You don't want to eat or drink water that I can give you?


My dog ​​does not drink water for a few days and the strange thing is that eating eats wonderfully, I have observed that his stools without greenish brown with white dots could have parasites? And if so, would it have something to do with the one who doesn't drink water? I have already taken him to the vet as he has a swollen throat but what I do not understand is that if he eats

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I have a water dog puppy and it happened exactly the same. I know that a veterinary for anyone is expensive, but after all it is the best we can do to take care of our little dog.

Above all, keep an eye on what could have happened to you since you stopped eating or drinking until now, that gives you certain ideas to know better why your dog does not drink anything and everything he eats vomits.

However, check out this article here that still helps you to know what you can do or how you could fix it. :)

Symptoms of a dehydrated dog

Do not worry. In fact, it is not necessary to be a veterinarian to know if our dog has symptoms of dehydration. Therefore, if you suspect that you are dehydrated, examine the following aspects:

  • Sunken eyes: This is a clear sign that something is wrong with our dog.
  • Skin elasticity: If we pull the skin and see that it takes time to return to its position, we can say that there is dehydration.
  • The gums: Another point we can review is the gums. Thus, if they have lost their usual pink color and appear discolored and with low humidity, the dog is probably accusing the lack of water.
  • Breathing will be accelerated.

In any case, we should know that physical activity, food and, of course, the ambient temperature will determine your water needs. However, it is estimated that on average a dog needs to drink 60 milliliters of water for every kilo of weight. That is, if our dog weighs 10 kilos, he should drink about half a liter of water daily.

In these conditions, dogs may have problems to get their bearings and that they end up lost, so it is advisable to solve this setback with a GPS that will always inform us of their whereabouts. In this way, we will prevent your dehydration from having a fatal outcome.

Diarrhea in the dog

Water is vital in a dog and its health could be impaired if its intake is insufficient. Thus, one of these can be diarrhea that can also accelerate dehydration of the animal.

The truth is that there are many reasons that can motivate an episode of diarrhea in the dog such as spoiled food, bacteria and intestinal worms, among others. Even the simple replacement of the usual meal with a home cooking can trigger diarrhea.

A special mention deserves milk since some owners choose to offer it to their dogs. In this sense, we must know when they become adults, most dogs develop a lactose intolerance. Therefore, they lose the enzymes that allow them to digest milk and their intake causes diarrhea and vomiting.

Even if you suffer from diarrhea and it is advisable to fast, this recommendation does not affect liquids that should not be missed. Also dogs that have just undergone surgery should be properly hydrated for recovery. But how do we do it? Do not pull your hair, we have a handful of good ideas:

  1. Mix the water with the feed.
  2. Always put a bowl of water next to the food.
  3. Make sure the container is clean. This is basic, but we don't always do it.
  4. Place it in a shaded place and away from odors.
  5. Add flavor to the water. In this sense, there are aromas and flavors that we can add to increase its attractiveness. Also, do you know that drinks for dogs with different flavors are sold?
  6. All dogs love hoses and fountains. It is such a passion that dog drinkers are sold by emulating a small fountain that will stimulate their desire to drink and cool off.
  7. Locate water bowls in several places in the house, especially if they are elderly dogs. Thus, you will overcome your laziness and drink, because you have it very close.
  8. You can also add ice cubes if you know that you will like it more. You will know that veterinarians have banished the old belief that giving the dog cold water could be harmful. You can also offer them directly, as many love to eat them with licks.
  9. Always carry water with you. In this way, you will always have it available for when you are thirsty.
  10. Prepare a tasty broth and give it to him.

If in spite of all our attempts, the dog continues to resist trying the water we offer repeatedly, we recommend that you go to a veterinarian to examine the health of your dog as we can face a more serious problem.

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When dogs eat processed food (dry or wet) that is rich in salt, there comes a time that they end up full of salt and saturated with debris, then they fast and eliminate waste and salt.

Leave him without eating for a few days, fasting cures many diseases, especially those caused by com> Breakfast

After fasting, what you have to do is give it raw food (meat, egg yolk, unsalted cheese, some liver.). On page 61 you have info:

Give him a syringe to drink and if you think he has an infection, give him coconut oil.

Hello my dog ​​is 2 days ago without eating or drinking water I can only make her drink water with a syringe What could she have? I am very worried and I don't know what I can do right now thanks - florence oak

Well, my dog, you have 2 days that he does not want to eat or drink water, he is sad and he is only going to lie down just by one of the walls of the house injected him b12 yesterday and nothing and we gave him folic acid with some water. And today I gave him iron. But it still remains the same m is not race. - Michell Medina

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For pancreatitis in dogs there are treatments, but the truth is not I think it is. Cause of the problem, ask for a complete blood test and a test for anaplasmosis, leptospirosis, parvo or distemper. According to the country in the. What are you, you can find some products to help you because you can die in a short time, I would recommend. Hepatocan Forte 60 tablets to repair the liver c12Hours and enzybiotic 60 tablets at each meal, if the dog does not eat the, you should spray on what you are giving. Until you start eating you will buy Enterex diabetic. Canned and mix it with the 1/2 enzybiotic powder and give it to you. You give with a syringe without a needle.

To stimulate your appetite you can use canplusvit 3ml for 12 hours.

Also buy and make a lot of whey powder with electrolytes and vitamins and give with syringe.

But. The same if it is anaplasmosis and is not treated with antibiotics, it will never be.

Don't let him die, he needs you.

Thank you! But I told them yesterday they made lightning bolts and told me that my stomach was full of gas, and that it was dangerous to operate it, and I am already desperate I don't know what to do, try to feed him but try to bite me.

There are many diseases that cause your dog's symptoms, diagnosis is very complicated. It would be best if you look for another veterinarian, before the disease that is damaging your organs causes irreparable damage.