Why my dog ​​rides my arm, how to avoid it


Many owners will have observed in the dogs, especially those who are puppies or are in full adolescence, riding behavior, and as the human being tends to humanize the behaviors of dogs, translates this riding behavior as sexual behavior, when it can not be more wrong.

For starters, dogs do not attend to sexual behaviors to seek pleasure, they simply attend to their hormonal states. When there is a bitch in heat, the hormones fire and will look for the female to reproduce.

So, why is riding behavior? Plain and simple to a behavior of domination: the dogs that do the riding on us, on other dogs or on objects, are communicating the status that they want to have within the hierarchy. This behavior informs the other party that he is dominant while the other party is the submissive.

When the dogs They are puppies, riding behavior is very common. Although for us it is a behavior that is embarrassing in our eyes, and before people, we must forget that it is a sexual behavior, and the puppy is looking for its place within a hierarchy, now, as owners of a dog that Performs this behavior, we must never allow him to carry out the riding behavior on us, since in the family, the dog must have a submissive role.

It also prohibits this behavior when carried out with other dogs: we must try to make our dog socialize and relate well to other dogs, without dominance or submission through, simply with a good relationship of games, leaving the roles for the field of the family hierarchy. Otherwise, you could meet a dominant dog who does not like this boldness, starting a fight between them that can lead to very ugly wounds.

If you observe that, even having prohibited this dog riding behavior, keep trying to subject other dogs and people with this behavior, consult with your veterinarian the option to sterilize your dog.

Why does my dog ​​ride my arm or leg?

Usually, a dog is usually in heat a couple of times a year. When it is in this state, it emits particular odors that dogs capture and understand as a signal for mating. However, it is very possible for your colleague to perform a movement similar to the mount even without this indicator. To understand why he does it We have to understand his animal instinct.

Let's start with the puppies, why when you take your new colleague home does he give you a ride? This gesture not only serves for reproduction, it is also a symbol of domination. Whenever we include a dog in our life, he will value his position with respect to you and other members of his new pack. If you think you are superior, He will dare to ride you to show you that he commands.

In this situation you cannot laugh or allow him to continue with this action. You have to be blunt, remove it from your side and say both directly and with your expression that what you are doing is not allowed. That way he will understand that you are the alpha of your family and will understand that he has to listen to you.

My dog ​​rides other dogs or people, what does it mean?

Many times dog owners assume that riding is purely sexual behavior, and that is why they feel frustrated when after sterilizing their dog, they continue to do so. Another very common interpretation is that the monta is a gesture of dominance, and although it is true that in some particular cases, the monta can be the attempt to structure a social organization, in most cases, there are other possible explanations.

What is clear is that without knowing the exact circumstances in which the behavior occurs, as well as the environment of the dog and its type of life, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of the ride.

-Ansity / Excitation.
Anxiety and excitement are probably one of the main causes that leads dogs to ride, especially if they do it on objects or people. He rides it in this case, it is a form of displacement behavior that the dog performs in response to an internal emotional conflict. That is, when the dog is faced with a situation that causes anxiety, excitement, or does not know how to deal with it, it can be mounted as an "escape valve" to try to manage all that stress. For example, a dog could ride a person who comes to visit home because he feels insecure or because for some reason, he doesn't know how to interact with him. They can also do the riding as a way to get the attention of the visitor or a family member. In addition, riding can also be an anxiety response to punishments and corrections.

Sometimes, riding is simply another game, possibly associated with a high degree of excitement, as we have seen before.

Some mounts can be purely sexual in nature, both in males and females, whole or neutered. That is, a dog or a dog can also show this behavior, even if they are sterilized. Normally the context is quite clear when the ride is sexual, perhaps a bitch in heat or who has recently finished or similar situations.

In recent years, veterinarians have seen an increase in the attribution of any type of behavior to the so-called “dominance”, perhaps motivated by the canine education television programs that are broadcast, or by the “park” conversations. Be that as it may, most owners attribute their dog's ride to another, to a matter of dominance, because they say “so determine who rules.

Here you have to clarify some things: yes it is true that sometimes, some dogs use the ride towards another dog to establish a position within a social organization, especially in families in which more than one dog lives, or perhaps it could also occur in stable groups of "friends" dogs that are seen daily. That is, it makes no sense to explain that a ride from one dog to another that you just met is due to dominance, since there is no social group or organization that needs to be established. Nor will a dog ride a person by dominance, there is surely an alternative explanation.

