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If you wonder why does my cat attack me? and you don't know what to do to correct it, here we will explain the possible reasons why felines usually attack and what you should do about it.

Although cats are considered perfect pets for many, sometimes this feline tends to be aggressive and attack people or other animals for no apparent reason, however, bad feline behavior can have some logical explanation and, consequently, also There are ways to avoid it. If you have wondered Why does my cat attack me? Here we talk about it.

Remember that most of the unacceptable behaviors of our pets are encouraged by ourselves, or other family members, by not interacting properly with pets as in some cases we stimulate bad behavior without even realizing, for example, reward our pets with caresses while they bite us.


I do not want to be afraid of being with my cat, he urinates a lot and attacks me and bites me. I have scared arms and hands. I am desperate and I don't know what to do and I fear that I confine what I must do so that he does not attack me and does not urinate in the sofa bed the whole house i'm bad and sad help me thank you very much

Hello, my cat is 7 months old and does not stop attacking me, but not playing because she really bites me that it makes me blood and everything. I have tried to lock her up, wet her with a water spray, scream at her… everything but I don't get anything. like a goat come on ... What can I do? Is it possible that it will happen some day? Thanks

Something similar to that of heidy and cristina happens to my cat, it does not bake so much outside it has made two different timpos, I do not add it but it seems that, only I do not want me sometimes and it seems nervous

A similar thing is happening to me with my cat. Yesterday he attacked me in a brutal way, I have my legs up to my knees bandaged and I can barely walk. The reason I don't know exactly what it was. I only know that he had a bag in his hand that was attracting him to leave the room (because he gets under the bed when I go to sleep and there is no way to take it out) and suddenly I jumped on it and I began to snort, to bite to such an extent that my legs are full of bites and scratches. It is true that he does not "swallow" anyone, and anyone who enters my house attacks him, but he had never attacked me without a fool or son. Since yesterday I am very afraid of him, I walk carefully at home, and I try to carry a spray freshener in my hand that is the only thing that scares him. I don't know what to do, if I take him to a vet to see what he tells me, or directly get rid of him (I know it's a cruelty because I love him so much) but I can't be scared at home either. If someone had something similar to him, he would beg him to please tell me what to do ... This is a desperate situation :(

I am desperate for my cat, that happens to me too, it attacks me without any cause today it just attacked me and it has destroyed my foot, I do not want to sacrifice it or abandon it, I could never do it in life. I know that this behavior is for something, stress maybe the first thing I'm going to do is castrate it, I feel very bad maybe I don't give it all the attention it needs and it takes a long time alone ... whatever it is there I'll be with him and try to Help him until the last day of his life.

Almost all the problems I am seeing here are clearly because they are not castrated ...

The moment you punish them, they become meek, and their attacks and bad moods are over.

I tell you that I have 6 on one floor!

Go to the vet and sterilize them (castrate them) that money makes up for a happy, calm and happy life with your pet.

My cat is very affectionate and we love each other ... but today I was lying down and he was sleeping on my feet ... when suddenly he attacked me without reason and bit me and scratched very ugly ... and every time he sees me he blows me ... I don't know what to do because he had never done that ...

We picked up a cat from the street, when it should not have been more than 1 month ... it was skinny and very dirty, we banished it, we gave it away and we gave it a lot of love, unfortunately it has two personalities, a moment is fine and nothing jumps like with fear or coroje and attacks .. for any reason ... first it was my 15-year-old daughter bit her arm and stuck her claws so deep that we took her to an emergency ... then it was I attacked myself while caressing her and making her purrs ... and today my wife ... who more carefully and dear to the cat ... just clamped her teeth and claws on one leg that I don't even tell them ... she is strong and does not want to go to emergencies ... but I think the best thing is ... let him rest in peace ... we have loved ... but he doesn't respect anyone anymore ... he thinks it's his territory and he can do whatever he wants ... they told me to punish him ... the vet came and ran out of the fear he gave him ... how to castrate him like that. I'm going to try a new veterinarian ... if he doesn't make it ... I'll make him sleep ...

