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Olive oil is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet and a very appreciated and healthy product, essential for our nutrition. But ... what about the dogs? In many ways the metabolism and digestive system of dogs is different from oursBut can I give my dog ​​olive oil? Is it as healthy for him as it is for me? It is possible that if you ask yourself about olive oil, you also wonder if salmon oil is good for your dog.

Benefits of olive oil for dogs

Yes! Dogs can drink olive oil, and in fact it is very healthy! We will tell you the benefits of including (in moderation) olive oil in your dog's diet. Of course, it must be a high quality oil.

Olive oil is very rich in antioxidants. Provides Vitamin E, omega 3 and other very healthy fats. It should not be abused, but taken occasionally and in moderate doses greatly helps your nutrition and health.

Olive oil for dogs It is a good natural resource against constipation and also provides good cholesterol and eliminates bad. It improves the joints and helps to develop the muscles well. Therefore, olive oil is very good for elderly dogs, who often have problems such as osteoarthritis, arthritis or hip and elbow dysplasia.

And if all this were not enough, Recent studies suggest that olive oil helps prevent cancer.

Is it good to use olive oil for dogs and other animals?

Surely because I am an animal and it is going pretty well for me

I remember when I was a child and lived in a small farmhouse in the middle of the field. Our daily medicine was called olive oil, we lived in an environment full of animals, dogs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, etc. etc., and in this way our medicine became theirs too.

Every day I find a lot of comments about olive oil, its uses, customs, recipes, news about revolutionary treatments using olive oil and reports from a lot of universities where olive oil is the champion of natural remedies.

But most of the information is focused on humans (except when we talk about laboratory mice),What a selfish behavior !! humans talking about humans, all the time thinking about ourselves.

But the day has come when this humble blogger will try to offer information about olive oil for dogs and other animals: Is olive oil beneficial for animals (homo sapiens included)?

homo more or less sapiens

How to give olive oil to dogs

As we said, for the consumption of olive oil in dogs to be beneficial, the doses should be moderate. Ideally, adapt them to the size and weight of the dog:

  • Small dogs (less than 10 kg): half a teaspoon a day.
  • Medium dogs (between 10 and 30 kg): one teaspoon a day.
  • Big dogs - giants (over 30 kg): one and a half teaspoon a day.

These amounts are approximate and depend on the health of your dog. For example, if your dog has diarrhea, it would not be convenient to give oil, as we have told you it has laxative effects. If you want to know well what is best for your particular dog, it is best to consult the veterinarian.

The best way to give your dog olive oil is to mix it with their food, whether homemade or commercial feed.

Long-term benefits of olive oil for dogs

I know that I can give my dog ​​olive oil, but what benefits will it bring in the long term?After a few weeks taking the indicated dose of olive oil, you will notice a huge improvement in your dog's hair: It will be softer, stronger and brighter. This is because the vitamins and antioxidants in the oil nourish the cells, improving the quality of your hair.

On the other hand, If the dose is adequate, olive oil for obese dogs will also be a great help. It will be a support to lose weight. But beware! after all it is a fat, if you go over the amount, the effect will be the opposite: it will gain more weight.

The nutritional power of olive oil will help regenerate your skin and hydrate it. If your dog has dry skin, try olive oil! In this case, you can apply it directly to your skin, so the effect will be greater and more localized. The only drawback is that it could stain at home, or that if you put it in an area where it reaches, it won't stop licking!

And you, do you dare to try the benefits of olive oil for dogs?

Properties of olive oil for your dog

Olive oil is a monounsaturated oil Very rich in antioxidants that nourish the cells of your dog's body. It gives you vitamin E, Omega 3 and healthy fats. It is a product that should not be abused as it may have a laxative effect. For that same reason, we commented that it is a natural food that can help in cases of constipation.

Olive oil is present in the main European stores, however, it is not so easy in other places where its cultivation is not so abundant.

Its moderate consumption boosts good cholesterol to the detriment of bad cholesterol, improves and helps the joints and muscles (very appropriate for the care of elderly dogs suffering from diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis or osteoarthritis).

