How to prevent my dog ​​from climbing on furniture


If you are one of those who spends half a day fighting to prevent his dog from climbing on the armchairs, the sofa or even the bed because when he was a puppy ‘you raised your hand a little’ you are in luck. Discover why your dog can not avoid getting on all sites and how with patience and following certain guidelines you can get him not to do it again. Do you stay with us?

Image: allison_dc

Laura is desperate because her dog "Bonie" has taken the habit of climbing every afternoon on the sofas and filling everything with hair while she does housework. What can he do? Laura's case is not isolated. In fact, 80% of dog owners have allowed their pets to climb with them on sofas and even in bed in search of their love and company.

The problem is that what for us is an act of love, for our dog is interpreted as a gesture of submission, which places him as the "leader" of the pack. The reasons why a dog climbs on sofas, beds and armchairs are always related to three fundamental motivations:

  1. Be leader of the pack.
  2. It does not have a cot or place to lie in the same area where its owner usually rests.
  3. Your crib or place is not comfortable.

Knowing this, we can try to provide our living room with a cot so that when we are there, our dog can lie close to us but without being literally on top.

How can I prevent my dog ​​from getting on if he is already used to it?

To begin with, you must be patient and think that the change will not happen overnight, but if you start to remedy it, you are closer to getting it.

  • Tip 1: When you ‘catch’ your dog on a sofa or bed, approach him, tell him to get off while talking firmly with a No!, So that he understands that you are not happy with that behavior.
  • Tip 2: Find a sheet that you don't like and print it in a colony or in dog repellent. When your dog gets on, he will not like the smell and will run off, connecting a bad experience with your sofa.
  • Tip 3: Dogs get very scared of noise. If you put aluminum foil or empty cans on the edges of the area to be cordoned off, it will feel equally uncomfortable and will come down.
  • Tip 4: Reward it when you see that the dog is no longer climbing on the sofas.

If none of this works, you can always seek the help of a professional pet trainer.


First we must be clear Where we want our dog to sit and where not.

What we must do is remove that habit that he climbs where he wants.

To prevent our dog from getting where it wants we must claim the sofa, armchair or furniture like ours

The way to do it is prevent it from rising. Once it's up, it's too late.

We must pay attention to when he intends to climb and avoid it.

Step 3

Never I tried to lower the dog by the force of a piece of furniture or punish him because he has climbed into it.

It is useless to use these measures to correct it, it will only make the dog nervous and can react violently if it feels cornered.

Instead, he must act like a dog in his pack would: stop when you want to climb at the moment you want to upload. Otherwise, the dog will not receive the message that it should not go up there.

Step 4

If your dog wins the game and gets on the couch what you should do to lower it is to distract him with something that interests him.

A toy, a voice, a sound or a hint that you are going to go outside can work.

Once the dog has come down from the couch can return to the starting point: Do not let it go up when you intend to.

Step 5

When you can't keep an eye on your dog not getting on the couch choose not to let him enter the room where the furniture is located.

Be constant and get your dog to stop getting where he wants. Have a quilt or a pillow to be your dog's place, so you won't have to get on another site.

As usual, dogs want to be close to people. put the bed of the dog near where you are in each and move it at night when you sleep, if necessary. Thus, the dog will not need to be placed closer, on a sofa.

Do not upload it to furniture

The dog is an animal of habits. If we allow him to climb on the furniture as a puppy, once he reaches adulthood he will continue to do so. Therefore, it is very important to give affection but on the ground, since otherwise making him change his mind when he grows up will be difficult (although not impossible).

Likewise, you never have to let him share the sofa or any other piece of furniture with you. This way you will learn that you cannot get on.

Teach him not to do it

In your absence it is possible for the furry to do what he wants, such as climbing on furniture. To prevent him from doing so you can cover them with a blanket or cloth and spray it with dog repellent that you will find for sale in pet products stores. But only with this will not suffice, since you also have to give him a bed that is really comfortable and make sure that the furry has very good moments in it. Therefore, give love and pay close attention to him when he is at his resting place.

If you climb a piece of furniture, say “NO” vigorously, and lower it. Then ask him to sit down and give him a prize. So little by little you will understand.

With these tips, sure that sooner or later you will achieve your goal and your furry will not climb on furniture anymore.