How to cut a Yorkshire terrier's hair


The Yorkshire Terrier is a small but endearing dog breed. It is an animal that makes itself loved from day one, especially if there are children at home. Enjoy with caresses and games. Still, we have to know that your fur also needs care.

If you want to know how to cut a yorkshire hair Without the need to go to a dog groomer, follow our advice.

What does it take to cut a Yorkshire's hair?

Before you start, it is important that you prepare everything you will need to cut your dog's hair:

  • Shampoo and conditioner for dogs: essential for bathing.
  • Hair dryer: After bathing, you have to dry your hair.
  • Brush: Use one that adapts to the length of the hair and another to help you cut it.
  • Scissors: they will be very useful to cut the tips well. Take some straight to cut the hair of the body and another small and curved for the ears and face.
  • Electric razor: very comfortable and practical to cut your hair to the length you want.
  • Spray shine: It is not mandatory, but if you want your hair to shine like never before, you can use it.

How to cut a Yorkshire's hair?

Very easy: following this step by step.

  1. The first thing you have to do is bathe it and dry it well with a dryer. Remember to bathe it once a month, always using a shampoo and conditioner for dogs.
  2. Then, cut the back hair with scissors, and then pass the electric razor so that it is even.
  3. Next, cut the hair on the hind legs carefully.
  4. Then, continue on the front legs, belly, chest and neck. You can use the scissors for the most difficult areas, but we recommend the electric razor for the belly area.
  5. Finally, cut the hair from the ears and face with scissors with a round tip.

Now, it will only be left to brush it to remove the remains of hairs that have been left, and of course give it many pampering for its good behavior 🙂.

What do you need to cut a Yorkshire terrier's hair

The first thing you should do is gather all the necessary utensils for the hairdressing session:

  • Electric razor: Useful to easily and quickly cut hair, as well as to reach complicated areas, such as pads.
  • Scissors: essential for shaping, profiling and cutting the tips.
  • Brush: You will have to find the one that best suits your dog's hair type.
  • Shampoo and, optionally, conditioner: A good bath comes in handy after the haircut.
  • Towel or dryer: If your dog is afraid of noise, they sell special dryers for dogs that are quieter.

What do I need to cut a Yorkshire hair

The first thing you need to cut your Yorkshire hair is to gather all the necessary material that you are going to use in the process and thus facilitate this task that, if you have never done it and it is the first time, it can be a bit difficult:

  • Electric razor: There are several models on the market that will allow you to use one way or another depending on the thickness and the haircut you want and in addition, you can reach certain delicate areas such as paw pads without hurting or cutting your dog without wanting to.
  • Scissors: Apart from the electric razor, the scissors are an essential element when cutting a dog's hair, since with them you can profile certain areas of the fur or cut the tips well. There are several models and types but the most recommended are straight scissors to cut the hair of the body and other smaller and curves for the ears and face, which are more delicate areas.
  • Brush: There are several types of brushes for dogs in stores but you will have to take one that best suits the length of your Yorkshire hair to brush it regularly and another to help you cut your hair.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: After cutting your Yorshire hair it is recommended that you bathe it with a shampoo alone, or with a shampoo and conditioner specific to dogs in order to remove the loose hairs that may have remained in their fur.
  • Hair dryer: once you have bathed your Yorkshire you can dry your hair with a dryer quickly and comfortably without having to wait for the hair to dry in the wind but, above all, remember not to use an excessive temperature or power.
  • Spray shine: If you want your Yorkshire to look perfect as if it were a dog beauty contest, you can use this shine as a complement after drying your hair and thus improve its appearance so that it still shines brighter.

Yorkshire terrier hair considerations

Before you start cutting your dog's hair, let's see what characteristics you should consider about your hair and the care it needs:

  • The coat of the Yorkshire terrier is smooth, medium length - long and single layer. It is often tangled, so to undo the knots it is necessary to comb it often, the ideal is once a week if you have short hair, or every two days if you have it long. This will also eliminate grease and dirt and you can space the bathrooms more.
  • Yorkshire hair is hypoallergenic and just falls, so this breed is ideal for people with allergies.
  • It is not advisable to bathe dogs too often, since they lose the natural fatty layer of the skin that serves as hydration and protection. The ideal for Yorkshire is a wash every 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the lifestyle you lead.
  • If you accustom your dog to the rituals of combing, bathing and cutting hair from a puppy, It will be much easier for you to accept it willingly. Make him perceive it as a positive experience.
  • Adopt a good frequent hairstyle routine to avoid complicated tangles. The more often you comb it, the easier it will be.

Dog hair care has a direct impact on your hair and skin health, keep that in mind!