Well, my kitten is neutered and the aggressive behavior continues ... there is an attack on my wife and I scratch her hand.

My cat is a love when he wants and when he does not attack me, I have had it for a year and a half and 6 months ago he started attacking me from time to time, he nails my nails and bites me! I challenged him but he gets more angry so from there I never challenge him or anything because he does not stop me from attacking he is bipolar now he is sleeping on my legs and he looks like an angel but when he wants it he is a little devil I could not even hit him to test if he obeys because he I want a lot! So when he attacks me I hide from him or lock him in my room until he passes it but I think he's playing!

My cat also attacks me. The worst has been done yesterday. I was with my wife and after taking a nice bath, I prepared to go to bed and my lady, I was waiting anxiously to drink from the chalice of my masculinity. We kissed, turned off the light and started to do it, but when between the sheets I think my wife kisses my pudenta parts, there was Vladimir, rummaging my penis. I had never done that, I want to run but take out his claws and zas! My gland severely damages me. How can I do to finish. . . With that catlike attitude?

God! I see the biggest idiocy in the world, it is worth it if the cat becomes aggressive because it has a sensitive area do not touch that area ... But this post hints much more than that ... So if the cat is simply aggressive because it is that bad He gets his way, period. So if you decide that your bed is your territory, do you simply sleep on the sofa so as not to make him angry? but who is the pet here you or him? will it be necessary to punish him so that he learns not to attack or that this territory is not his but yours is not ?? Now the big question is how? I agree that hitting him as it would be the first reaction of many is not the best option, which is why I have seen him get wet so that at the moment he gets scared and calms down but as soon as he can go back to walking ... enclosing him is just the same or even more Useless to wet him ... so I can't think of how to educate a cat and I will not give up and let him do what he wants as and when he feels like it because here the cat doesn't send and if I don't want him to scratch the cat sofa or bite your shoes or broom I won't let it do it! It seems to me that my next option is going to be biting him ... the cats that live together fight a lot at first until one becomes more dominant than the other and then they fight very little very often ... so it's going to be cat if nobody gives a reasonable and useful answer ...

I also have a kitten that attacks. Anyway, in my opinion, the person who has a cat and does not understand that sometimes scratches, has been mistaken for a pet and perhaps should consider having fish ... I think that animals like people have their character. Some are calmer and others more nervous, there are also more aggressive ... I think that giving him enough time can be solved. When a cat gets bored it tends to be more aggressive, it is the way to discharge energy, since it is a very dynamic animal and needs activity. My cat also attacks, as I have said before, and it also makes me blood, but I cut a mosquito when it bites, it also makes blood, and the more I play with it, the more it calms down and the less it attacks. And if the next day gives him another moment of nervousness, which usually happens, then to pick up a thread or anything that catches his eye and to tire him! It is clear that the cat does not have to be taken out like a dog or need so much dedication, but it does need some attention and more if it is at home. You need to play, you need not to get bored in short. And because of that, because I think that in most cases it is not a disorder of the animal's behavior, but in an instinct and each species has its own, I think it is about understanding the animal that we have decided to have and its behavior. Never be afraid, because they are not treacherous animals as I have read here, and they are also very intuitive and feel the feeling that we have towards them. Man… .. That we are not talking about tigers either and we are clearly facing a situation of advantage towards them.

my daughter was sleeping, and the cat attacked her, that was at 2: am and if she doesn't take it off her, she bites her. I don't know why it was because she is given a lot of love. She doesn't know what to do and is afraid of her