As much as they try to sell us, humans are not leaders of any pack, nor do dogs see us as such, let alone see us as another dog. For them we are a reference, if you want to give it a name, but nothing more, and therefore it makes no sense that we think they perform certain behaviors to “dominate us” and get the position of “leader”.

How to prevent my dog ​​from riding me

Remember how you asked them to cease the ride because you will have to repeat the same gesture if you see it doing it with your bed or with a stuffed animal. Of course, in this case, you are not expressing that you feel superior, you are discharging accumulated energy. Even if you are castrated you may also do it.

Whenever we adopt a dog we have to know the daily needs of exercise. The furry are active animals, they are predators, seekers and great athletes. By committing to take care of one you also have to do it with your daily walks, play a lot with him and get him to vent all his energy.

If you don't pay attention to this,it is very possible that your dog will end up depressed or suffer very severe stress. Anxiety undermines your immune system and makes diseases appear more easily. In addition to harming your physical health, it also attacks the mental. A dissatisfied dog will bite his legs, chase his tail, not sleep well and may also mount everything in its path.

My puppy rides stuffed animals, how do I avoid it?

First you have to know how many hours of energy your colleague needs. Contact our ethologists and ask your question indicating weight, race and age. Knowing it, play with it everything you need until it is rendered, that way you will not have any more energy you need to spend with the ride.

Although this is the explanation of why he does it, you also have to stop him. When rubbing, your dog receives stimuli of pleasure, which will lead him to repeat this action whenever he can because he will understand that it is his only escape to relax.

Another reason why you mount your arm or stuffed animals it's to get your attention. If you have not been blunt in asking him to stop riding everything and have laughed or allowed it, he will repeat it to gain your affection. Again, we insist, put a brake on it and take it as a warning that you need exercise, love and attention.

This problem can occur in both dogs and bitches as it goes beyond the sexual sphere. With the ride, your furry looks for you to listen to him, warns you that he needs to go out more to the street, that he is stressed or that he is not clear about his position in your family, so you need a stricter education. Remember that making things clear is not harmful to your psyche, on the contrary. When your colleague understands what he is in your environment, he will relax

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:


One of the most frequent reasons why a dog can ride you is by domination. Many animals, especially when they are introduced again in a new herd (like your family), do not quite understand what their position is in this new family environment. If you see that he usually does this act you must stop it immediately to avoid positioning himself as dominant because, at home, you must be the dominant one. You will see that when they are puppies riding behavior is very common but nothing has to do with sexual reasons but simply wants to be dominant.

Excess energy

It is also common for a dog to mount people for energy issues. If it is a puppy or it is a very energetic and nervous it is possible that it will mount you to get to discharge the excess energy that it has. He will be treating the riding as an activity, just like going for a run or playing in the street with other dogs. You must break with this custom and, if it is a puppy, as soon as you perceive this attitude you must take it out to the street after having said a resounding "NO". You should learn that you shouldn't do that and that, on the contrary, you can calm your cravings and nervousness by going outside and playing. The exercise is basic so that the animal is calm at home and has normal behaviors.

He thinks that it is a movement that can be very fun and can produce some pleasant stimulus for what is normal for him to do, especially during his first months of life, since that is when he most wants to play. In this sense, it is recommended that you take him out for a walk so he can play in the street and unload his nerves. So that the exit is of higher quality we recommend that you take a ball or play with a stick, it is also advisable that you take it to parks where there are other dogs to socialize with other animals.

Sexual impulses

It is true that at certain times of the year, especially during heat, dogs can be more sexually awake and seek contact with your leg or other household objects to feel pleasure and pure reproductive instincts. In fact, we should know that dogs do not have marked times of heat while female dogs do, males are usually predisposed to breed when they detect a female in heat and, it is at those times, when it can be more playful and can show that riding attitude.

How to avoid it

Try to say a resounding NO to understand that this attitude should not do it, instead, give a toy or something that can be entertained and, above all, be a little aware of it because, deep down, it's just calling you Attention. Correct this behavior from puppies to get to educate the dog and understand that you should not do that behavior with people or objects. With other dogs it will be much more complicated because, as we have said, it is a way that they have to relate to mark different aspects (domination, sexual impulse, play, etc.).

