How to make my dog ​​not get on the couch?


The resting places and the proximity with the owner are fundamental elements for our pet. But it is a privilege that we must dose. It is often the case that we tend to humanize the behaviors of our dogs without just noticing the meaning our actions have for them. We do not have to forget that they are a different species to us and their needs and their way of associating things are different from ours, as is the case with the sofa.

The influence of the animal's character

We often have dogs with anxiety problems at home, too much attachment to their owners, some kind of aggressiveness and other similar issues. If our dog shows dominant behaviors, the fact of resting in a high and privileged place of the house can aggravate these behaviors, even if it does not seem so. If our friend is too attached to us and suffers anxiety when he does not have our company, again being with us in that place can make the problem worse.

If we have a balanced dog that has no behavioral problem,I could sleep that nap peacefully with us on the couch, since there is no problem that we can aggravate.

Some routines such as insufficient physical or mental exercise, excess privileges, etc., can cause behavior problems in our dog. It is useful as a guideline so as not to worsen a situation that our dog already has or simply to prevent it from having it. It is not advisable to go on the couch in our company.

Although it does not have to be a direct consequence of climbing the sofa and subsequent behavioral problems, they are factors that can cause such situations.

Creating good habits

The reason for these precautions is that our dogs They fail to understand the reason why this resource (the sofa) is accessible sometimes but sometimes not. In their canine psychology, this diversity of permios can cause them frustration and an incipient aggressiveness.

The dogs arehabit animals with good retentive and possibly if in his puppy stage we took him in the arms on the sofa or even in the bed to caress him, it is logical that when he grows up he understands that this behavior is approved by us and that it is a permitted place. To avoid this custom, it is best that from a very young age we always show our affection from the floor, so that you do not associate the demonstrations of affection with the sofa or bed.

Too It is the case that they simply go up because the sofa has our smell and in our absenceit's very nice for them Being in touch with something that reminds us.

The best way to ‘scold’ our pet

When we surprise our pet at the time it is uploaded on the sofa or in any furniture in the house, we must scold him right away and never let him pass. We will approach him gently, we will invite him down without violence and bluntly we will say a “NO”. In this way the animal will understand that it is not right to climb where it was and that it does not have our approval.

We will repeat this action many times, taking into account that Patience and perseverance are the key to success. We will reward the animal when we get it to remain on the ground without climbing so that it feels rewarded and understands that it is doing the right thing.

If we intend to eliminate the risk of the dog climbing on the sofa or making a disaster, it is best to close the door of the room, if this is not possible for whatever reason and we have tried to carry it out "for good", we Next will be to take more extreme measures.

Elements that cover the sofa

Another very useful solution is to cover the sofa with a sheet or bedspread and spray it with abundant air freshener, cologne or any repellent that we find in the dog market. Generally, dogs do not like this smell and when covering, the trail that they usually leave is eliminated. If we repeat this for several days it will stop climbing.

Too It cancover the edges of the sofa with aluminum foil or empty cans, So, if you try to climb, the noise will probably scare you and after several days choose not to climb anymore.

When we have managed to stop the animal from climbing on the couch, we have dand keep this criterion firmly and do not let it rise more. If we change, all the work carried out will have been useless.

If the above is of no use, what we have left isSeek help from a trainer.

First step: set household standards

It is very important that you decide if you are going to let it go up or not. The education of the dog will depend a lot on it. If, as a general rule, you don't let him get on, but a family member always invites you to go up, the dog is very likely to get confused. The whole family must follow the same rules. Now, there are two assumptions that we must analyze before explaining how to prevent the dog from climbing on the couch:

  1. I don't want my dog ​​to get on the couch: If you don't want him to get on the couch, never let him do it. It is essential that you be constant and do not give up if at first you ignore it. Make no exceptions, ask him to get off as soon as he tries to climb.
  2. I want it to go up occasionally: While you can teach your dog to get on and off the sofa, as well as go to sleep s his bed, the truth is that it is very confusing for the dog that sometimes you let him go up and sometimes not, besides frustrating. If you want your dog to get on the couch from time to time you should allow him free access and, otherwise, prevent him from climbing on all occasions.

How to prevent my dog ​​from climbing on the couch?

Forget about the screams, the quarrels and the "challenges", if you want your dog not to get on the couch you must teach him what the word "low" means really, so the second step will be to use the training to associate the word "come down" with the fact of getting off the couch and "going up" with the fact of going up.

Look outside for a place where you can practice, but attention, you should not do it on a sofa, but on a step, street bench, etc .:

  1. Get snacks for dogs and offer one.
  2. Move your hand and guide it to the step, so that it goes up, using the word "go up".
  3. Once up, reward it with a snack.
  4. Now repeat the procedure by lowering it, while using the word "low."
  5. Repeat until your dog understands the exercise.

Remember that canine training sessions should be short and intense, for that reason, offer your dog a rest and resume the exercise half an hour later.

Now that you know more or less what "up" and "down" means, start practicing without guiding him with the prizes, but only by hand. Of course, every time you go down and up you must reward him, what you will not do is guide him with food. You will repeat this exercise as many times as necessary, preferably performing between 2 and 5 sessions a day, until your dog understands the exact meaning of both words.

Once you understand the exercise, every time your dog climbs on the couch you should ask him to come down, remember: always using the same word. Based on repetitions, your dog will learn that the sofa is not a place to climb. Do not forget to be very constant and always follow the rules.

How to prevent my dog ​​from climbing on the couch when I'm not at home?

