How to care for a collie


Like all dogs, They need water, food, a bed where they can sleep, and lots of love, as well as daily walks and veterinary care from time to time. If any of these things are missing, these animals will not be happy. To avoid feeling sad, it is necessary that we think well before if we want and if we can take care of them, because we must not forget that they are living beings who can live 17 years, and that all those years want to spend them with a family who take care of them as they deserve.

How to train them?

The Collie are dogs that are always willing to learn new things, although they can be a bit stubborn 🙂. Therefore, it is convenient that they begin to be trained from the first moment they are at home. Always with simple orders (one to three words), and always trying to have fun, encouraging them with words spoken in cheerful tones and giving them prizes each time they fulfill those orders.

It is very important that the sessions be short, of no more than ten minutes, because they could get bored easily. It is much better that every few minutes you go to play with them, especially when they are puppies, so that they take us confidence and enjoy being with us, which is essential so that they can be taught different orders.

The Collie are ideal dogs for children and the elderly. They are a bit naughty when they are young, but once adults become one of the best hairy companions that one can have.


the collie, also called Scottish shepherd, or by many "Lassie", since the fame of this breed has come with the famous television series and their beloved protagonist, is a sheepdog. A very elegant bearing, fine intelligence, courage. extreme docility and patience They are some of its strengths. He loves to live with the man and in a pack. Given its soft and obedient character, it is really a great option for those who want to live with a dog. However, like all animals, the Collie needs loving care from his master. So let's see, with this guide, how to care for a Collie.

  • Honey and much love
  • brush
  • Balls or Frisbees
  • croccantini

Free time

To take care of a Collie it is good to know that this is very connected with his teacher and he needs his affection to be reciprocated, therefore, try to always be generous in the caresses and share with him so many moments of his day, even those in the He thinks he might get bored. Remember that everything is interesting for him when he is with you.
In addition, you should know that the Collie is a very energetic dog: for this reason, it is often necessary to take him for a walk and prevent him from leading a life that is too sedentary. Where possible, take it to the field and let it run freely and smell, dig holes or play with lizards. Being a very intelligent dog, it also lends itself well to agility tests, which will undoubtedly be fun. In general, however, it is a dog that loves sports.

Play with the Collie as often as you can. Avoid throwing a stick waiting for you to get it, it is not a retriever and this game would seem boring and demotivating. Rather, offer them balls: throw a distant ball, let it run towards you and play a little with it and, as soon as you lose interest, throw the second ball in another direction. He will go to this, attracted by the new ball and, taking advantage of his distraction, will pick up the first. Repeat this game several times. Remember never to steal your Collie from your mouth, let it nibble between your legs and pick up the balls from the ground only when you are distracted and without interest in them. Alternatively, even a Frisbee will be fine.
Another game you might like is the simple hiding place. Teach him this game from an early age so he has no problems. If you notice that you have difficulty finding it, you may call it or make a noise to attract it in your direction.

Hair care

The Collie can be long or short. In both cases, their fur is wonderful and thick. However, it does not require particular care because it does not tend to get entangled. To take care of a Collie in this regard, just brush it at least once a week, with a special brush for long-haired dogs, and take it to the hairdresser once a month. Pay special attention to the area behind the ears, thighs and elbows, where knots are likely to form, and in the rump, where parasites can accumulate. Especially in the long-haired version, try to be soft while brushing, so as not to tear your hair and, therefore, hurt it: the Collie is a docile dog, but if it makes you feel pain, you will not like anything!

The amount of food that will be given to the dog and the frequency will depend on his age. In fact, if you have a puppy for 2 to 3 months, you must administer it 3 or 4 times a day, up to 2 meals a day, from the year you can continue with 2 meals a day or reduce to one, in the afternoon or in the afternoon. tomorrow.
As for the doses, follow what is written on the cookie package or ask the veterinarian. However, in principle, until the first year of age, you will receive a maximum of 280 g, more than 400 g during the year. From time to time you can also give it something different, for example, a jelly made of bread, better if it is whole grain, minced meat (about 200 g) and cooked vegetables (about 200 g). Be careful not to overdo the bread too much.
The croquettes should be medium sized, since the Collie is a medium sized dog.