Hello good, I will tell you my story to see what you can tell me.
I have a common European cat named Versus, I have it since I was 3 months old, he is now two years old.
He is a very affectionate, cuddly, talkative cat etc ... in fact he has never given me problems.
It turns out that I have lived in a small apartment for 9 months, and I have a garden, so when I moved, I thought, this is the ideal environment for my cat, since he was used to going out there and back.
But 1 month ago, the landlords caught my attention, because the neighbors complained about the meowing of this, they told me that I could not let the cat out, since it bothered a lot.
So I did, the poor cat was desperate to get out, meowing, he was nervous from one place to another, and I have tried by all means to be more with him, give him mmimitos, play with him, etc ...
It turns out that today Sunday I get up how always, the very cuddly, etc ...
I sit on the sofa to check my phone, and the cat in a matter of seconds attacked me in the head, luckily it was not in the face, I got scared and I said to my partner, »Carlos, the cat finishes me to attack », and of course we thought it was nothing, until the blood began to run down my face as if it were falling water ... (even if I get up from the sofa, I attacked again because the pupils had them very dilapidated, as if he wanted to attack again) the truth that I do not understand his reaction, since I have never hit him or treated badly, on the contrary, this gives me a lot of sadness, since I love him very much and I have raised him, but I really I was very scared, since he made deep wounds on the head and superficial wounds on the face, ear and eyebrow, since I had to go to the hospital and everything.
I would like to know what advice you could give me, since, when this happened to me, I even thought about giving it to a foster home…. but at the same time the idea seems hard and cruel ……
If you know anything, please let me know, since the first hypothesis of what happened is that you are stressed not to go out as you did before.
Thank you

Castration and a little brother to play and all happy. I say it from experience

The cat is a hypersensitive animal. Those who dedicate themselves to perform some strange practices, such as witchcraft or lighting candles that attract entities from other planes, DO NOT HAVE CATS, they see everything and logically they will attack the danger. Perhaps it is not you who attack but the entity that is above you. Believe it or not, check it out. A simple observation test ... they never saw their cat play with something invisible, apparently nothing? Just like that "nothing" he is playing with is good and he plays with it, there are other swims that are not and scare them. Cats are guardians, that is why they are constantly attacked, not only by the bad entities but also by the superimpositions implanted in the people so that the same people fight them. Something to think about ... it costs them nothing. It is not about religion , Do not confuse.

Hi, I have a cat that was given to me two weeks ago as she does not know me very well, she bites me and plows me when I try to touch her or play with her please help me how I can educate her

My cat is already neutered for a long time, and before that he was very affectionate to me and right now he even fears me being close to him because he bites me for no reason, today I was sitting in the room and attacking myself for no reason, I don't know what do because apart from that I am the only one that attacks my family D:

go to facebook tuanimalplanet and ask jackson galaxy

A very strange thing just happened to me with my cat. I was asleep near me and I put a video that was very loud, unintentionally. The scare (I guess) has rushed against me and has bitten and scratched me several times in the leg. He has been meowing weird and with an aggressive attitude for almost a minute, I think until he has woken up ... Now he runs away from me, I think he knows something has done wrong. I have had a tremendous scare because he is usually very scary and elusive, with other people, only with me he has confidence, when someone comes that he does not know home he hides, he is not aggressive at all. I am afraid that this happens more times, because a couple of weeks ago I was sleeping with me and without coming to mind, it bit me very hard, so much that I even bruised the depths that stuck my fangs, and ran away when realized. This has never happened before, and I have had it for 6 years ... has someone else happened? I think that when he attacked me, he was asleep ... I don't want it to happen to my mother, who spends the most time with. I don't want him to become aggressive ... Does anyone know if this behavior is "normal"? Please help!!

Hello, my 3-year-old neutered cat just attacked me in the face while taking my 20min nap. It is not the first time he does. I love him very much, it's good, at night he makes my neck breast and purrs, comes out to meet me. I don't know what to do, my daughter has also attacked her legs. It scares me a lot, the right eyelid of the eye has just scratched me and on the left it has nailed them and in the head. What can I do with him?? Why does he do this? I know if I had another cat this wouldn't happen, but I can't afford it! Someone help me?

