How to Care for a Telescope Fish


He telescope fish, also known as the Moorish fish or dragon eyes, is a freshwater fish characterized primarily by its bulging eyes, its short round body with a double caudal and anal fin.

We will show you how take care of the telescope fish perfectly, as well as the varieties that exist of this fish.

What will you find?

Cu Guide> First of all you have to keep the aquarium in a quiet place, where it is not from the sun and away from children. They are light sensitive animals and if you give them directly for a long time they may suffer problems related to the eyes. To know how to care for a telescope fish correctly it is essential to have everything we say very much in mind. The water in the fish tank must be warm at all times because they prefer to live at a temperature around twenty-five degrees.

They can also live in cold water, but that way they will be much more lethargic. There should not be many fish in the aquarium, nor should the enclosure be too crowded with accessories. They are animals that need few things to live well. In the aquarium, a good filter must be installed so that the water remains crystalline at all times, but it is not necessary to exceed the power so as not to create strong water currents since in that way the fish could suffer mobility problems. Water should be changed partially often.

In addition, you have to take maximum care of your diet. When it comes to knowing how to care for a telescope fish it is essential to keep in mind that they need to eat scales, feed or sticks of the highest quality. Oxygenating the aquarium water with an air pump is a very good option. It is convenient to keep different fish together but not overdo it. One of the most important things is to choose large fish so they can swim calmly.

Compatible Fish

Many people ask us about the fish compatible with the telescope fish. Knowing related species is essential to keep them together thus avoiding major problems. You have to look for fish that get along with each other and that require similar characteristics in terms of maintenance. The best option is to keep them with other fish of the same species since that way there will be no problem.

They can live perfectly with the tetra, with the corydoras, with the lion's head fish and with the goldfish or comet fish, as well as with many other species. When putting other fish in an aquarium, keep in mind that they are slow and calm fish, so you should try not to put species that are too active. Knowing how to care for a telescope fish correctly is simple, but all the steps must be followed carefully.

Varieties of Telescope Fish

Although they belong to the same species, there are different types of telescope fish. The classic telescope fish are black and are known as Moorfish. They have scales of a dark black color or failing a rather opaque coppery hue. The goldfish color combines black with orange and is a rather unusual mixture. The orange telescope fish are completely golden and have an incredible color.

9 Of The Best Ways For Cu> A Dark Aquarium

Telescope fish should be in an aquarium that is dark enough, since they are very sensitive to light, and keeping this fish long exposed to it can cause the fish to get fungus in their eyes. For this reason, the best way to avoid it is to Fish Telescope that live in the home, they are guaranteed a dark place which does not get much sunlight or hit the lights of lamps or bulbs that are close to them.

Water Must Be Tempered

The aquariums of the fish should be filled with warm water, in this way the fish care it will be perfect. The water should be at a temperate temperature since the fish can withstand temperatures ranging from 10 º to 24 ºC. For this reason it is not necessary that a thermostat be used to help regulate the temperatures of the water in the fish tank where the telescope fish will be kept. These fish are very nice and will attract the attention of your guests and family.

It Shouldn't Be Over Charging Aquariums

All fish mostly, especially the Telescope Fish is not appropriate to be overloaded the aquarium with toys, objects or ornaments that are sharp, objects that are usually very common in the aquarium to give it a fun look. For this reason, it is recommended that the aquarium especially the telescope fish, should be as simple as possible. It is also not recommended to color ornaments that are very large, since fish that are telescope They have little vision and can bump into them and get injured.

Filter Power Control

It is necessary to have a great control in the power generated by the filters for homemade aquariums, since the Fish Telescope is not as good a swimmer as the other fish, for this reason the filters should not become as powerful or generate strong currents as they can cause the fish can not swim enough and cause the death of the animal. These filters can be found in the fish shops, You can also get filters that are special for this species of fish.

Know Choose Fishbowls

He Reflector Fish It requires a home that has a capacity from 70 liters to ensure better growth, so it is not recommended that these fish be kept in fish tanks that are round and small. The telescope fish they can live quietly in large square fish tanks, this way you will guarantee their proper and healthy lifestyle. These fish tanks can be built or purchased at pet establishments, although many owners prefer to build their own fish tanks inside their home.

Place A Pump That Generates Air

These pumps will require that the water remains well oxygenated for longer, so it is not only due to them clean and change the water Often, it is advised that you acquire an air pump, either small or medium, so that with them they can properly receive the water they possess. These pumps can last a long time if they are used with care and in the proper way, otherwise they can last only a few months or even a few weeks, be sure to read the instructions very well.

Adopt More Than Two Fish

It is not for the fish to reproduce, but telescope fish like to have company and most of all if they are of the same species. To take better care of the Fish Telescope it is recommended that they have a partner (in case they want to reproduce), or it can be a partner if you do not want them to lay eggs. If you choose to give them company of others fish species Do not recommend fry, as they can become a food for them and we do not want the telescope to eat their company.

