Why does my dog ​​have green legañas?


Dogs let loose in the same way we do: It is a mechanism that the eyes have to clean themselves of dust, dead cells and other substances. Also, did you know that the legañas are produced while we sleep and serve as protection for our eyes?

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The color of the litters in dogs may vary, from whitish to even very dark, going yellowish and green. Sometimes, they also vary in consistency: they can be more liquid or more viscous. The legañas can have two types of causes: on the one hand, the healthy and normal creation of the legañas for cleaning the eye, on the other, as a result of some eye infection or disease.

My dog ​​has green legañas, those of what kind are they? Let's see what are the colors of legañas in dogs that should concern us.

Eye ulcer in dogs

Eye ulcers in dogs they are not unusual at all. They are very curious animals that use their nose to explore the world. That is, they spend most of their time with their faces very close to the ground, the probability that something will get in your eye or rub against a twig, stone, leaf or anything on the street is high. Sometimes, they may scratch their eyes when scratching, or playing with another dog. And these rubs sometimes produce ocular ulcers.

Is the ulcer visible to the naked eye? Unless it is very serious, usually not. They are fine cuts that only the veterinarian can see through the microscope. But you can intuit if your dog has an ulcer by looking at the general state of his eye. When a dog has an ulcer, it is usually accompanied by an infection, what we know as conjunctivitis. And the symptoms of conjunctivitis are visible: constant tearing and, you guessed it, greenish or yellowish legañas, similar to mucus.

When the veterinarian makes the corresponding study, it is most likely to treat this condition with two medications. On the one hand, a eye drops to stop the infection, and on the other one ointment or drops to repair the ulcer.

Bacterial infection

Green legañas in dogs too may be a sign of a bacterial infection. There are many eye diseases that your dog could have contracted, they spread easily from dog to dog.

The treatment it will depend on what type of infection it is, but remember to always go to the veterinarian and not medicate your pet on your own. As usual, The treatment will consist of a eye drops combined with an antibiotic or corticosteroids, depending on the nature and severity of the infection.

My dog ​​has green legañas, what does that color mean?

Let the legañas in dogs be green or yellow may indicate a problem in the eyes. As we said, the formation of the legañas is something everyday and natural, they are tears mixed with dirt, which leave to clean the eye.

A healthy and natural tearing will not be excessive and will generally result in colorless or whitish litters. When the color of the legañas is darker, yellow or greenish, it can be a sign that something is not going well.

If your dog tears too much or produces many green litters, go to the vet as soon as possible! An eye infection is not difficult to cure, but it can be very complicated if it is not treated soon.

Causes of green legañas

The cause of why your dog has green legañas is an infection. It can be caused by different problems, but whatever it is you have to treat it as soon as possible. When the legañas are yellowish they indicate that the infection is mild, but when they turn green it is a more serious infection.

The main causes of green legañas are the following:

    Eye ulcer: Dogs are sniffing all the time, playing with other dogs and browsing through bushes, swamps, etc. And it is possible that in some of these situations a small tool is made>

Prevent green legañas

The best thing to prevent green legañas in your dog is that it clean your eyes two or three times a weekThere are home remedies to remove the legañas that you can use without a prescription and that do not harm the eyes of the animal.

In addition, you should go to the veterinarian regularly to ensure that your dog is healthy and has all its vaccinations and deworming up to date, in this way you will avoid the spread of any disease that can cause green fleas.

Treatment of green legañas

If your dog has greenish or yellowish legañas the best thing is that you go to the veterinarian, there they will do the necessary tests and they will answer you why your dog has green legañas.

They usually clean your eyes and, depending on the cause and severity, they can prescribe antibiotics or corticosteroids, in addition to a specific eye drops To clean his eye. If you have an ulcer, you may also be prescribed an ointment to repair the corneas.

In any case, It is the veterinarian who will decide the treatment and you should not administer any medication or ointment to the dog without first consulting him.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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Green legumes in one eye of my puppy

Good Morning. My puppy takes a couple of days that we remove green legañas from one of his eyes. He has them stuck in the tear. They are sticky, like mucus. This morning he had all the hair around quite close and we washed him with gauze and serum. Is there anything I can give or wash better? Or would it be better to take her to our veterinarian's office? Thanks in advance. Greetings.

I advise you to go with your puppy to your trusted veterinarian to examine it and thus rule out any pathology since it is likely to be conjunctivitis.

White legañas in dogs, what do they mean?

The legañas of this color are the most normal and those that occur naturally. You have to think of them as the snot that people have, when they are transparent in color, there is no problem, but when they turn yellow or greenish it usually means that there is a disease there.

Anyway, even if they are common, you have to clean them. Proper hygiene of your dog's eyes will ensure you do not catch a conjunctivitis or other infection. Do not forget that the legañas are ‘remains’, and as such they should not accumulate. They are dirt that must be cleaned.

Treatment for green legañas in dogs, is it serious?

The legañas of this color are already another matter. Genetically, dogs are predators and explorers. Their instinct leads them to investigate in new places, to get into the bushes and to chase other animals. During your expeditions, it is common for blows and micro cuts to be made in the body, but what happens if they occur in the eyes?

In that case, your body will produce a tear to try to heal the discomfort in the same way that if something gets in our eyes, we cry. If these legañas are a yellowish or greenish color, they are giving us a clue that there is a possible infection. In this case there is no cleaning at home that is worth it, you have to go to a veterinarian as you will have to issue a diagnosis and an ideal treatment for him.

Conjunctivis in dogs, how long does it spread to humans?

If in addition to having legañas you have red eyes, most likely it is a conjunctivitis. Conjutivitis is not like rabies, a disease that spreads easily from mammal to mammal. This redness in the eyes is easy to move from person to person or from dog to dog, but it is very unlikely that there is a cross between species. Anyway, we recommend caution and do not touch your dog's eyes if they are red. It is not good that you try to open them if they are closed to confirm that it is a conjunctivitis, it is appropriate that you visit the veterinarian.

The specialist will determine what type of conjunctivitis we are talking about and will prescribe an eye drops with antibiotics to get the infection removed. He will also put a cone-type collar so that he does not touch the eye and will give you hygiene recommendations to treat it.

The best thing you can do, whether your eyes are red and woody or not, is that you get used to cleaning them frequently. Use warm compresses of fresh water and chamomile infusions. However, these two tips are only in general. The health of your dog is too important to generalize, which is why we invite you to ask our veterinarians online.

My dog ​​has eyes closed and with legañas

The situation we describe in this article is very common in both dogs and cats. A good eye cleaning and visit your veterinarian in case the legañas are greenish or have red eyes, it will be enough to recover their usual whitish color.

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