Look on Sunday, December 14th, I invited my cousin and soon I hit her and then I am scared and crying and I am afraid to go to my room my mommy already cut her nails and then I wanted to do the same thing that I smoke face him and show who He would never attack me he loves me very much: '(

I have a cat that came to the house and brought us joy, my husband was a person who does not like animals but this cat changed it completely he buys the best food for him, my children buy them gifts he lives better than a child we love him a lot but I am afraid because it is attacking us a lot and it causes us deep deeps we can no longer have it but it advises me

Hello, it was the same for me, the problem is that many of us play with cat showing our hands and feet, that is, since we were little we have shown our parts as a prey since we must remember that they are instinctive hunters, at first in In his first months of the cat we believe that his hands and feet see him as fun and the truth is that they see the prey, when they grow this becomes bad since their garas are bigger and their teeth and an attack would be the worst ... suppose that you are talking to someone and suddenly you make a gesture with your hand if your cat sees immediately it will be launched towards you, that's why I recommend that if they are going to play with them use objects not their parts, another thing to hit a cat is not convenient they are reprimanded with a loud applause

A male cats must be catrated so they are not so territorial. It happens to me that mine is 4 months old and plays very rough if I challenge him, he gets angry and bites me very hard, he doesn't understand the challenges before he understands me
I bite and scratch many times I have many brands I want it but I don't know what to do I don't like to hit it but it hurts a lot. And I react by pushing it hard. The scratching hurts a lot, I really don't know how to do it so I don't play so he doesn't like any toy he uses it for a while and then grabs my feet my hands etc ...

I resorted to loud applause but it does not work and a No strong but I have to do it so many times before it goes that I already there
I bite a lot ... I really don't know what to do I put his toys I move balls and stuffed animals but look at my hands or a little piolita play for a while and get bored and start again with me

I am scared of my cat my face and my braziers are scratched my mouth this bleeding attacks me without rason I put a pillow like it attacks me what do I do?

My kitten plays with me. It never bites me. Once he was running out of wanting to attack me. What I did in a situation like that was to keep distance. It doesn't scratch me, nor does it bite me. It made me a little scratch. We were just playing. My kitten is very affectionate and loves me.

I am very worried because today my kitten attacked me for the fourth time.

It all started a few months ago, no more than 4 or 5 months. I've been watching and remembering what happened and I think it's because of "nervous", that is to say that I think it attacks me when it scares ...

Today we were very calm resting the food in my room when it occurred to me to drink from the bottle of water that I always have on my bedside table. I awkwardly dropped it and since it was open, all the water was thrown away ... my kitten was on the ground, however, it was not enough to hit her, not even to drop liquid (maybe a few drops, I can't say for sure). I got up immediately to lift the mess and clean up the spilled water ... suddenly I had it attached to my right arm and meowing like crazy ... I removed it with a quick movement and tried to defend myself using the pillow as a shield ... I stood up as much As quickly as possible and I stayed still, so she also stood still waiting for me to move ... with great care not to make a sudden movement, I threw a sunscreen canister out of the room and when it was through him I closed the door. I lay in bed, checking the wounds and cleaning them ... I let 3 hours pass, in fact I took a nap to calm down, because of the scare I started to cry again. That was at 4 in the afternoon ... it's already 7 pm and I can't leave my room without putting on boots and walking slowly around my house. As I said, it is not the first time and I already have many marks on my arms and legs from the previous attacks ...

I know that something is not right and it is something that happened recently, because I already have a little more than two years living with Gala and this had not happened ... it is also frequent, not a week had passed since the last time he was angry with my leg because I unwittingly stepped on it (it was behind me and I didn't see it). I had already stepped on it unintentionally at other times and was not attacking me that way ...

I do not know what I am doing wrong ... I am afraid of my cat, it has hurt me several times and for example, I can no longer share the room with her at night because of the fear that she attacks me while I sleep just because something fell or not wanted I pushed her.

What do you recommend me to do? Is this type of behavior normal? (I think not, but I would like to know if it is a normal reaction of the species). Anyone ever happened something similar? How did they solve it?