What you should keep in mind before cutting a dog's hair

Before cutting the hair of a Yorkshire it is important that you know some characteristics about its fur and hair care:

    The standard Yorkshire terrier usually has the medium-long smooth coat, is prone to knots and accumulate dirt and has no sub-layer of hair, so it is necessary to brush it at least every 2 days if we leave the long mantle, and if we leave it short, with once a week it will be enough, but you have to have cu>

How to cut the hair of a Yorkshire terrier

Now, let's see what steps you have to take to cut the hair of this dog breed:

  1. Ideally, do it on a table, put several old towels on it and put your dog on top. Give him a prize, caress him, try to find a time when he is calm and receptive.
  2. Start by cutting the hair of the loin. With the scissors, trim the length, then you can match with the razor. Although the hair of this breed is straight, if you wet it with spray water and comb the strands, you will straighten it even more and it will be easier to see where to cut.
  3. The hair on the back legs continues to be cut. Always be very careful, place the scissors parallel to your body with the tip up to avoid accidental cuts.
  4. Then touch the neck, chest, gut and front legs, from top to bottom. You can use both scissors and razor, but we recommend that it is only the razor in the area of ​​the gut and pads, since there is a greater risk of cutting if you use scissors.
  5. The head is the last and is the most delicate part. You will have to cut the hair of the head itself, that of the snout and the ears, inside and out. For these areas, you better use round-pointed scissors to avoid punctures. Be very careful!

When finished, brush your hair with a soft bristle brush to remove glued hairs. The hairdressing session will end with a good bath and drying, combing to style. The conditioner is optional, but it can be of great help if there are very complicated knots.

If your dog moves too much, it is better to ask someone else for help to hold him or reassure him. If he is very nervous and makes sudden movements, you could cut him by accident.

You already know how to cut the hair of a Yorkshire terrier! It may seem complicated at first, but little by little you will gain more skill, and in addition your dog will get used to it. If you do not dare to do it or need a demonstration and personalized advice, do not hesitate to ask a dog groomer!

Types of haircut for a Yorkshire

There are many types of haircut for a Yorkshire and in ExpertAnimal we already have a specific article where we explain each and every one of them in detail but also, below we suggest a few to decide which one you like best and which is With which your pet feels most comfortable:

  • Puppy cut: Ideal for small dogs with a long coat. It involves cutting the ends of the animal's hair and leaving a maximum of 3 cm in its fur.
  • Westy Court: As the name implies, this type of cut reminds those of the West Higlang White terrier and tries to leave the hair of the body shorter than that of the face and head in general.
  • Schnauzer cut: It is about shaving the fur of the body and leaving the hair of the legs and head longer and leaving a visible beard, like that of the Schnauzers.
  • Pekingese cut: Another style of cut as if it were another breed is the Pekingese cut that focuses on leaving the hair of the head and long ears to simulate the long and droopy ears of this breed of dogs.
  • Water dog type cut: For this cut you have to let the Yorkshire hair grow a little and do not use any utensil to straighten it since it should appear curly and frizzy, like that of water dogs.

In addition, of all these haircuts, you can always comb your Yorkshire with clips, orquillas, small tweezers or hair bands to decorate it and change style whenever you want.

When to cut a yorkshire's hair for the first time

If you have recently adopted a yorkshire terrier puppy, you probably have some doubts about hairdressing sessions. When to bathe a puppy for the first time? When should you start cutting your hair? In both cases it will be prudent to wait until the puppy has Vaccination calendar finished and that your immune system is strong and stable. It is important to highlight that the coat helps the dog to regulate its temperature, both in winter and in summer, so an excessive cut when it is still developing and its immune system is weak can favor suffering from certain diseases.

About the 5 months, we will begin to observe how the yorkshire terrier's mane begins to grow and even how the bangs bother him. At that time, when we consider that the haircut is really necessary, we can start cutting our yorkie's hair.

Before you take your puppy to the hairdresser or start cutting a yorkshire hair at home, you must positively associate the manipulation and all the tools that you are going to use to avoid being scared, feeling uncomfortable or starting to show unwanted behavior. This point is especially important, since the yorkie will need regular hairdressing sessions throughout his life and it is important to start properly.

You can present the tools while you reward him with snacks for dogs, make previous baths to get used to the manipulation or let him, from time to time, listen to the noise of the razor while you caress him. You will have to do some sessions until you make sure that your dog does not show fear or reactivity towards manipulation, tools or the situation in general.

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How often does a yorkshire terrier cut his hair?

While it is true that each dog and each breed, like each person, is unique, the haircuts in the yorkshire terrier they must be done with some frequency if we want to maintain good hygiene and that their appearance is always perfect. It is recommended that, in cases where you want to keep long hair, it appears with scissors every six months. However, many people choose to leave their hair short for easy maintenance and brushing.

But how to cut a yorkshire's hair step by step? Obviously, haircut is as important as your daily brushing. Yorkshire terrier dogs are characterized by their long thin hair, so they are very susceptible to tangles and knots. For this, it is vital to be constant in its maintenance and, in each bath, apply a good shampoo and conditioner specifically indicated for the breed.

Other people prefer to keep long hair in their yorkis, however they repeatedly cut some areas of their pet's fur for their comfort and to maintain proper hygiene. So that, the bangs, the area around the eyes, inside the ears and the anus (to avoid remaining remains when defecating) are some of the most common areas of review.

The ears of the yosay terrier must also be taken care of, especially during the first months of the dog's life. Since, during the puppy stage, it is necessary to avoid that the area is overloaded with hair, since this could prevent the yorkshire ears rising by the weight of the hair itself.

How to strip a yorkshire

With this video tutorial of the Purina channel on YouTube, you can easily learn how to strip a yorkshire and how to cut a yorkshire's hair with a machine. Do not miss it, and discover how to cut a Yorkshire's hair step by step by the hand of the expert Ester Mañé.

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