How to care for a turtle in winter? D?

If you have one pet turtle, the veterinarian and specialist in exotic animals, Federico Pando, gives you some tips to give you a better quality of life, since many people do not know exactly how to meet your needs.

“To the turtles, for example the charapitas, they give them bread and they don't eat that, these turtles are strictly carnivorous, they can eat a lettuce but it is not necessarily their staple food”, He said.

Pando explained that it is very important to have an adequate temperature in the aquarium where the turtles are found so that they do not die in winter seasons.

“When winter comes they die of cold, for that reason a water heater must be placed, to have an adequate temperature of 25 °"He finished.


Best answer: JA sure is a red-eared or a green-eared turtle
don't worry, you get excited about the turtles if they hibernate but when they are on land they usually bury themselves but if the turtle doesn't have the strength to go out in spring it stays there and dies
well it depends on where you have it, if you have it in a turtle (nothing recommended) it is best that you take it out and put it in a fishbowl (it depends on the size of your girl) and put it on a platform so that it can be climbed up by piling up some How many stones and put a heater (depends on how many liters is your fish tank)
and cover it not tightly if you can get an aquarium cover of those that sell in + kota equal depends on the size of your fish tank and put a thermometer always verify that the temperature does not fall below 25 degrees and does not exceed 28
That is one way (which I recommend) but you can also put it in a tub at the bottom, put wet towels, NOT WET, and put it in a place where it gives you about 20 or 30 minutes a day when it is at night take it to your room or part of the house that is hotter
If it is important that when you are sunbathing you take out the towels and put water on it, do not worry that it is cold with the sun, it will heat up and then put the towels back on

Don't worry, I have 16 turtles, all 30 to 35 cm long and I always tell you how I explained here