Hello good afternoon

For all those who suffer the sudden attacks of their pet cat, I comment:

- There are several factors by which the cat can act in this way, all of them have been previously exposed
- possible medical condition of the animal (goes to the veterinarian)
- feline hormones (the cat is castrated)
- territorial and jealous (
- the cat perceives negative presences / entities (the home is cleaned with the smoke of an incense so that they leave)

And the most common: BORING

Boredom or excess and excess energy that the cat does not spend during the day.

As a personal experience that I am putting that I am putting it into practice I recommend that you play with the cat and have him do more exercise so he does not get bored and be entertained in this way will rebalance and stop attacking. (or adopt a little brother cat to aud play with each other if we don't have time to pay attention)

For me, the latter is the best solution (for my cat)

Hello, I have a kitten that I adopted a year and a half ago. He has always slept in bed, but for 7 months, he bites me out of nowhere when I'm sleeping, and he draws blood, and if I stay still, he does it again. I don't even sleep peacefully, because I know that at any moment the attack is coming. He has a week sleeping in the den of the house. Moreover, I can be sitting, lying or walking, and out of nowhere it bites me, and it does not play. Of course, she is always on top of me sleeping, or just lying down. It only bites me. I would like to understand a little what is happening, because more love we have not been able to give, and especially me. Help. I adore my cat, but for example tonight, I was watching TV and she lay down, and out of nowhere she bit me so hard that it opened my skin. I do not know what to do. And she's not sick, she always goes to the vet. Play on the day too. This is what boredom is not. Is it simply a bastard? Regards

Adopt a three-month-old kitten -criollo-. today he is two years old and I have tried to educate him so that he does not tear furniture or bite. But his favorite game is to bite his hands and scratch the blankets at 6am so that one gets up to play with anything.
Will there be a chance to educate him not to do either?
Thank you,

Sometimes cats become aggressive because they have some pain or bodily discomfort ... for example, they often suffer from hyper acoustic sensitivity, which causes discomfort in their ears ... another condition that irritates them is the presence of intestinal parasites ... so Therefore, given these unusual behaviors in them, the veterinarian should be used to see what is happening to the pet ... greetings and good luck!

Hello my cat, the one-month-old coji is already 7 days ago scratching my wife and the child and it doesn't touch me I think it must be because of the zeal ami I try to scratch and the neck coji and I shook it and holy remedy now I don't even try to growl at the same thing I did when I try to scratch the woman now this maa docil

Hello two years ago my daughter and her boyfriend adopted a newborn kitten. They raised him together with much love in his house. Later. Already grown. My daughter brought him to live in our house where we have two puppies. The three adapted well. Respecting their spaces. And one day like that out of nowhere he attacked my daughter on the legs leaving her bleeding. I was so upset that I took him out of the house at that time. My husband went out to look for him at night and return him home because we love him. But from that moment the attacks continued. More towards my daughter. And also to others. We already castrated it recently. Recently we adopted a baby kitten. I ate four months street. And we couldn't put them together because when we do they press and we are afraid that the big one will kill the little one. We have thought of several outings as giving it up for adoption. Sleep it ... And we do not reach any resolution because we are sad about his fate by not being with us. But we are increasingly afraid. He meats a lot. And he has seizures only when he sleeps. The vet tells us that it is a sleep disorder ...

Well, I have a Russian blue cat and the truth is that the poor person has been there for a long time just because of my work. Today I was watching TV and I jumped into my face without more, I interpret that it was a game for him but he made a big wound in my nose bleeding a lot. I don't know how to solve this ...

My cat is three months old and I always feed him growls since he has his brother brothers eating with him, today while he poured his food on the plate he stuck my teeth so hard that blood came out. I do not understand why this behavior.

Hello my name is Kety I have a Creole cat. It is sterilized, it is very aggressive and it fights, and it attacks me, attacks visitors and leaves scratches. In the arms and hands. And I growled. I'm afraid of him 😱.

