How to make homemade porridge for Australian parrots?


  • Rice flour. (Dry Liquefied White Rice)
  • Oatmeal. (Oatmeal in dried liquefied flakes).
  • Egg.
  1. Boil the egg for 20 minutes, we will use only the yolk.
  2. Place the yolk in a cup and with a fork go crushing it while adding hot water, until it becomes a liqu>
  • From 0 to 2 days of v>Temple temperature:
  • Always around 35ºC.
  • Each bird digests the food with different speeds, this depends on the composition and consistency of the porridge and the bird itself.
    • In the case of pigeons, the frequency in the feeding is marked by the crop, when it is emptied we feed it until it is full, and we are writing down in order to keep track of how often the crop is emptied and know how often to feed it.
  • In the case of a sick adult, taking a couple of shots a day is enough.
  • For newly hatched pigeons or a few days of v>
  • For pigeons of 10 or more days: Take a disposable plastic teaspoon, heat water in a cup about to boil, put the tip of the teaspoon into the cup, that will loosen the plastic and allow you to shape a teaspoon, this technique of the bent teaspoon is "the most natural " and safer to feed a pigeon.

For Sick Adults: If you have a 16 gauge straight needle and know how to use it, that is the best option, otherwise use a common syringe and administer slowly and patiently.

  • Source of Calcium: It can be cuttlefish powder, calcium carbonate purchased at the pharmacy or crushed egg shell very, very thinly until 100% powder is made.
  • Vitamins: Both the flours and the egg make their natural contribution of vitamins, but to improve it we can add a multivitamin in drops or powder, the amount to be added should be as per prospectus, never use “by eye” doses as you can incur hypervitaminosis.
  • Probiotics: Half capsules of brewer's yeast can be added to a daily intake of porridge
  • Vegetables or Fruits: They provide too much liquid.
  • Seeds of the mixture: If you liquefy seeds, you will be able to liquefy with everything and husks and the parakeets don't eat husks. (or prefer not to eat it)
  • Precooked Cornmeal: It is cooked with hot water and hardens in the crop.

The ingredients of ER Formula are Corn Flour, Soy Flour, Vitamins, 21% Protein and 7% Fat. To emulate it I used white rice flour and oatmeal, following the recommendations of Dr. Rob Marshall himself, as a source of protein and fat I used the yolk of an egg. The ingredients of Quik Gel are Polysaccharides, Vitamins A, D, E, B and organic acids, to imitate it we will take your advice again and add glucose, the organic acid contained in the product is for use as a water preservative and we are not interested in the porridge, the vitamins will be covered with a multivitamin for birds, but in case we don't have one, we can ignore it.

Add glucose We will only do so in case of sick adults.


I have an emergency and there is no open vet. My Australian parakeet has an inflamed and green abdomen with residues, the skin is almost transparent, I think it has not been able to expel its excrement and has covered. What I can do?

Prepare a porridge like the one on this topic, that it is somewhat liquid (as if it were for a pigeon of about 10 days) and medicate that porridge with a couple of drops of some medicine for childhood oral candidiasis, Feed it twice a day with that porridge and in your cage place an infusion of chamomile (in the index of articles there is a reference topic), offer soft foods so you can excrete.

Keep it that way until you can go to the vet.


Best answer: The best thing you can give is baby porridge,
Nestle has one of 5 cereals that replaces a balanced paste paste very well, you can get it at any supermarket or pharmacy, you have to prepare it with water, not with milk, at an average temperature, be careful that it is not very hot because it You can cause an ulcer in the crop.
With that you can feed them with a syringe (without the needle, of course) several times a day until you see that your little pig is full.
Be careful not to feed them again until the crop is not completely empty, since if you do it before, the residues of previous porridge can be bad.

I hope my answer serves you. Good luck with your parakeets. :)