Finally, we add that some studies indicate that the consumption of olive oil prevents the onset of cancer or, at least, decreases its tendency in those who consume it.

New treatments against old treatments in animals.

In the same way as the pharmaceutical industry takes (if not borrow) our traditional recipes and replaces them with a wide variety of substances called medications when the topic goes from humans, the industry and its lobbies won the game and they managed to take the animals to their stores to buy their medicines.

In the past, an arsenal of home remedies helped animals and humans to be healthier and to lead better lives. That was the time when we were closest to our roots and the natural environment was closer to us (and stronger as well).

I'll try to show here uses of olive oil to help you and at the same time help your animals.

If the question is: is olive oil beneficial for dogs and other animals? my blunt answer is yes

How to give olive oil to your dog

The doses of olive oil that you must supply to your dog will depend on its size and weight. Next we will show you a simple table of equivalences:

  • Small dogs (10 kg)> 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil per day.
  • Medium dogs (11 to 30 kg)> 1 teaspoon of olive oil per day.
  • Large dogs (over 30 kg)> 1 tablespoon and a half of olive oil per day.

We can mix the dose of olive oil with the feed, with our usual homemade diets or with wet food. We can also apply it on a toast of rice flour, for example, or some food that contains some of the good cereals for dogs. Do not forget that you should be restrictive with the recommended doses, since exceeding them it is very possible that the dog suffers from diarrhea. You will see how your bowel movement improves immediately.

Olive Oil for Dogs

The main benefit of olive oil for dogs is to include it in their diet, this improves:

    digestion: olive oil improves the digestive system and gives them a better attitude towards eating> Olive Oil for Cats

  • digestion: olive oil improves your digestive functions, your cat will thank you
  • hair balls: This problem is dramatically reduced by using olive oil in the diet of cats
  • hair health: your cat's hair will shine like a rock star's
  • cats love olive oil, please check out this v> Olive Oil for Horses
  • Skin health: using olive oil as part of your diet or massaging your horse's skin produces incredible results, your horse will shine like a mirror
  • Care and health of helmets: You can use a lot of commercial products to take care of your horse's hooves or simply use olive oil to do it (in the same way that I use it for my feet and hands).
  • Wounds and sores: the reins, snacks, chairs, spurs and I don't know what more gadgets can hurt your horse, but fortunately you can use olive oil for these cases while the wounds are not very deep.
  • Untangle the mane: immediately, olive oil helps you untangle your horse's mane.

Olive Oil for Sheep

  • Avoid infections: using olive oil or olive leaves in the animal's snout, prevents some insects (flies most of the time) lay their eggs there. This is a very very old recipe in the Mediterranean area to prevent attacks from flies, even appearing in the bible.

Olive Oil for Birds

  • Leg care: Olive oil keeps the legs of the birds flexible, hydrated and with a great appearance.
  • Problems laying eggs: If your parrot, or your bird is trying to lay an egg and has a problem there, use olive oil to make the experience easier.
  • Help taking pills: when you need, I will give your bird a pill and it is difficult, bathe it before in olive oil and try then
  • Deworming: Olive oil repels parasites, you just have to apply it for half an hour and let it work.

I'm sure you know a lot of tricks to use olive oil in animals.

I would like to meet you and for this I encourage you to contact me or leave me a comment on the blog or through social networks

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Thank you very much for reading me.

be olive oil my friend.
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Powerful dermal regenerator

Olive oil is a good dermal regenerator for dry skin areas of your dog. its antioxidant effect nourishes the cells and vivifies his epidermis. The disadvantage that one can find if we apply olive oil in some external area of ​​the dog that needs treatment, is that then the dog can stain the furniture, the floor, and so on.

For this type of skin problems I recommend rosehip oil that is better absorbed by the dog's skin than olive oil, leaving less external residue. It is also better regenerative and healing. However, the dog can ingest olive oil at the recommended doses, but should not ingest rosehip oil.

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