Sorry but they talk a lot about the aggression related to sterilization and for me it has nothing to do with it. My cat is already a year and a half old, was neutered at 6, has vaccines, toys, scraper, the best food, of everything and is super aggressive the same. Veterinarians no longer want to treat you because you feel sorry for them. Today he hurt me for no reason: he climbed onto my bed, threw himself on my arm hugging him with his 4 legs and bit my wrist until it bled. I had to take it from the neck skin and tear it out of my wrist basically. Still he came back and wanted to attack me again and I revoked him with the pillow. Now he doesn't even come near me and I have to go to the doctor because my skin is torn directly from my wrist. I don't know what to do with him anymore. X moments is divine and then does this kind of thing. This makes me very sad.

I have a cat of 3 months and a half, and it is super violent and terrible, I loved her very much because as she is my first pet because I wanted to give her everything, but I do not understand she attacks me practically it is against me she hates me to death and that I I clean her and feed her, I don't know what to do is a very aggressive cat, she draws my blood and scratches me, I'm going to have to give her away because she is not so violent with others just my code, it is better that we walk away from it, I don't understand how there are cats like that if you give them love and respect, but well I'll have a pet that loves me like her: '(

Nose who can advise me! But my cat is 2 years old, and she is beautiful, tender she has never been aggressive .. But it takes two days that she throws me to bite my arms when I go to sleep! And sleep with me! I had to get her out of the room because I separate her when she bites me and comes back! I don't have

My cat introduced the claw to the eye what do I do ??

Hi. I have three cats two in my apartment and one that my dad has in his house, which is very affectionate I come every weekend and sleep with me I could always pamper myself and everything but sometimes me and my sister attacks us when we do caresses that he asks us and out of nowhere he grabs our arm and nails our nails and our teeth and doesn't let us go! I leave his arm and squeeze him to release me and release me but he grabs us suddenly and re strong then it hurts us a lot! The other two cats are a love they never bit me or reasoned me or anything.

my cat brings a lawsuit married to another cat and always gives the other cat a mega thrashing, it is the second time that after I go out to rescue him if I do not notice well where he is attacking me and the truth the damages to my person are very painful Well, he bites me and spider but he bites me like I'm another cat, I don't know what to do with him anymore, should I let the other cat attack him? Even if he is killing him with scratches? I love him very much, but I'm already afraid of him. and like he knows what he did wrong because he bows his head when I talk to him later as a distress but while it hurts me and he goes crazy about 20 0 30 min, buff and horrible meow.

Hello my cat is castrated and in fact I do not take to do it.
But suddenly I can be sitting watching TV and even food and it bites me and settles me I am not afraid I stop I am already getting tired of his behavior he is calm and I do nothing and throws on me, I do not know what to do could they do me help

Good afternoon, my cat is four months old, she is not affectionate, she is very very independent, I punish her at 8 months, and now she is more aggressive than ever, she attacks my ankles when I am still or walk through the house, When he played, he was always aggressive, but now his attacks from nowhere are more repeated to the point of hurting my legs and arms deeply, and he does not play because if the challenge attacks me again, to the point of not knowing what to do now . What should I do please? Thank you…


Minerva Román says

My cat has aggressiveness redirected towards me, this always happens if the other smaller cat squeals or complains because sometimes it gets between my feet. It is already the 6th time he attacks me in 8 years he has, the little one is 5, when he gets like this he isolated it and I put Feliway and after 2-3 days it normalizes.
I don't know how to act when I attack, and I've even had to go to the emergency room for the injuries caused. Both are male, sterilized.
The one who attacks me I rescued him with 4 months of the street.
I used water spray when it attacks me to scare it and it doesn't work either. What I do.

