How to Cut Nails to the Dog at Home - Tips to do it Safely


How often should I cut my dog's nails? How to know if you already need a cut or not? Is it really necessary to do it? Don't they wear out alone? Nails are the great forgotten of our pets, it is a care that many times we do not know how to manage or we have many doubts. We cleared them!

How to cut a dog's nails

The nail cut should Be part of the hygienic routine of domestic dogs. Ideally, do it with short-blade scissors, making an oblique cut with care not to get too close to the birth. Dogs' nails have two zones: the darkest is because it has blood and veins, if you cut around, you will hurt and bleed, do it outside that area.

If you have doubts about how to cut a dog's nails or you don't see yourself able to do it, you can ask the veterinarian or the canine hairdresser to do it for you. However, if they explain to you and you see how it is done, with a little practice you can soon do it without any problem.

You see, knowing how often you should cut your dog's nails is not possible without knowing him, since Each case is different. Remember that we are here to help you whenever you have doubts about caring for your pet! And go without hesitation to your veterinarian whenever necessary.

Normal scissors

Normal scissors They are similar to those that humans use to cut our nails, although they adapt the leaves to the nails of animals. They are a type of scissors that require more force than other nail clippers. In the market, we contemplate them in various sizes and it is possible to use them with any dog, although their use is more recommended for small dogs.

Dog clippers

The more corpulent dogs with thicker nails demand a pressure and a force that the standard scissors, sometimes, cannot cope with. Therefore, the nail clipper for dogs becomes the best option to cut large dog's nails.

2. Choose the ideal moment

It is not advisable to cut your dog's nails when he is quite active. Must take advantage of those moments where the dog is not altered to carry out this process. We refer to specific moments such as after eating or after exercising. The exhaustion of your faithful companion will help you cut your nails with greater comfort and calm on your part.

3. Create an atmosphere of tranquility

Apart from taking advantage of your dog's calm moments, You have the responsibility to create a relaxed environment in which your pet feels comfortable. To start, it is recommended that your dog lose some sensation in the paws. For this, it is convenient that touch your legs frequently so that the dog adapts to physical contact In these areas. It is also important the voice tone. It must be low to create an ideal atmosphere.

4. Place your dog in a comfortable position

The position you choose should be comfortable for both you and your dog. When you go to cut the nails of the front legs, it's advisable hold the leg in the palm of your hand, both pointing in the same direction. In this position, it is wise to place the fingers on the pads of the can and the thumb on the top to handle the cut more effectively.

In the hind legs, it is recommended place the pet on its side and position your arms on the body of the pet, so you can hold the hind leg and cut the nails with sufficient control.

5. Start cutting the tip of the nails

Prevention is better than cure, so we believe that the ideal is to be quite conservative in the cut. It is preferable to begin to get rid of the tip of the nails and to deepen the cut carefully and little by little. When should we stop profiling? When we contemplate that the surface of the cut has an oval shape. In this way, we will avoid getting into the dog's hypony and avoid wounds in the nail.

You facilitate your v>

As you can know, these little four-legged friends are beings that are characterized by being extremely playful, so it is very common to see them play happily outdoors, running from one side to another, chasing something (or someone) or digging a hole .

You don't have to be a genius to guess that in such activities, it is very normal that residues of any kind are usually left inside the canine's nails, which is something that happens frequently when they are long and can cause infections that are sometimes painful and dangerous.

While you will not be able to prevent your dog from being in contact with such waste, it is very important that you keep his nails short So you can play and make your dog's life without any worries, even if he rubs on your wear and prevents them from growing at normal speed.

Likewise, when they are not long you can clean them more easily, which is something you should also do if you want your canine to have healthy and beautiful nails.

Cutting the nails prevents you from suffering painful injuries

This is another of the most important reasons, since When your dog has long nails, it usually feels very uncomfortable and he performs his activities in a more cautious way than usual, so he lives in a conditioned way so as not to suffer any damage.