Females also "ride" legs, pillows, their bed or even other females. "Riding" is a learned activity that is commonly born even before the sexual maturity of your dog. Acts of "riding" can also indicate a playfulness, desire and stress.

We hope you have found answers to your doubts as to why your pet rides your leg or a toy or its bed. Remember that you can find caregivers in your city for a cage free hosting for your pet.

The passion of soccer player Alexis Sánchez for his pets Atom and Humber

It is not strange to see your dog riding a relative's leg or against a doll or object. This unusual behavior in dogs is related to an attitude that, humans, consider sexual in your animals However, there is no certainty that it is so.

The reason why dogs ride objects is linked to socialization and leadership behavior. That is, they do it as a way of socializing or demonstrating that they are the ‘hard ones‘ of the pack.

During the stages of the dog's life this behavior will remain present. Why? When he is still a puppy, they ride the rest of the litter because for them this attitude becomes a way of playing and socialize with his brothers.

When you go to adulthood, you can repeat this action when you are happy. However, it is during this stage when the dog stops riding everything he sees. When he climbs on his master's leg, all he seeks is to show that is the leader of his pack, of his own.

As indicated by the ethologist Juan Camilo González, the dog assembles objects "because it is not sufficiently stimulated. That is, it needs more exercise."

This behavior that is common between 5 months and 2 years can be reduced. How to do it? performing castration and encouraging the dog to have more physical activity, to tire him and prevent him from having this type of behavior. “Sometimes there are dogs that perform this action of rubbing more than 20 times a day, but they do it because they need to be busy,” González explains.

This behavior is abnormal only when the dog is attracted to legs and objects, but never for a female. However, remember that if it is an action that you do occasionally or do with another dog, your only goal is to demonstrate your leadership.

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Why does my dog ​​ride my leg?

Before proceeding, we need to clarify that there is no single reason Explain why a dog rides a person, another dog or an object. The body language and the behavior of dogs are complex and diverse, so that the same behavior or action can have different meanings and causes, depending on the context in which it develops and the characteristics of the individual who executes it.

If you want to know why your dog rides people or even your own leg, you will need to pay attention to their attitude, their expressions and posture in this specific context, as well as observe the stimuli present in their environment at that time, to try to identify what motivates them to carry out the ride

To help you, we will summarize below the causes that may lead a dog to want to ride his guardian, other people or strange objects. However, we also recommend that you read our complete guide on dog poses and their meanings to learn how to interpret your best friend's behaviors and improve communication between you.

Your dog does not ride you as a sign of dominance

First, it is essential that you stop believing in myths related to dominance in dogs. Your furry doesn't ride your leg to prove he is "the dominant one" because dominance is intraspecific, that is, it only occurs between individuals of the same species.

Trying to extrapolate dogs' own behavior in people not only makes no sense, but it is also a mistake. This can lead to the application of inappropriate theories and methods, even dangerous ones, that have a negative impact on the dog's behavior and health, as well as on the link with the tutor.

Nor should you believe that the "dominant dog" is one that behaves aggressively with other dogs, animals or people. In fact, a dominant dog stands out for being self-confident and balanced.

Canine aggression is one of the most serious behavior problems in dogs, which may be associated with different causes, such as poor socialization or diseases that affect the senses and negatively impact the dog's behavior. Therefore, it should not be ignored and needs to be treated with the guidance of a properly trained professional.

On the other hand, dominance is part of the social behavior and language that dogs learn from birth and are essential for hierarchical organization and interaction between two or more members of a community. The expressions and behaviors associated with dominance occur when a dog is specified with one or more dogs, that is, during an interaction with individuals of the same species.

Likewise, dominance is dynamic, like the interactions themselves. A dog can exercise dominance in relation to some dogs in certain circumstances, but it will not necessarily always be the dominant one in relation to all the dogs he finds throughout his life. Therefore, dominance cannot be understood as a feature of a dog's personality.

In short, your dog is not demonstrating its dominance When you try to ride yourself or others. It makes no sense and it is very dangerous to use abusive or aggressive methods to "show your dog that you are the dominant one." First, because you are misinterpreting his behavior that has nothing to do with dominance. And second, because punishments are circumstances of high stress that subject your dog to negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, which can affect his health, facilitate the development of behavioral problems, as well as damage the bond with you.