Hi Minerva, thank you for sharing this desperate situation with us. As you have been able to read here my partner leaves you some tips that will be of great help to you, I would advise you that your cats and you begin to take a personalized preparation of Bach Flowers .to work the different emotional states (overflow, anxiety, jealousy fear , shock …… etc) which are the ones that cause the attack behavior (the emotion always goes before the behavior). It is also necessary to work your emotions because a situation like this generates fear, anxiety, insecurity, despair, anger, sadness ... ... because you do not know when to attack again You can write to [email protected] or call us without any commitment to 606792702 and this way we can help you better. A hug

Hello good afternoon! I have two male and female brothers and sterilized cats. I have it since childhood. The cat whenever she is very scared resorts to her sister's shelter but being at home and more and more often attacks her. More and more often. He has been with kidney problems and she when he has been convalescent has been happy and dynamic and it was she who messed with him but not with his aggressiveness. The quantum has recovered to worse

Hi Luz Maria, we need a lot more data to know what is happening and to help you. Los gatos son animales muy sensibles que se ven afectados ante cualquier cambio. Puedes escribirnos a [email protected], gracias por escribir

Hola buenos tarde! Tengo dos gatos macho y hembra hermanos y esterilizados. Lo tengo desde pequeño. El gato siempre que está muy asustado recurre al refugio de su hermana pero estando en casa y cada vez más a menudo la ataca a ella. Cada vez más a menudo. El ha estado con problemas de riñón y ella cuando el ha estado convaleciente ha estado feliz y dinámica y era ella quuen se metía con el pero no con la agresividad de el. El cuanto se ha recuperado a ido a peor el ataca mas

Hola, buenas noches, mí gato tiene 4 años es muy docil de un día para otro me atacó y está muy furioso, me recorrí veterinarias, médicos me dijeron q lo aisle 10 días a ver si era rabia aunq están seguros q no, yo lo tengo en un baño, el llora mucho ya no se q hacer me da mucha pena pero a la vez le tengo mucho miedo, ya q tengo dos niños. Espero su respuesta muchas gracias. Saludos coordiales

Hola Daniela, necesitamos más datos para poder ayudaros de la forma más personalizada posible, De todas maneras es normal que tu gato este llorando, a los gatos no les gusta estar encerrados, no entenderá qué pasa, estará asustado y tú también tienes que estar pasándolo fatal. Ambos necesitáis ayuda, puedes escribirnos a [email protected] . Un abrazo

Hola buenas noches. Mi gata estaba paseando en el patio de mi casa (nunca sale sin supervisión)y en un momento luego de olfatear unas platas se volvió muy agresiva contra mi otra gata, si no hubiera intervenido iban a terminar muy lastimadas. No entiendo que pudo haberlo ocasionado, jamás fue violenta, nunca se pelearon. Ahora no puede hacercarse que se ponen muy tensas, gruñen y si no intervenimos vuelven a pelearse.

Hola Sofía, aunque sé que es complicado estate tranquila porque es algo que suele pasar en los gatos cuando aparece un estímulo que les causa ansiedad, miedo y se estresan. Te recomiendo que compres en una herboristeria el Remedio rescate de las flores de Bach y empieces a dárselo varios días a tus dos gatas, pero en especial a la que agradece . Tú también puedes tomarlo porque me imagino que te habrás quedado muy asustada . Si eres de España escríbeme un email a [email protected] , que te lo puedo hacer yo y que te salga más barato. Un saludo y vete contándome

Tenemos dos gatitos: Toto, macho de 7 kilos de peso y Mei, hembra de 4 kilos, en estos tres años de convivencia no han sido los mejores amigos, pero se respetan entre ellos y sus espacios.
Vivimos en un departamento y el viernes pasado vino una persona y estuvo molestando de cierta manera al macho, y llegó un momento en el que se engrifó y encorvándose con la cola totalmente inflada, lo intentó atacar y esta persona hace un ruido muy fuerte con sus palmas, y lo hizo retroceder. En esta huida chocó con la hembra y terminó volcando toda su rabia contra la hembra la cual no tuvo nada que ver en el tema.
Ambos arrancaron al dormitorio donde el macho maullando muy muy fuerte “como lo hacen lo gatos cuando pelean”. Los separamos en habitaciones distintas y nos dimos cuenta que el macho al parecer del susto se llegó orinar.
El sábado los intentamos juntar en dos ocasiones, pero el macho se engrifo y maulló fuerte en ambas veces.

