Discover how to make my dog's hair shine


There are several homemade tricks to keep your dog's hair bright and healthy. The easiest and most economical is to brush it gently on a daily basis (5 minutes is enough) although you can use many other techniques to make it look perfect whether winter or summer.

There are many tricks that since ancient times have been used to enhance the beauty of hair, both human and animal although yes, it takes more time to prepare and apply them than usual brushing. In this Animal Expert article we will explain the most common or easy to apply so that your dog's hair is bright.

In addition, you should keep in mind that factors such as feeding directly affect the quality and brightness of the dog's hair. Keep reading to know tricks to shine my dog's hair.


The application of alcohol-free beer to the dog's hair at the end of the bath, it is proven that it improves its shine because it nourishes the hair bulb and softens the hair shaft.

This process must be done after bathing the dog and after allowing the beer applied by means of a sponge, to act on his dermis and on his hair for 3 or 4 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, you must rinse with plenty of water warm to can. If you do not rinse well the hair will be sticky.

It is a simple and economical method, provided that the dog is not very large and with very long hair. I, for example, would not use this homemade trick with an Afghan greyhound. In this case I would prefer the lanolin trick.


Lanolin is a natural fat which comes from the wool of the sheep. It can be purchased at pharmacies and natural products stores. There is natural lanolin and anhydrous lanolin. The first smells of wool, and the second is deodorized.

To prepare the fluid that we will apply to our dog's hair, we will do the following:

  1. We will put a couple of teaspoons of lanolin in the water bath to melt it.
  2. Then we will add 1 liter of warm water to the saucepan with the molten lanolin.
  3. We will emulsify, that is, we will beat both materials with a minipimer and put them in a sealed bottle to cool the resulting emulsion and store it for when we need it.

We will carry out a process identical to that of beer: When we bathe our dog, and before rinsing it, we will apply the fluid throughout his body except the head. After 5 minutes rinse slightly with water Warm the animal.


Egg yolk is another totally natural product that we can use to brighten the dog's hair. For this we will follow this process:

  1. We will emulsify 1 or 2 egg yolks with warm water
  2. The proportion is half a liter of water per yolk (the amount will depend if your dog is large or small).

It is important that we know that the remaining emulsion must be discarded, it must not be stored under any circumstances and as for the mode of application it will proceed exactly as in the beer trick: thoroughly rinsing the animal after five minutes of exposure to the effects of egg yolk.

Rosehip oil

It is a very expensive product, but very effective: Rosehip oil can be found in pharmacies, parapharmacies, natural products stores and in some supermarkets.

It is a product that serves to eliminate wrinkles from human skin, and to thoroughly clean the face and eye orbits of dogs (with great care that it does not go to the eye). I would advise against using rosehip oil in the whole dog's hair, even if it is small.

However, for the care of your dogs' face it is an optimal product, since very little quantity is needed when pouring a couple or three drops into a cotton disc used to remove makeup. Once expanded throughout the facial area, it is left unclear so that its beneficial effects last.

It also goes well for wounds, scars and dermal disorders of all kinds. Prolonged use of this oil clears the skin and hair exposed to it.


Keratin is a protein With a high sulfur content. It constitutes hair basehuman and animal, as well as hooves and nails. It can be found liquid and used as rosehip oil, but throughout the body of the animal and using a milkweed to remove makeup.

However, I do not advise the direct use of this product, since there are preparations and shampoos on the market that incorporate this element with much more balanced proportions of use.

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2. Shampoo, a very important factor

Just as you choose your shampoo depending on the qualities and needs of your hair, you should do the same with your dog. Not everything goes! Check that the pH is respectful with your skin, which does not cause irritation ... Also, if you want you can choose a specific one for the characteristics of your dog's hair. For example, there are special shampoos for long hair, or for dogs with white fur.

Yes, the first two tips seem obvious, but what else can I do to make my dog's hair shine? The key is in your diet! There are some foods with properties that will help to get the best shine from your dog's hair.

1 carrot

The carrot has Vitamin A, great for maintaining good health. If you want your dog's hair to shine, give him a carrot every two days or so. You can give it raw grated or in small pieces. If your dog is small in size, half a carrot will suffice. Discover the fruits and vegetables your dog can eat.

Hair formation it is based on a lot of nutrients, and one of the most important are proteins. The lack of protein causes hair loss and a lot of weakness, causing it to break. The egg is a great source of protein!

If you feed your dog with feed, Look for it to be of the highest quality, only those contain all the proteins you need. If, on the other hand, you have decided to prepare your dog's food with fresh and natural foods, give him a couple of eggs a week.

In addition to protein, eggs contain biotin, a substance that provides great strength and health to the hair.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil consumption should be limited., but it is also wonderful for your hair. You can mix a tablespoon of olive oil with your meal, once or twice a week.

Another option is to apply the oil directly on your hair! Absolute Nutrition

Something as simple as parsley can make my dog's hair shine? So is. Just add to your meal only three or four leaves a day so that your hair gradually gains strength and shine. Another way is to make parsley infusion and apply it on your hair after bathing.

As you see, All these home remedies are simple and very cheap, easy to get And achieve incredible results! Of course, they will not be immediate, like everything else, they need perseverance and patience. Always remember also that your dog's diet should be healthy and balanced, the most important thing is his health!

Natural food for hair to shine

Let's start with the basics: food. Surely you have heard more than once that "we are what we eat", well, this also applies to dogs. The natural diet (both the raw meat diet called the BARF diet, and the holistic or instinctive feed) contributes to the animal not only having a very good health, but also a healthy and shiny coat. Why?

