How to cut a poodle dog's hair?


Have you never cut your dog's hair and you have no idea how to do it? From we give you some tips for you to learn how to cut your pet's hair and you can cut your periodic expenses a little. The final haircut will depend on your tastes, although it is good for a specialist to help you and recommend the ideal hair length for your dog. We must not forget that hair in dogs has a protective skin function. Dogs need their hair to avoid possible heat stroke and as a barrier to bites so at least the first time, it is advisable to go to a dog groomer or inform you very well about your dog's breed and its needs in this regard.

With these four easy steps you will get a great haircut and also your dog will feel much more comfortable in his day to day:

1.- Washing our pet's hair:

The ideal is bathe our dog one day before cutting his hair, so you will have clean and untangled hair when we start cutting your hair and our hair clipper will not get stuck. It is good to use a dog shampoo suitable for your skin and if you have long hair conditioner to get hydrated and shiny hair. You have to take into account thatthe PH of dogs 'skin is different from that of humans' skin And if we use our shampoos, they can damage your skin and cause dandruff. Also the dog conditioner will help us untangle your fur, something very important since before we cut your hair we must have brushed it thoroughly to facilitate our hairdressing session.

2.- Cutting with scissors:

Once we have chosen a good place to cut our pet's hair and with brushed hair, we will begin to cut our pet's hair with a scissor. We have to try to be calm to convey that feeling to our dog and we can even give him some treat in the process so he doesn't make a negative association. We have to start with the hairiest areas, first cut the hair of the loin and continue on the hind legs and tail. Then we will follow the neck, chest, front legs and finally below the stomach. Try to make a homogeneous cut if we are not going to use a stripping machine, although if we finally use one, it does not matter if the hair is uneven since we will correct it later.

3.- Cut with dog stripping machine:

Depending on the haircut you have chosen, you can continue finishing off the cut with scissors or use ahair clippers for dogs once the amount of hair is reduced. We must adjust the head of our razor well and clean it frequently so that it does not get stuck. The haircut must always be done following the direction of the same, starting from the neck and without exerting excessive pressure to avoid shears. We must always leave a sufficient length to cover the skin of our partner. In the belly area, we can pass the razor but very gently so that the dog does not bother.

A trick to make your dog feel more comfortable is that before you start to pass the machine to cut your hair, you approach it on the opposite side so that you get used to the vibration and noise, and do not take fear when you start using it for real. It's very important control the temperature of the hair clipper, since if it is high it could burn the dog's skin. Especially in the most sensitive areas and with thinner skin such as the belly or the folds of the joints.

4.- Cut the hair of the face

Is the most sensitive part of our pet and therefore requires more attention and care. Cut the hair with small scissors and little by little. Cut the area around the ears and eyes without cutting it excessively.

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Step 1 for poodle haircut

To start the poodle haircut step by step, you must have an additional hand to help you hold it, so the first thing you will do after getting that person is, brush all your hair, so we will untangle all the knots that can to have. Both head and whole body legs. Apply force without harming our poodle.

Step 2 for haircuts for dogs french poodle mini toy

It begins with the machine to cut hair, with a number 10 blade to make the hygienic cut, the poodle haircut is a task that if we follow the steps as it will be very easy to do it, first we lift the poodle on two legs and We proceed to pass the machine through the area of ​​sex, we cut in counterbalance upwards, being very careful not to hurt the skin. Then we put it back on all fours and we began to pass around the rectum, raising the tail later.

french poodle haircut

Step 3 french poodle dog haircut

We change the blade of the hair clipper, to number 4, placing it perfectly so that it does not fall, this we will start going through the trunk, in the sense that the hair grows, passing it horizontally to the skin, (important fact, check that the leaflet does not get hot from use, so do not burn the pet's skin) in areas where difficulty is noticed, turn the machine against hair carefully not to hurt some folds it contains in certain areas.

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Step 4 french poodle dog haircuts

After finishing with the part of the trunk and other parts, we go to its legs, it begins to cut from top to bottom, helping us with the hand and manipulating its leg if necessary. We can also cut it against hair, so remove the amount of hair you have faster.

Then we cut back from top to bottom to correct and match the cut on the legs.

poodle haircut

Step 5 cuts for french dogs

Then we go to the area of ​​his head and it is necessary since the cut distinguishes between body and head so we raise his ear and begin to make the shape of the haircut for the body, thus putting a guideline limit between body and head , he shaves under his snout, very carefully and taking into account that our dog does not stick out his tongue so as not to hurt him, then we pass as we did in previous parts, now with the front legs and on his chest.

Remember after cutting against hair, pass the machine again in the form of hair growth, that is, from top to bottom, to match.

Step 6 french dog cuts

Now we go to his head and hold firm so that the dog does not move so much, and we pass through his forehead very carefully with his ears, then we shave his ears, very carefully under his ear we go past the machine, then we hold well the tube and we pass through that area, being very careful again that the pet does not take out his tongue and we break it with the machine, every so often we pass the brush, to remove the waste of hair and thus realize that hairs are long.

poodle haircut

Step 7 cut poodle

To cut around the ear, we change again to the number 10 sheet, with much patience we are passing with a lot of delicacy, since the folds of the ears are sensitive and delicate part.

Finally we brush the pet and give it a bath and it will look very nice, always taking care of the well-being of our poodle while bathing and cutting our hair, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable at all times and not mistreated. you see, a simple way to learn how to cut a poodle dog's hair?