Seguimos con la separación de ellos, pero estamos preocupados porque nunca han sido agresivos con las personas o entre ellos.
estamos a la espera de que un etologo visite nuestro dpto, estamos super tristes ya que ellos son nuestra familia y siempre dormimos juntos.
esto tiene solución?
cuantos dias tendremos que tenerlos separados ?
de que forma se evita este tipo de situaron ?

saludos y gracias por la ayuda.

Hola Andres lamentablemente a veces pasan estás cosas sin que podamos controlarlas, gatos con una relación con cordial que un día debido a un factor externo se pelean, es normal y si te paras a pensarlo a nosotras las personas también nos pasa, nos llevamos de maravilla con alguien pero tenemos un día estresado y descargamos toda la presión interior mediante una gran bronca por alguna estupidez. Si a nosotros que tenemos la capacidad de gestionar y regular nuestras emociones nos sucede imagínate a ellos que no pueden. Estad tranquilos, Vuestros gatos os necesitan bien , necesitan vuestra energía calmada diciendo” no pasa nada, todo está controlado” ( ellos captan nuestras emociones). ¡Claro que se soluciona! y más aún si ya os habéis puesto en marcha pidiendo ayuda a un etólogo. Os RECOMIENDO que compréis el REMEDIO de URGENCIA de las FLORES DE BACH para darles estos días ( son gotas y se echan en el agua y en comida húmeda), para que se calmen y se recuperen del susto sin que queden secuelas emocionales porque tienen que estar muy asustados y también lo toméis vosotros. Si vivís en España puedo haceros un preparado de Flores de Bach personalizado junto con el remedio de urgencia para ayudarles , sino os recomendaría que busquéis un terapeuta floral de confianza en vuestro pais. . Contadme como va todo, Un abrazo

andres saldaña says

Gracias por tus consejos, en estos momentos estamos con tratamiento etológico.
El día viernes pasado compensamos en el poseso de presentarlos a trabes de una malla mientras comen, toto que fue el mas afectado por todo el problema no mostró signos de agresividad, pero mei estaba muy asustada comiendo.
el día de hoy los notamos mas tranquilos y calmados se miraban menos y se enfocaban mas en la comida.

según el etologo, esto sucedió por el exceso de estrés acumulado por toto ya que en las semanas previas al problema no jugamos mucho con ellos y realizamos cambios en sus tiempos de alimetacion y reposicionamiento de los muebles del dpto. tenemos que sabes que los catos son susceptibles a cualquier cambio que realicemos en su rutina y esto les provoca estrés.

el tratamiento recomendado por los etologos fue :
-separarlos de inmediato después del incidente y dejarlos en una sola oscura.
-no permitir que se vean.
-flores de bach.
-aromaterapia (difusor con esencia de lavanda )
-feliway. (el tradicional uno con cada gato)
-premios calming de PetNaturals (uno al dia)
-aumentar las horas de juego y atención.
-aumento de espacios para ellos (zonas altas donde puedan trepar y donde esconderse y sentirse seguros)
-transferencia de olores.

después de que se noten mas de tranquilos empezar con el proceso de presentación a través de una malla mientras comen comida que solo se usara en esas ocasiones.

siempre asesórense por profesionales (etologos) y nunca comiencen con tratamientos sin que un especialista se los recomiende.

saludos y gracias.
si quieren conocer a toto y mei y saber como va su tratamiento este es su instagram totoymei

Me alegra ver Andrés que estáis en muy buenas manos, ahora paciencia y tranquilidad mientras seguís las pautas para que la casa vuelva a su estado de equilibrio. Sure. nos pasaremos a conocer a toto y mei por su instagram un abrazo