Then, keep the Collie away from the cold and the blows of air, since the race is easily subjected to colds. If you have trouble breathing or coughing, consult your veterinarian, he may suffer from asthma. Finally, he often controls his legs, because this breed is also subject to interdigital irritation, cysts and abscesses.
In addition, this dog may also suffer from hip and / or elbow dysplasia, or progressive retinal atrophy. It is good, therefore, to always keep it under control, to intervene as soon as possible if these diseases arise or, better yet, to prevent or delay their occurrence as much as possible.

Never forget

  • The Collie, like many other dogs, needs so much love to live in peace.
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Basic characteristics

The BorderCollie is the breed resulting from several crosses and is native to the border between Scotland and England, which is why it is known as BorderCollie, which in Castilian would be Collie de la Frontera.

Although originally it has been used as a shepherd dog, today the qualities of this intelligent dog have led it to be one of the favorite dogs among those addicted to canine sports or, simply, those looking for a faithful dog as a pet.

  • Cross height: about 53 cm in males, females being slightly smaller
  • Weight: about 20 kg
  • Size: medium dog breeds.
  • Color: black, blue, gray, australian red or brown, mixed with white
  • Hope of v> How to feed a Border Collie?

Border Collies are a breed of dogs with a slightly delicate stomach, so it may be difficult to find the right feed for our pet. His stomach is quite sensitive and it is common for them to suffer from vomiting and discomfort, so, once you have found the feed that your dog likes and suits you, try not to change it.

The Border Collie feed should be rich in high quality protein to promote the proper balance of its intestinal flora, and we must be very careful with the human food we give it.

What do puppies eat?

As in other breeds, a Border Collie puppy should feed, during the first days of life, breast milk ...

As in other breeds, a Border Collie puppy should feed, during the first days of life, breast milk. As the teeth come out, weaning will occur, at which time we can start with puppy milk if the mother complains during breastfeeding, and porridge.

From the month or month and a half our Border Collie must feed on medium breed puppies. In general, three meals a day will be ideal for feeding your pet.

What do adults eat?

From the year or year and a half we must change the feeding of our dog. The feed of an adult Border Collie must have a high protein content, since it is a very active dog. As we have indicated, it may be difficult for you to find the feed that suits you, since it is a race with a fairly delicate stomach.

Whenever you have to change your mind, mix the two brands for several days so that you get accustomed gradually.

If your Border Collie has a hard time finishing your meal, you can mix your dry feed with some wet food, which complements your meal. Keep in mind the recommended daily amounts so as not to overdo it.

What do the elderly eat?

As our Border Collie grows older, we will notice that its energy is going down. To avoid being overweight, it may be necessary to switch to a feed to maintain or lose weight. Check with your veterinarian if you notice that your Border Collie is getting fat since many of these feeds are veterinary foods and, therefore, should only be consumed if an expert recommends it.

Health, hygiene and care

The Border Collie are one of the dogs that attract the most attention for their size and their fur. However, there are a number of issues that we need to consider in order for our pet to grow up happy and healthy.

Caring for your teeth

As with other races, Border Collies can accumulate tartar on their teeth. It is best to prevent it with good dental hygiene, either with brushes and specific toothpaste, or with snaks that help them take care of their teeth.
Another option is to offer chew toys, which will also have fun. Of course, always monitor their status to avoid choking.

As we have said, Border Collies are dogs accustomed to living in the countryside and must spend a lot of time outdoors. This may carry a higher risk of suffering from the uncomfortable visits of parasites such as ticks and fleas. In addition, these can be easily camouflaged between your long hair, so it is recommended that you check it when you brush it. It also uses collars or pipettes to avoid both these parasites and the bite of the sandfly mosquito, which causes Lieshmaniosis.

Common health problems

Border Collies may be susceptible to certain diseases. Although they do not appear in all dogs, we must pay special attention to the first symptoms:

    Eyes: This breed has ocular abnormalities that generally begin to make night vision difficult and end up in blindness. For this reason p> Walks and games to educate and teach them

The intelligence and activity of the Border Collie make you an indispensable part of the walk. In addition to several walks, it is convenient, if you can, to let him loose in a controlled area so that he runs loose.

How to use the ride to train and teach

It is quite common for these dogs to pull a lot during walks, so you should teach him to walk by your side. They are very intelligent, so with a little constancy you can teach him to walk quietly.

For its training uses anti-pull straps and a clicker or whistle, since they work quite well.

The best toys

In addition to the chew toys we have talked about before, you can offer recovery games. A ball or, much better, a flying disc, is one of the funniest games for Border Collies.