Features of Fish Telescope

The Telescope Fish has eyes symmetrically which makes it part of the best quality fish. The body of this fish is round and short, it has very soft lines of approximately 5.5 centimeters. Mostly they can present a double set of fins on all of them, except for the dorsal fin and pectorals, giving greater emphasis on size the double caudal fin with round tips. This fin should be very well divided. The highest quality specimen has intense colors that extend to all its fins.

These Glasses Fish they can be obtained in a great variety of colors since they were subjected to very developed captive pups. In addition to the various monochromatic ones, with varieties in terms of their intensity of orange color, the ones that are most observed are those of red, black, white or yellow colors, one of the rarest are finding bicolor fish within which the called Panda which have black and white fins and eyes all over their body.

Within the bicolors can be found between red black and yellow, white red, these are also very common but are more difficult to find. And finally you can name the variety of multicolored fish in which the most prominent is called calico. In the fish stores the most common colors that you can see are those of black with white, but if you get some of the bicolor or multicolored, you will be enjoying a variety of fish uncommon telescope inside homes.

The aquatic animals telescope they have a particularity, which is their low vitality that is caused by one part due to their poor swimming capacity and, on the other hand, to their limited possibility of sight which, as time passes, can be more acute. Many medical specialists explain that after two or three years have passed, they may suffer from degenerative problems in their eyesight, which can even lead to blindness in many cases. These problems are common in these animals, which are unlikely to be saved from them.

Fish That Are Compatible With Fish Telescope

Previously we mentioned a kind of fish that can not live within it fish aquarium telescope since they can become a food for them. However, there are other fish that are not compatible with them either because of the temperatures that each of them can have or because of the difference in swimming that each fish has (the filter has to do with this). For this reason you should know very well which are those fish that can be compatible with the telescope, which:

Note that:

When you want to add company to the Telescope Fish, you should be careful not to add fish that swim very fast, since the telescope fish are slow swimming and can cause damage if they are joined. Some of the fast swimming fish that you should avoid are the sumatrans or the guramy, which will steal the food from the telescope fish. You should also avoid collecting fish that are hot water with cold water, the Telescope Fish can withstand low temperatures.

If you add fish that are hot water, the fish will attack it to warm up and a massacre will occur inside the aquarium. The colisa fish They are not recommended to be combined with a telescope or the Goldfish varieties, since they tend to bother a lot and can cause stress to the telescope until it dies. Each fish that is used as a company must meet the necessary requirements to be friends with the telescope, as you will see some can even kill them.

The Telescope Fish can live between approximately 5 to 10 years. Fish have eyes that are very delicate which make them very vulnerable to other fish and diseases such as eye fungus and even cataracts. Celestial and bubble-eyed fish are also vulnerable to these diseases, these fish have a disadvantage when fed together with other fish. The food must be released over short distances so that it is not lost or eaten by others. faster fish.

Load the aquarium part

Freshwater fish such as telescope fish is not good to be in an aquarium heavily loaded with sharp objects, something that has many aquarium ornaments. Therefore, the best thing you can do is have a very simple aquarium for this fish. Also, do not place large objects, since these fish have poor vision and can collide with them.

Check the power of the filters

Telescope fish are not a very good swimmer, so you should not put a filter for water that generates strong currents or swallow it with your life. Change the water often: Since they need good oxygenation in the water, it is advisable to change the water at least once a week.

Distribute meals well

For the proper care of a Moorish fish do not abuse meals, as they have a low stomach capacity. For this reason, it is necessary to distribute meals in small doses several times a day. It is an omnivorous fish, but preferably it is better to give it a food that contains many vegetables.

Varieties of telescopic fish

This fish so characteristic of China presents these varieties:

  • Black: It is the most classic variety known as moruno black fish. His skin is totally dark.
  • Orange: Unlike the previous one, this fish has a bright orange color on the skin, but in appearance, it is identical to black.
  • Colorful fish: Combine the black and orange colors in a single fish, as if it were a mixture of both.

Fish compatible with the Telescope Fish

However, this fish is not compatible with all types of fish, since the temperatures that each fish can withstand are not the same nor the speed of swimming, the type of filter varies. It can be combined with this fish:

  • Another telescope fish: It would actually be the best option because among those of the same race are those who understand best.
  • Gold Pearl Scale: It is a variety of goldfish and will be the best companion of the telescope fish, since they are a variety of its species.
  • Cardinal Tetra: They can be together, but you have to keep in mind that sometimes telescopes eat them.
  • Corydoras: Fully compatible.
  • Golden Lion Head: Another variety that will be fully compatible with your telescope fish.

But when it comes to putting another fish in the fish tank, keep in mind. The telescope fish is a slow fish, so you can't put fast swimming fish in the aquarium. Like gourami or spikes, they steal fish food.

  • Do not mix cold water fish with hot water, the telescope can withstand low temperatures. But if you put the fish in hot water, they will attack them to warm up.
  • It is not recommended to combine the collision of fish with the telescope or the Goldfish variety. As they tend to bother them a lot and they end up dying of stress.


Taking care of a fish from the telescope can be quite an experience. It is quite simple, especially for the little ones, and if the aquarium is well prepared. It will not require much more care than changing the water. And control the amount of food given.

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