Well, if the BARF diet is well done and complete, or if you think it's really good, The dog's organism will have a constant supply of essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which will greatly improve the health of the dog's hair.

Give your dog olive oil

If you add a little bit to your feeder every day, and mix it well with your food, you will see how both your skin and your hair become healthier and softer. The amounts will depend on the weight you have:

  • If it weighs less than 10kg, it is given half a tablespoon of dessert.
  • If it weighs between 10 and 30kg, it is given a spoonful of dessert.
  • If it weighs more than 30kg, it can be given a tablespoon.

Raw carrots and parsley, your dog's best allies

It is true that they do not like these foods very much, but if they are chopped well and mixed with the food, and if they are also given a little chicken broth or olive oil, the dog surely eats them without problems. In doing so, will be strengthening your hair, so in a few days it will look as if it were freshly bathed.

Do you know other home remedies for dogs' hair to shine?

Tips for your dog's fur to be healthy

To avoid abnormal hair loss that may evolve into other problems, follow these tips:

  • Eliminate parasites. Do not wait to see that your dog scratches or suffers from an anomaly resulting from a parasite. Take the habit of deworming it often so that this does not happen. Talk to your veterinarian to find out the frequency and type of dewormer you can give your pet.
  • Professional bathroom. Although it is very good that you want to bathe your pet for yourself and at home, either to enjoy being with him for a while or to save money, open your wallet from time to time and let your dog enjoy a professional bath . They know techniques that will help stop your pet's hair loss. When you do it at home wear a rubber glove.
  • Food. This should always be of good lime>

  • Keep your bed clean. Wash it often to avoid the presence of parasites or mites. Watch that you do not have blankets or fabric with synthetic components, because in some cases they can cause allergies to your pet.
  • Visits to the veterinarian. These are essential for good maintenance of your dog's fur. The veterinarian has the capacity>

Is it good to apply oils or products on your hair?

Well, this topic is as real as absurd at the same time. Obviously if we apply some type of oil, nutritional preparation or even beer how they say some pages…. We can appreciate an extra shine in our dog's hair.

However, this is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. When applying any substance on our dog's hair, we will be permeating it with crap. Dust, dirt and dirt will end that glow in just a few days.

So obviously the answer is no, we should not use this kind of unhelpful homemade tricks that only confuse us. We must improve the brightness of your hair in a real and direct way, without mussels.

How to improve a dog's hair shine

Let's take action and see how to definitely solve the problem of our dog's hair shine. Let's put aside the application of absurd products how the oil or beer and let's deal with the problem from the beginning, the dog itself.

The lack of shine in the hair is mainly due to a poor diet. Yes, that's right, even if you are giving your dog the most expensive and complete feed on the planet, it is very likely that it has some nutritional deficiency.

So let's see what food we can give our dog to recover the shine in his hair in a short time.

Fish oil rich in Omega

Although unknown to many, fish oil is sold even individually so that we can give our dog an extra along with his food. It is generally the most used salmon oil, since it contains a large amount of Omega acids.

Omega 3 and 6 help to dramatically improve the brightness of the dog's hair and skin, it is a natural way to make your hair shine more and look better.

If we don't want to use fish oil, we can directly use canned sardines, canned tuna or fresh fish. If you use canned options, they should always be in forgetting oil (and if possible, without salt or low in salt).

Yes, the fish is very good and beneficial for our dogs and also gives them that extra shine in the hair thanks to Omega fatty acids (beneficial for health). Eye, pay attention that your dog is not allergic to fish .. see if you are going to roll it.

Daily brushing is essential

Do you want the shine in your hair to improve? Well, you must take action on the matter, and one of them is to brush your dog daily.

Eye! It's not about brushing it until your skin is red, we just have to brush it gently and delicately, always in the sense of hair, for about five minutes a day.

This will remove dirt, dead hair and help keep hair clean and brighter. Remember to use a specific brush for your dog's hair type (depending on the type of hair, it requires a different type of brush).

Spend money on a good shampoo

Needless to say, it is totally unacceptable to use shampoo for humans in dogs, since they have a different PH and its use can cause irritation, dandruff and even hair loss in the medium term.

We must buy a special shampoo for dogs and also be good (yes, it will be expensive). We must bathe our dog once or twice a month With this shampoo and do not apply any other type of product, simply rinse well with water and go.

A good shampoo removes dirt, moisturizes the hair and also leaves no fatty residues that help the hair get dirty quickly.

Use brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is a nutritional supplement that we should use with your usual diet. It is very good to regenerate the intestinal flora and also provides a large number of B vitamins.

It helps create melanin for our dog's hair, intensify its color and improve its appearance, brightness and overall health. You can buy it at your veterinary clinic and apply the dose recommended by the veterinarian.

Extra tips

In the dog's health and in his diet is the secret of the shine of his hair. If your dog is totally healthy, focus on his diet. If you suspect you may have a health problem, solve it first and then goes on to his diet.

Do not expect your hair to improve overnight, some dogs need a couple of weeks and others a couple of months, but their brightness will come and shine permanently.

As an extra tip, you can avoid walking in arid or dusty places, preferably walking in places with grass / parks, where our dog stays clean for longer.

Avoid using anti-parasite pipettes and collars, instead you can use chewable tablets that are equally effective against parasites. This way your skin and hair will look cleaner and better.

Run away from any urban legend that asks you to dirty your dog with oils, mussels or the like ... these are just things that work one day and make your hair worse for the rest of the month.