Another of the best toys for your pet are intelligence. You can start with some simple ones but, thanks to the enormous intelligence of this breed, you can gradually increase the difficulty of the toy.

Agility is a competitive sport in which Border Collies stand out. It is an obstacle course that is very fun for dogs and also improves the relationship between the pet and the owner. This game will also improve your attitude, since it is a sport that needs a lot of training.

Border Collie as a domestic pet

The great energy of this breed makes the most suitable thing to be a house with land to be able to move and, if it cannot be so, we have to be aware that it will be necessary to remove it several times a day. However, they can be at home with proper training, since they are dogs that need to have something to do almost continuously!

To rest, you will need a bed appropriate to its size so that, in the moments of rest, they are comfortable. In addition, you will need a feeder and a drinking fountain, in this case better stainless steel since we will avoid the risk of allergy of plastic (quite common in BC) and the porosity of ceramic, which hinder its proper cleaning.

What to do when we travel?

If you plan to move in a car with your dog, keep in mind that you should get used to it since childhood since it is a very sensitive breed to noises and sudden movements, and it can be uncomfortable in a car where, in addition, it has no room to move.

Check with your veterinarian if necessary, if you see that he becomes very nervous. Remember, also, comply with safety regulations, since the dog must always be subject. If you opt for leashes attached to the belt, you probably also need a fence to prevent the dog from disturbing the driver.

On the other hand, due to its great mane, we recommend using seat protectors to prevent the car from getting full of hair, although it is impossible to avoid them all!

Extensive information on other types of dogs:

Characteristics of the Rough Collie or Long-haired Collie

Physically, the Long-haired collie It is a pretty harmonious dog. Its structure is balanced and proportionate. It is extremely beautiful and expresses sobriety.

Lassie was a long-haired Collie breed dog

  • Males can reach to weigh up to 29 kilograms, while females up to 25. They are light at the time of running and agile by nature.
  • its height to the cross they oscillate the 61 centimeters in the males and 56 in the females. His chest is deep and wide and his back descends serenely to the rump.
  • The head of the Rough Collie looks like a wedge, visibly truncated and smooth contour. The end of his snout it is also truncated and, generally, the truffle It is black.
  • The color of their eyes It is mostly dark brown, and they show a tender and calm look when they are with humans, but when they remain alert they are usually vivacious.
  • Long-haired Collie have a long tail which is covered with hair, which also covers almost the entire body. The outer layer is smooth but its texture is usually rough, while the inner one is much softer. The fur is so dense that it hides your skin.

If you want to have a more graphic idea of ​​what these beautiful and splendid pets look like, you should remember Lassie, the famous protagonist bitch of the television series of the same name that daily captivated many with her great adventures.

Care of Rough Collie or Long-haired Collie

Due to its characteristics and its extremely active condition, the Long-haired collie It requires a special diet, in which the quality of fats should be taken into consideration. This in order to preserve the optimal conditions of his mantle.

Experts determine that food should be energetic and abundant, and they recommend applying extra doses of vegetable oil or fish oil. These fats help you keep many of your organs healthy. Be careful with saturated fats.

Optimum nutrition is essential to maintain the health of these dogs. Additionally, you should pay special attention to the hygiene of your Rough collie.

Avoid overweight in dogs anyway. When living in partnership with the human, a dog of this breed may suffer from this condition, given that his master could exceed the daily food ration, in addition, sedentary lifestyle could affect.

Baths are very important, which allow to moisturize the hair and release it from knots. You can also cut your dog's nails, as well as clean their eyes and ears.

Brushing is also essential, so you should do it with a special brush taking into account for this task that the hair must be partially wet.

Rough Collie Health

A Rough collie In such conditions, stop being healthy, cheerful and cheerful.

Another problem of the breed is eye diseases such as cataracts in dogs, so it is advisable from small periodic consultations with the veterinarian.

Dogs of the Rough Collie or long-haired Collie breed require good food to preserve their fur in optimal conditions

Rough Collie or Long-Haired Collie Behavior

He has great intelligence, so he is able to develop the habit of obeying his family's orders if he is properly educated.

These fantastic dogs talk a lot about their tranquility, peace, joy and affection as highly appreciated qualities in the home, because it greatly helps reduce their stress indices in man.

Because they are extremely sweet, affectionate and playful, long-haired Collie dogs are ideal for children. In fact, they are one of the best pets that exist so far.

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