Maybe you have managed not to get on the couch in front of you but when you return home you find it sleeping on it or getting off quickly when you enter the door. It is a problem that many owners have and does not have an easy solution. All we can do is physically prevent it. In other words, placing objects such as a lying chair or some plastic bags. So it will not be comfortable or nice to get on it. It is a measure that you can eliminate over time.

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Make the sofa an awkward place for him

If you do not have much patience or your canine is not very obedient, this is another measure that will be extremely effective, since it consists in making this site a space in which your friend does not feel comfortable, which will make him far from seeing the sofa as a place to rest, he will look at it as something boring to what he will not even want to approach.

To achieve this fact you just have to cover it with a blanket bathed in cologne or some type of air freshener, since dogs not only detest this kind of odors, but can detect it from afar thanks to its unique smell, so They won't even want to get close to this space.

Likewise, Another great solution is to cover the edges of the sofa with empty cans or any other object whose material makes it sound a lot when it falls, so that at the moment your furry companion climbs, they fall and scare it because of the noise, because this is extremely annoying for dogs, and in many situations it usually Keep them away from a particular place.

Similarly, another solution that is effective, although a little expensive, is to buy the Scat Mat patch, which is placed on the sofa to prevent your canine from climbing, thanks to this device activates its pressure sensors to then activate an alarm that does not go off until the can is lowered.

Offer your dog a more cozy space

This is without any doubt the healthiest option you can take if you want to avoid or eliminate this problem, since you won't make your canine feel uncomfortable with the strong smells or the annoying noises, and he will not get on the sofa anymore because he will prefer the space you give him.

One of the best places you can do for him is a little bed Make it as comfortable and padded as the cushions of your sofa, because the comfort you will feel in this space that you provide will never change it.

If your dog is a certain age and this is new to him, A good trick is to enable this new space in the same place where the sofa is, because even if at the beginning you continue to opt for this, in the short term you will be curious and decide to lie down for a while on the new bed.

Similarly, another good trick is to place this new enclosure for your canine in the place where you sleep, or at least as close as possible, since the favorite place of all dogs is the one that smells like their master, so if you do it your little four-legged friend will forget the sofa forever.

If you fulfill any of these tricks, you will no longer have this type of inconvenience.

But ... Why do they get on the couch?

In many of the cases the core of the problem is at the beginning of the relationship with the dog, since when the dog is a puppy they are usually allowed to climb on the sofa or the bed and they associate that this act is allowed.

On other occasions, the moment the dog chooses to get on the couch is when we are not at home. This is because the sofa keeps our smell and getting on it makes it more comfortable and quiet.

In addition, another of the mistakes we usually make and that is why they climb on the sofa, is that we do not provide a bed to be able to lie on or if they have it, it is not comfortable enough for them, so the sofa is the most comfortable of the house to be able to choose.

How do I educate him?

In order to solve the problem and make the sofa not the favorite place of our dog to rest, the first thing we have to be clear is if we want the dog to get on the sofa or not and if we want it to come up sometime.

If we want our canine friend to go up sometime, but only when we order it, we must carry out a very constant education. To do this, when the dog already respects the sofa and has understood that it is not a toy, you can invite him to climb whenever you are on the sofa. Once you get up from it, you must order him to get off and go to his bed. If this system repeats constantly, you will get it.

On the other hand, if you do not want to never get on the couch, it is essential that all family members understand it and never let it go up, since if any of them allow it, the dog will not understand why and will increase the times I see convenient.

Once understood this it is essential to follow the following guidelines:

  • When you see that the dog is up on the sofa you should approach him and scold him right away, invite him to get off the sofa, yes, always without violence and forcefully say “NO” or “DOWN”, so he will understand that getting on the sofa is wrong And not allowed. It is very likely that this has to be repeated continuously, but if you do it with perseverance and patience, you will achieve your goal and will not get on the couch again.
  • It has been shown that the most effective canine education is positive, so it is important that the dog be rewarded when it is kept on the floor without climbing the sofa. Sometimes it also works to reward the dog when he obeys and gets off the couch, but if the dog is very infatuated with it, this option is not recommended.
  • We can also cover the sofa with sheets or blankets and spray them abundantly with air freshener, cologne or canine educator repellent, smell that dogs do not like and will make climbing on the sofa become a bitter moment, so they will not do it again .
  • Another option that works very well is to put silver paper or cans on the edges of the sofa, which causes noise when the can is raised. And as we all know, the noise scares the animal and most likely does not step on the place again.
  • As we have said before, that the animal has a comfortable bed is essential, so it is recommended that one be available and placed next to the sofa so that the animal is wrapped in the same way as if it were on top of it .

On many occasions, even having made these guidelines, the only thing we get is that the dog does not get on the sofa while we are at home, but when we leave, he becomes the king of the sofa again, quickly getting off the sofa as soon as he hears the door but leaving evidence like hairs and drool, which indicates that he has been inhabited by him.

To do this, we can cover the sofa with elements that prevent the animal from climbing on it. It is important that they do not leave any space so that it can be accommodated or that they are flat so that it is climbed into it.

If this does not work, the most drastic solution is to close the living room door so you can avoid getting on the couch or go to an expert.

Educating the dog from a puppy is the easiest solution to avoid getting on the couch. However, if this has not been possible, following these guidelines constantly, with patience and, above all, without violence, will allow us to meet our goal.

*Warning. The article shows opinions and recommendations of the Agroveco professional team, they are not diagnostic. For each particular case or problem, we recommend that you contact a professional who makes the diagnosis "in situ".

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