1. Stress or boredom

These are the causes more frequent that would explain "why my dog ​​wants to ride me". A dog that experiences a sedentary routine and / or lives in a negative environment You can easily develop symptoms of stress and boredom. If you do not offer walks and positive activities through which you can spend energy, your dog will try to find alternative ways to release tension, which may eventually be to mount your leg, a stuffed animal, other dogs, etc.

If your dog shows a constant impetus to ride, this can be a sign that he is stressed or bored with his daily life, so we advise you to increase the frequency or duration of his walks and consider starting it in some canine sport, in addition to presenting it intelligence games and enrich your environment to provide you with positive and appropriate ways to entertain yourself.

2. Discovery and sexual self-stimulation

The sexuality of dogs continues to be taboo in our society. It is still thought that sex in animals appears only in terms of reproduction, which is a serious error. While it is an uncomfortable topic for some people, talking about self-stimulation and sexual discovery in dogs is necessary to understand their behavior and nature.

Dogs too can masturbateor self-stimulate to get pleasure or relief, as well as to discover your own body and freely express your sexual desire. Of course, this does not mean that they are perverted or have psychological problems, but that it is the pure and spontaneous expression of the sexual behavior of their species.

If a dog rides another dog or its guardian's leg, for example, it does not mean that the animal is homosexual or has a problem with its sexuality, but simply needs relieve the need of your body to feel better, or that it is growing and wants to explore your sexual desire, which is essential for your physical and emotional development.

Like babies, puppies They experience several stages throughout their sexual development before reaching adulthood, and it is quite normal for them to feel willing to explore their own body, especially their reproductive organs.

3. Your dog rides you as a sign of illness

Stress, anxiety and behaviors associated with overexcitation can also appear as symptoms of certain health problems in dogs. In these cases, the behavior of the mountain usually appears suddenly and it can be repeated excessively in the daily life of can, who will probably want to mount practically any object or person that presents itself in its surroundings.

Hormonal problems and autoimmune diseases are the conditions that are most commonly associated with this type of behavior, but it is also possible that repetitive and exaggerated execution of the riding movement tries to relieve pain caused by urinary infections and bone pathologies They affect the back of your body, such as hip dysplasia.

For this reason, it is essential to go to the veterinary center to confirm the cause of such behavior and prevent the progression of your symptoms.

4. Rides it as a problem of socialization

A dog may also want to ride his guardian or other dogs as a result of a bad socialization, which has led him to assimilate this behavior as a way to interact with other individuals This problem can also occur frequently in animals that have a history of physical and emotional abuse, so if you have recently adopted a dog, it is important to be aware of the development and these irregular riding habits.

Likewise, it is possible that some dogs mistakenly assimilate the riding behavior Like a game, being able to carry it out with your tutor, with dogs and even with other animals. In addition, the mount can also appear during a very active game session or in situations that generate a overstimulation, especially in puppies and young dogs.

5. When the ride becomes stereotype

If your dog tries to ride your leg or people and objects compulsively, you may be faced with a stereotypy, which is a problem of serious behavior (similar to OCD in humans) and can even lead to self-mutilation due to the incessant repetition of certain behaviors.

Usually, stereotypes appear when the animal welfare You are already seriously compromised, and / or when there is a history of abuse. For this reason, you should not ignore this type of alteration in the behavior of our dogs and be attentive to their needs. And if you observe any strange behavior, do not hesitate to resort to the help of a canine ethologist.

What to do if my dog ​​rides me?

As we have seen, riding in dogs has different reasons and, to know how to act against this behavior, you will need to identify its specific cause in your hairy. First of all, we advise you to take it to the vet to rule out any health problems That could be related to this behavior.

Discarded as possible pathological causes, you will need to pay attention to the routine you provide to your best friend, especially in his physical activity and mental stimulation. In Animal Expert, we offer you some tips to help you reduce stress in your dog, and we also advise you to know the 5 freedoms of animal welfare that every tutor must respect to provide a happy and dignified life for their dogs.

Also, if you observe that the habit of riding is presented in an intense way and / or generates problems of coexistence in the home, we recommend you to request the professional help of an ethologist or canine educator, who will help you identify the cause of this behavior in your best friend and set appropriate guidelines to treat her.

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