How to exercise the dog at home


Doing sports with your dog will help you share time with him and maintain a sports routine

Many of us adopt or buy a pet in order to keep us company. Surely, that you have already achieved and, while you are at home, you are more entertaining because you have your animal with you. However, there are many other ways to spend time with your pet, in this case, with your dog.

One of them is to get fit. If you had never thought that you can do sports with your pet or thought it is impossible, from Bekia we show you a few ways to keep you both in shape at the same time. It will be a way to spend more time together, while helping to take care of your health.

Go jogging with your dog

One of the most practiced and healthiest sports with dogs is running or training. Maybe you just get lazy to put on your shoes and go outside to run. A perfect way to motivate yourself is to take your dog, believe it or not, he will pull you and encourage you to keep running. In fact, dogs are animals of customs, that is, once you start running, you will want to go out every day or most of them. Therefore, you will have no choice but to go out next to him and fulfill your training plan to get fit.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that if your dog is still a puppy, he won't be able to run. You will have to train taking walks, but not with races, as that can damage your joints, muscles or bones that are not yet developed. You also have to consider race. Large, young and short-haired dogs are ideal for running. However, other breeds such as Bulldog, Carlino or miniature dogs, may present respiratory problems during exercise. Therefore, it is advised that with the latter there be short runs at a smooth pace. It is advisable not to use the same belt as for walking. There are harnesses for dogs, more comfortable for him, which are tied to your waist and, therefore, more comfortable for you too. These harnesses are made specifically for running, so use them.

Obstacle testing

Another way to vary in the race is to do obstacle tests. If you are bored of running for no reason, you prefer to have some motivation to do so. From here we suggest you put obstacles that you can overcome both.

Creating an obstacle course is a good way to test the ability of both. For example, place objects that involve zigzag running on the ground. Also try to jump fences or benches. Add tunnels to pass, some sport for your dog to jump up, and others for you to have to go from one rope to another. This will strengthen many muscles in your body and see how far you can go.

With this circuit, you will exercise all the muscles, as you will have to run, jump, bend down. and also, you will help your brain to be healthier and fit, since both of you will have to think about the best way to avoid obstacles.

Swim with the dog

If it is a season of heat or accompanying temperatures, you can always opt for swimming, a very healthy sport. If you have a pool at home or at your disposal, do not hesitate, just throw your pet in the water. But, look for some lake, river or of course, the beach. You can even ask in your city if there is any pool enabled to go with your dog.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the chosen place has to be suitable so that you don't bother anyone, since other people may not be socialized with dogs and may bother them. Therefore, choose the times of the day when there is less influx of people. Throw yourself in the water with your dog but always watching him, since if he is little accustomed to the water I might have trouble starting to swim. Therefore, stay with him until you see that he defends himself in the water.

Swimming is a very complete exercise. Apart from helping you lose weight, it will improve your joints, allowing a healthy development in the bones and an improvement in coordination and mobility. In addition, this type of sport is very useful for the recovery of injuries, so if you have suffered an accident, take him to swim so that his recovery is earlier. Remember, if your dog touches the water and shows signs that he does not like it, do not force him, because you will only get angry and never want to taste the water again. Therefore, it begins to familiarize you little by little and in the end you will get used to the water.

Yoga with your dog

Lately it has become fashionable a very common exercise among people, but uncommon with dogs. It is about yoga, a relaxing activity, which will come in handy for your pet if it is a bit rough, since it will learn to relax with you and therefore, with the rest of society.

Yoga sessions that are suitable for dogs are known by the name of Doga. Of course, each dog will have their skills and not all will adapt to the same sessions. Be patient with him, working both together you will get some good Doga exercises. With this practice you will encourage your stress, depression, phobias, anxiety and even hyperactivity to decrease. Therefore, it is a very practical sport for the well-being of both.

Other games to play with your dog

There are many other exercise routines that you can do with your dog to keep him healthy. For example, If you like to do abs, you can take an object and while you climb, you throw it so that your dog will pick it up and bring it to you. Thus, while you exercise, he will not stare alone, but will interact with you and also do some sport.

There is also the frisbee game. Your dog will have fun following the path of this toy and jumping for it before it falls to the ground. With a rope, you can play tug of war. Be careful not to pull too hard, as it can hurt your teeth. Let him win. With a ball, you can play football with him. Take it on your feet and try not to take it away from your dog. Use your imagination and you will see how with any toy you can do a practical exercise to train both of you.

Finally, there are some tips to have a good exercise. For example, do not go out when there is a lot of sun, since you can dehydrate the two. Visit the veterinarian before to evaluate the health of your dog and consider how much sport he can do. Start with short runs and progress. Do not forget to bring water if you are going to leave by places without sources, as you both need to replenish from time to time. When you get home, look at your leg pads to see that no item that causes damage has been embedded. Exercising to stay healthy is important, but doing that exercise correctly is also important.

Go up and down the stairs

If at home you have a ladder, it is a good option to use it for exercise your dog, especially to tire him. Going up and down will set in motion muscles that you rarely use during the walk, and you will be out of breath in a few minutes. Stand on top of the stairs and roll your favorite toy down. Your dog should come down to look for it and return to the top to give it to you.

Laser pointer

For those rainy days when you can't even go outside, it's good to have a laser pointer to play with your pet. You will see him running around here trying to catch the little light. Be careful not to point your eyes and play in a place where there is nothing that could hurt or break.


Treadmill for walking or running is an excellent option for keep the dog exercised inside the house But it is not an easy procedure, which from one moment to the next can be performed. First, your dog must be familiar with the machine and its noise. Then you should be able to get on and not be afraid of it, without it working. Gradually you can turn it on and up the pace so you can do a quick walk. To stimulate it you can use treats for dogs.

Tug of war

Playing the tug-of-war game is a lot of fun and tires the animal a lot, but you have to keep in mind that this type of games arouses its predatory instinct, that's why it is only recommended to play tug of war if your dog recognizes that you are the authority And respect you.

How do you manage to make your pet exercise Inside the house? Tell us! Share your ideas with our readers.