One of the most common is when the nail is broken by being trapped in towels, blankets or different types of fabrics, which is extremely painful for the canine, and can lead to heavy bleeding that often causes a dangerous infection.

On the other hand, keeping them short is a must if your canine lives inside your house, since on many occasions it is common for them to slip when you clean the floor, a fact that can lead to fractures.

You avoid being incarnated

Although this may come as a surprise to some people, as in humans, canines can also be incarnated, which is something that only happens when they are long.

As you can imagine, this is something not only uncomfortable, but also very painful for our canines, especially when this situation has occurred after trauma or injury, since in these cases the solution revolves around a surgical intervention.

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From very young, Puppies have to cut their nails for two reasons. The first reason is for their safety, puppies are born with very thin nails that can hurt their eyes because they are constantly on the move. Secondly, because if we are accustomed to you since you are a child, you have to cut your nails, as you grow, you already have the habit acquired and it will be much easier for us. It is not the same to grab a small puppy of just a kilo and some weight that once turned into an adult dog, its weight is much greater.

You have to be very clear, before starting with this task, such as dogs' nails. Dogs have on their nails some veins that we cut will bleed abundantly. We do not harm them but it is very unpleasant. If it ever occurs, the area must be cleaned and disinfected.

My recomendation is cut the nails every so often and so just having to cut the tip of the nail to let the nail grow excessively and then we have to cut more.

Cutting the nails is very easy and much more with the specific cutters that are available for dog nails. You just have to buy one at a pet specialist store and we will have it at home.

If the first few times we are not able, we can take the nail clipper to the veterinarian's office, taking advantage of one of the many visits that we will have to make in the first months of the puppy and that the veterinarian himself will cut, and thus he teaches us how to do it .

My puppies and my dogs do not need nail cuts because they are dogs that are constantly in the garden and they themselves polish their nails, they wear naturally But if the dog is a dog that lives inside, if you have to make nail cuts.

Dogs of more than 20 kg, have the life they have will not need frequent nail cuts, so we can leave the nail cut to the annual visit of the veterinarian and we take off that task that is not easy and we delegate it to a true professional .

We will realize whether or not the nails need to be cut because the nails always have to be flush with the floor, flush with the pads and remain horizontal.

In case of having to cut the nails, starting that we have the cutter adequate, you just have to take the nail, look well to distinguish where the nail ends and where the vein area begins and cut about 4 mm below that area, always tilted inwards to the inside of the dog's paw.

As the dog gets a little older to receive rewards, he will be rewarded after a nail cut.

The first few times, we will almost certainly need help with a second person to hold the dog, but once the dog acquires the habit of nail cutting, it will be left without any problems.

About the month of life More or less you should be given the first nail cut. I say more or less because in the photo I leave you, you can clearly see how those nails are already long. There they have 16 days and since they still do not walk, they do not wear it and those long and sharp nails can only cause damage to their eyes if they rub.

How to cut my dog's nails properly?

Knowing that this is something that is usually a bit difficult for many people, we will provide a series of tips that will make this easy and effective:

  • First of all, you must choose the moment in which your canine is more relaxed to proceed to cut their nails, because at this time they will pay more attention and be less restless.
  • If the bathroom is no problem for your little friend, The best thing you can do is to bathe it before cutting your nails, since this way they will be much softer.
  • Once you have done all this and you are going to start, you must hold your leg firmly to avoid making any sudden movements. Although it may seem obvious, it is worth mentioning that you should not apply much force, as they may feel pain and will react aggressively.
  • Avoid cutting the live meat that is near your nail, otherwise this can cause heavy bleeding.
  • Gradually and carefully trim the end of the nail until it reaches the live meat.
  • Congratulate and give affection to your canine once you're done, since in this way he will feel calm and you will avoid feeling rejection in this type of situation.

If you follow each of these tips, cutting your hairy companion's nails will be a piece of cake.