicated, because the male cat has not yet developed male organs and makes resolution difficult.

This will change around the month and a half of age, when the sexual organs have already developed. Even so, some adult specimens continue to present complications when distinguishing their sex.

External characteristics of cat males

The external appearance of a male cat is different from the female. Their sexual organs are different, although we have already warned that when before the month and a half it is difficult to tell the difference.

When these organs begin to develop, you will see that under the tail is also the anus, about three centimeters from the penis. Distinguishing it in the puppy is really difficult. However, comparing the distance between the two holes does allow us to establish the difference. The space between the two is remarkably greater than in females.

Too we can find the scrotum and testicles. You will notice a bag of fur covered with fur, where the testicles are housed. These two lumps can be visible from puppies and also you can feel them. Even when the cat has been neutered, you can still touch the scrotum.

You must remain very attentive. At first, distinguishing the penis presents difficulty. With the passage of time, you will see that with a visual of the back of the male cat, you will see a small appendix covered with hair stand out. It will pass the testicles a little.

Color as a way of knowing if a cat is male or female

A cat's fur can give us the clue We needed to determine if our cat is male or female. We start from the fact that males can only present a maximum of two colors. Instead only cats tricolor, hawksbill or calico, are 99.96% female.

On rare occasions a male cat with three colors can be found, but the pattern is one in ten copies. In these cases the cat is diagnosed with the Klinefelter syndrome. Almost all of them suffer sterility.

The normal thing is that the male is a single color. Black or orange predominates, with any of its combinations. They can also be presented with degraded fur: cinnamon, gray, blue, brown ... or white mixed with orange or black. However, genetics only allows the female to look tricolor.

Also look at body size. Males tend to be larger and weigh more. If you still can't find out if a cat is male or female, go to the vet And it will get you out of doubt. Was your cat male and did you think she was female when you adopted him or vice versa?

How to know if a kitten is male or female

Ok, it's easy to see a cat's genitals as an adult, but what if you want to sex a very young kitten? Kittens that only have days or a few weeks are very small and their little bodies are poorly developed. To know if a kitten is male or female, the following rule must be used.

In the male kittens sometimes you intuit the testicles But sometimes not, in that case you have to look a single dot (which is the hole of the penis, where the kitten pees).

In the female kittens no testicles are seen. Also, you have to look for a vertical hairline, That is the opening of your vagina.